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  1. RizbIT

    Using certain words in app names on Play store

    This is from https://developers.google.com/assistant/console/policies/general-policies Unless I am wrong this is saying you cant use certain words in the app title like app or 'best' or 'top' I see that these policies apply to "Policies for Actions on Google" but do they also apply to Google Play?
  2. L

    advice for finding pixel images

    I was making a pixel animation for a blender machine and I did a google image search for "pixel image blender" for inspiration. I saw countless images of pixel art drawn on Blender, but almost none of actual blenders. Has anyone else had this problem of being unable to find images of things...
  3. Vinsane

    Android Importing Google Play Services breaks my project (cant compile anymore)

    Hey guys. I know GMS2 is going through some issues atm with all the updates etc. I was not able to render my project on my android on the latest version of game maker so I downgraded it to the previous version like what I saw was suggested but sadly that made no difference :( IDE V2.2.5.481...
  4. NewHopeGames

    Android Game crashes NullPointerException

    Using gms2.3 and latest runtime. After an update on a few of my mobile games, Google Play has been reporting multiple crashes. Looking closer I noticed it says... NullPointerException GooglePlayServicesExtenstion.onActivity So I believe it is an issue in the google play services extension...
  5. SubWolf

    SOLVED Android IAP rewards [Beta Test]

    Hello! I almost finished the store of my game, the In-App Purchase is working and all. But when I make a purchase I notice that I receive the rewards, but after a second they're taken from me as I never had bought them. I'm testing this on Beta Test version of the app on Google Play Console...
  6. Vinsane

    Android Need Urgent Help Ad Mob Integration. (Variables Not Working)

    Hi there guys! I'm trying to get ads working on my Game Maker 2 Project but for some reason the Variables are just blue instead of actually meaning something. Every time I try and follow the official gude for implementing Ad Mob...
  7. Ali Al - Mosawi

    Android Play Install Referrer API message from google play

    Hi guys I get this message form google play whats the action can I do for this Text of message ___________________________________________ Hello Google Play Developer, We recently announced that we’ll be deprecating the install_referrer intent broadcast mechanism. Because one or more of your...
  8. flykidsblue1

    Android Help with creating an Android Bundle

    Hello everyone. I've been trying to create an android bundle for my game but I am having such a hard time becoming part of the google app signing process. When I go to the app signing tab I am greeted with different ways that I can opt in. When I download the PEPK tool and create a pem...
  9. D

    GMS 2 ANDROID - IAP pop up window and refunds

    Hi guys, I am just trying to implement Google Play Services etc. to my android games, even the Google Play Billing. I figured out it to work thanks to YoYo Games tutorial, I can buy a product and I will get the reward, but every time the game lost internet connection or I start the game without...
  10. A

    Google Map + Maps API

    Hi guys. For years I searched for a way to use Google maps products in GML and had absolutely no luck finding anything decent. So frustrated, I decided to make it myself. Here is an asset iv made that you can both use an interactive Google map in your project but also Google maps APIs such...
  11. maxim

    Android Google Play Billing Issue GPBilling_ConnectToStore()

    At new IAP extension function GPBilling_ConnectToStore() always return gpb_store_connect as "id" in async event even without internet connection. Same as GPBilling_IsStoreConnected() always returns 1. I asked about that while beta test and reported it as a bug few weeks ago. I want to know is it...
  12. K12gamer

    Google vs Microsoft

    Who's Winning? :eek:
  13. M

    Android High crash rate google play

    Hi. I have a high crash rate on google play (about 2 percent). I notice that the most frequent mistakes are the same (libc ++ _ shared.so). Anyone know how to fix it? I attach images.
  14. Pfap

    Android How to use an android simulator

    When you build for the iOS platform GameMaker studio opens the project in xcode, where you can run the project on various simulated devices is there a way to do something similar for android? The Google Play Store recently provided review feedback about a game of mine, stating that it was...
  15. sofaspartan

    Discussion Is Google Stadia the future of gaming?

    (Sorry! I just found out that Misu created a very similar thread that covers this. Feel free to close this thread if you want, admin.) I have been following Google Stadia quite closely for the past few months and wanted to see what you all thought of this new video game streaming platform. I...
  16. kroart

    Asset - Extension Google Play Billing extension

    Hi everyone. I decided to publish another extension that I use in the game I work on. It's a Google Play Billing extension. This extension integrates Google Play Billing library as it seems from its name) For now it has very limited functionality: in only can query purchased items and make a...
  17. T

    Android Problem with Singing your game/APK

    Hi everyone, i found few topics related to this problem but there is no real answer... So my problem is, when i make APK game on GM i need to Sign my game with certification/SHA1 code, but i dont know how to do that... I opened apk in android studio, tried building it under Build > Build >...
  18. Misu

    Discussion Google Stadia: your thoughts

    So Google Stadia has been announced. I like the idea how it tries to enhance gameplay experience by increase performance and memory using streaming service but I dont like how it destroys gaming tradition. The fact its just a web stream service on any device makes me feel like its just an...
  19. Edwin

    Android Free Google Play Store alternatives?

    Hello, can you guys recommend good FREE Google Play alternatives where developers can publish their .APK files? Google Play is not free to give developer's permissions so I am not able to use it except I will unlock developers account by buying it for 25 dollars. Yeah that is not really big...
  20. Kaguva

    Asset - Extension GooglePlay Games Services onDate

    Google Play Games Services - GameMaker Studio 2 Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8017/google-play-services-ondate Primal category: Extension Price: $24.99 Modules: Android Support: kaguva.games@gmail.com Features: Sign In Account and Player info Achievements...