google services

  1. Daniel Westberg

    Android GooglePlayServicesExtension & Firebase - GooglePushNotificationsExtension Collision (Duplicate Resources)

    I get a build error after I've added both GooglePlayServicesExtension & GooglePushNotificationsExtension _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First this...
  2. Schekhovtsov

    Android Google Play Games login fails. (Google Play services)

    Help please! The application is loaded into the developer console. The application is published in internal testing. The group with testers is activated. Settings published, services published. The SHA1 key from GMS was copied to the console when the application was loaded. In the game to...
  3. E

    Legacy GM I have not been able to pass the google service extensions correctly help

    Hello, good afternoon, I do not have to pass the extensions properly, I have 3 days that they try and it does not work I can not go from the manufacturer of the game store in the import and when I was arranged to do the extensions they are without dependencies so when I debug My ads do not work...
  4. D

    Android [solved] Cloud saving on Android using google services makes game crash.

    [SOLVED] I had to manually disable and enable API in Google Services/game details/ last section. Hello! I'm having some strangle problems. I'm trying to make cloud saving using google services. It just doesn't want to work on my devices even though it works fine when running in bluestacks. I...