gradle problem

  1. Rodolfo777

    Android I pay the person who can help me compile my game to android ...

    It's simple, I pay someone who can help me compile my game on android by Pay Pal. The problem is the following: When I try to open it normal it gives me this error: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c "subst W: "Z:/Dead_Hero_32C14CD8\Android\default" && W: && cd \com.superpixels.deadherogold &&...
  2. MIkadini

    Android Impossible To Compile the game for android [SOLVED]

    I've been trying to run my little prototype on android all day (I bought the license for mobile platforms today). I have tried everything from changing sdk to changing jdk to changing ndk. the result is always the same, after a few seconds it gives me a gradle error. How can I solve it? I leave...
  3. JnrBrain

    A problem occurred evaluating project ':allib'. (GRADLE)

    I dont know how can i fix it :(
  4. J

    [HELP] Problem with GRADLE

    Hi. I am facing a problem that i dont know how to fix. I've already unistalled GMS 2, but i still got this problem. Can anyone help??? Thanx