1. Leif

    Change google play certificate

    Good day Question about publishing on Google Play - replacing of certificate Some time ago my friend made a game with other guy - Unity programmer - and published it on Google Play. Later he asked me to re-make game. I made it via GMS. But to publish it i must change or reimport certificate...
  2. L

    Android Black screen after purchase an item.

    Hello! Anyone have a problem after buy a product in app like this: When I buy an iten, after google validation, the screen goes black, and have a big delay to return to game, like an 5 or more seconds. Thanks.
  3. Luotigames

    Asset - Project Beat Smasher Mobile game asset

    Hello! I've made this game called Beat Smasher and thought I would sell the project to who ever wants to buy a simple mobile game project. I should make a video about the asset/game :) Description Cool touch screen mobile game. Full simple game with google play login and admob ads. It also...
  4. M

    Android Need Help with player name - Google Play

    Hello, I am looking for a way to use the DisplayName from GooglePlay (the users Google Play account name.) as the player's name in a global variable in GMS 1.4. IE : Global.PlayerName = (Google Play DisplayName) The information in the help file does not work I tried using...
  5. L

    Android Package name error

    in game maker 1.4 i had a package name like com.blabla.title_duluxe for example but in game maker 2 i can't do the _ in the package name! and i can't upload game updates to the play store now! do you now a fix????
  6. G

    Android Question about AdMob and GooglePlayServicesExtension

    Hello, I followed the new tutorial here: but it isn't working for me. I don't need the interstitial, cause that is covered with AdColony, but I'd like to switch to less aggressive advertising with banners...
  7. M

    Android GooglePlay Help Please!

    After making all updates (GM, SDK, NDK, JDK and GooglePlay extensions, etc) I get the following error when trying to publish to Android. All help is appreciated!
  8. C

    Android Android Game crashes after splash screen

    GMStudio EA v1.99.493 Last few lines of my GMStudio compiler log: Here are possible causes of the crash from the log: I thought maybe it couldn't access the internet or something, but in my GGS 'Internet' is checked as a permission for my game. The full Android log:
  9. C

    What ad service do you use?

    Hey all! I'd like to know what ad services you use in your games that you upload to the googleplay/android store? We can't get ads to display when we test the games on our computer, so I'm just wondering what the deal is. Thank you! -Clover
  10. studio furukawa

    Android Android IAP Crashes app [SOLVED]

    Just recently our App is crashing everytime a user try's to buy something. We have tried to reboot our PC to when it was working, and set all the settings back to a working state and it still crashes. Also we tried the extensions GooglePlayExtension v2.4.0 and the new GooglePlayExtension v2.5.0...
  11. camerakid

    GooglePlay / AppStore / Amazon visibility tricks

    Hey Everyone, So the recent app disappears gave me an idea to open a thread on ideas how to improve our game's visibility. I can understand that everyone keeps this a secret but it would be great if some info would be collected here. GooglePlay: in my opinion a very detailed description with...
  12. camerakid

    Android GooglePlay libpng

    Hey Everyone, Good to see GMC is back! :-D Got the following message on GooglePlay developer console. "Action required: Migrate your app(s) to use libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26" Is it a Game Maker: Studio related problem or is it possible to change the libpng in a different...