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  1. J

    Android Bounce the Balls

    Hi guys. This is my first game I made with Game Maker so I decided to publish it so you guys can give me some feedback. Game is really simple. All you need to do is click on falling balls and they will start climbing until gravity pulls them back... Ball is destroyed if you click it enough...
  2. DyadGames

    On APK Build: Content is not allowed in prolog.

    I had this problem showing up so many times in the past few weeks, silently went away but now it's back again. Ive tried reinstalling the google play services extension, but no dice. Any Ideas? Create started: 1:32:34 PM "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\gamemaker_studio\GMAssetCompiler.exe"...
  3. G

    Android Ghost Hitch - Candy Route

    IT'S FINALLY HERE! Candy Route is the first expansion to my first game for mobile devices: Ghost Hitch. Besides a brand new candy-themed area, this expansion/update features: - 1 New Character: Roger, the ghost that loves to eat. - 1 New Special Power: Bubblegum, to protect you from enemies. -...