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graphic design

  1. Cpaz

    Graphics HUD design: Important information?

    Hello all! I'm currently in the process of making mockups for the hud of my project. Thing is- I'm unsure of all of the information that needs to be conveyed to the player. For reference, here's the currently usable HUD: [Those numbers under the points are the ammo for the three different...
  2. Two_kings_Games

    Graphics and Style

    Hello everyone. Very new at this and been using Game maker for about a month. Love that the programming feels similar enough to C++ so haven't had to much trouble with anything simple. But I'm working with a friend. The plan is to recreate other smaller games while slowly working on the...
  3. M

    Job Offer - Artist Graphic Designer for RTS Game

    Hello, I have a big request I need fulfilling. Essentially, I have no artistic skills, and I need to make several pieces of art for my rts strategy game. Some items that I need draw are: -sprites based of the NATO army symbols and animations for them -a drawn map of western and central Europe...
  4. O

    Graphics relative Animation length for differend actions

    hello, beginner and first time poster here, i have a question that i cant seem to find an answer for, and im sorry if i miss something obvious.. i am working on my first game maker project, based on the famous platformer tutorial by shawn, but i allready adapted it to use spritesheets for...
  5. S

    Graphics Shadows or light - style feedback request!

    Evening all, I am at a cross roads in design and looking for thoughts - heavy shadows or lighter environments? I like the impact and atmosphere of the light points in the heavy shadow but I think the lighter environment provides more visual clarity and allows the player more information (also...
  6. Meowanator

    Graphics Want Feedback on my Title Screen!

    I want to know how to improve my title screen for my game, Castlevania Maker. I think that the 'Maker' part is strange, so I want feedback on it.
  7. W

    Graphics Which looks better?

    Hey! Thanks for clicking on the link and seeing my post. I am making a room where you are on a snowy mountain and I'm making it so you see the snowy floor but also the 'side' of the mountain. This is done in 3/4 view I think (RPG - Like HeartBeast's). I don't know if I should go with a solid...
  8. Moon Goat

    Graphics Flat GUI Design Choice

    I'm creating a GUI for something I'm working on, but I'm kind of skeptical about which design I should go with: Please tell me which design you think is better, or if I should go with something completely different. Thanks!
  9. M

    Graphics What type of art is in the YoYo Dungeon Demo?

    Hello all, I've been a software engineer for years, but am just now trying to get into game development. Can you tell me what type of art style is used in the YoYo dungeon demo? I think it looks great. I believe the same art style is also used in the platform demo. Also, could you point me...
  10. A

    Portfolio - Art [FREE TRIAL] Find out if we make a great team! - experienced vector artist looking for work!

    Hello GMC! ABOUT ME: I'm 25 years old. My main job is my second love which is freelancing as a web developer / graphic designer(Don't worry, since I'm a freelancer I make time for everything and I'm always available). However, my first and always love is video games! I've used game maker in my...
  11. S

    Graphics We Search a 2D pixel Graphic designer

    Hello, we seach a 2D pixel graphic designer for a mobile game. Our first game is Infinite Swipe (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiro.pe.hu.InfiniteSwipe). We want a graphics like Professor Layton London Life. You can contact me at kiro.fivim@gmail.com or under this post...
  12. J

    *noob alert* How to use high res images because they get compressed?

    Hi, im trying to use high resolution images, but i have always used pixel art in my games. But my nooby brain does not understand this: with pixel art the screen is quickly filled up with "art" in for instance 32x32. But when i try to use for instance 128x128 images and make the room 4 times...
  13. V

    Team Request LF Programmers, Artists, Musicians and Awesome Creative People

    2D Platformer Game Idea I am an artist, a programmer, somewhat of a musician and a creative brainstormer. I plan on making a game like the battle cats or age of war. I’ll say right up front that I am a really big fan of the battle cats and I play it all the time. And when I play it I always...
  14. A

    Demo amariah demo

    amariah's homepage is http://www.amariah.net amariah is a graphic design application developed with Game Maker Studio. Create what you imagine with amariah! I've already made games in Unity using amariah to create graphics for the games. You can download them here. amariah demo is limited but...
  15. W

    Graphics Opinion wanted - release app then add feature in update?

    Or the other way around? I'm making a dual image graphics manipulation app that is now 99% complete, but one of the effects you can use is to trapezoid an image in each of 4 different directions, and I'm wondering how many would want a user adjustable range input? Example: if you only want...
  16. K

    Graphics Shadows or None?

    So, I was wondering should I add shadows to my game? How should I edit the current shadows that I have implemented? Any tips for casting shadows on an environment like this? The overworld will contain the shadows, not the dungeons. That would just be overboard in my opinion... I was trying to...
  17. S

    Team Request Need help with graphic design

    Hi! I'm working on a 2D boss based game (that's the idea, it is not started at all, but let's say i'm working on it) and i need someone to design the characters and all the visual stuff of the game. I'm still learning so i'm looking for someone who's learning too. As i consider it a cooperative...
  18. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Sprites: Onion Skin

    Recently picked up the Humble Bundle GM Studio, really excited to make some games, though I've hit a roadblock, I'm not the best at this, and in particular I'm having a lot of trouble because there's no onion skin. Is Onion Skin a feature? if so how do I enable it? if not tips on how to keep...
  19. Misty

    Graphics Choosing Fonts...

    Choosing fonts...I can create fps collisions, make anti-gravity machines, make portals in space, but even help it when it comes down to choosing fonts. It's like the hardest thing. Lord have mercy. It's like deciding where to pace a portrait in a room, you get the itus and you can't decide...