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  1. P

    How to fix android vitals crashes?

    Hi, With the new google console dashboard there are more insights in ANRs & crashes. But when i look through them i have now idea what causes those crashes or how to solve them. Anyone got an idea?
  2. S

    Android achievement_load_leaderboard

    Hi all I want to show a specific Google Leaderboard and found this info: but I'm not sure how to show the loaded leaderboard...
  3. C

    Android 10 Things I Learned by Publishing my First Game - Blind Samurai

    Friends, I share with you the hard-sown fruits of my labor. These 10 tips will save small developers hours of wasted time and money. Others allow you to budget in advance. Please note that my experience pertains to Google Play. But first... The Secret Origin of Blind Samurai Marvel’s Daredevil...
  4. sercan

    Android My first game for android : SimgeVu

    Hi everyone, First I would like to thank to Yoyo Games for giving me the oportunity of making my own game. Finally it has been published on Google Play Store. This is very simple game made with Game Maker Studio 2. Actually started with GMS 1.4 than finalized with GMS 2. This is not my main...
  5. D

    Released Erin: The Last Aos Sí

    Hey guys, after many, many, many months of coding, animating and fine-tuning I'm happy to show you my game... Erin: The Last Aos Sí Feel free to skip the boring description and check out the game at It's available on iOS, Google Play, Amazon and...
  6. J

    Android [FREE ANDROID] Frankrit Eats Meat

    Hey guys! I would like to share a good news that I've been developing a mobile game app using GMS for the past coming 2 years and I have finally completed it! The game is FREE and I've published it onto Google Play Store...
  7. S

    Android Arrow Rain

    Thanks to all the help and support I've gotten from this forum I have finally been able to finish a game and publish it! Google Store Description: In Arrow Rain you dodge arrows that rain down on you! The simple graphics of Arrow Rain bring you back to a time of playing with Gameboy games on...
  8. Z

    Android My Try At A Zombie Game (Shadow's Grave) ANDROID FREE

    Hey everyone, I am working on a zombie game for android devices. Right now it is just an endless horde mode, but later I may add levels and different weapons. It would mean the world to me if you guys gave it a download, and give me honest feedback to see if you guys like it. Also, let me know...
  9. RyanC

    Releasing a game on Steam and Google Play - Which one first?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can tell me the best order to release games for PC and Android. I'd like to release my games on Steam and Google Play but am concerned about putting a game on Steam Green light that has already been released on Google Play. Anyone have any info on what's...
  10. D

    Android [SOLVED] achievement_login() Won't Sign In - Google Play Services Extension 2.9.0

    My previous apk build, that I published to the Google Play Store a while back, no longer allows users to Sign In to Google Play Services (leaderboard/achievements). I've been trying to rebuild the project with the latest version of GM:S 1.4. The Problem: Calling achievement_login() at...
  11. MicroKiss

    Android Where to Go? (My first android game is out!)

    Where to Go? I would really appreciate it if you could review my game, and tell me how could I improve it. Description: It's a simple quick game, where you have to only tap for change direction, and with it you have to dodge moving platforms. Have a try and tell me if you liked it :D . Here...
  12. G

    Android In-App Purchases stopped working on my app

    A long time ago, I configured In-App Purchases in my app by following this guide and everything was correctly set and properly working. Then, since I've updated to GMS 1.4.1760, every time I export a new version of my apk and upload it to Google Play, when the In-App Purchases functions are...
  13. K

    Android Google Play, 4.4.4 Android working, not on 6.0 FIXED

    FIXED; If anyone struggles with the same problem, just uninstall android extras and android versions and re-install them. Hello guys, I just uploaded my game to Google Play. It works just fine on my phone (s3 with 4.4.4 KitKat) when downloaded but not on S6 with Android 6.0 for example. It...
  14. D

    Keystore warning from Google Play

    I had been published the game on Google Play. Later I had to change computer so I screened info from Preferences -> Keystore and backuped keystore file. On new computer I loaded keystore file and filled things above(company name etc.) - everything is same like on old computer. But I created new...
  15. L

    Android The PoweЯ [Android,Free]

    THE POWER a game by S.R.L.C. studio. ASRIA PREVAILS, comrades! To begin with, thank you for cheking out this post and the game, i've put lots of effort into creation of it. :) What about gameplay? This game is about launching missiles (testing them), completing missions and increasing your...
  16. P

    Android Google play multiplayer

    Hi. How do I implement the google play multiplayer service in game maker studio? Is there a tutorial?
  17. SnoutUp

    Android Is there a way to update libpng without upgrading GameMaker?

    This is a long shot, but my question is pretty straightforward - can we get a standalone libpng patch for older GameMaker versions (I'm using 1.4.1757 now) or maybe instructions how to update it ourselves if that's even possible? Context for devs, who are not working with Android games: a...
  18. B

    App User Agreement, Licensing, Copyright etc.

    Hello to all, I have developed my app using GameMaker Studio Master Collection and almost ready to upload the file to Google Play for the android market. I'm just trying to figure out where I put the User agreement, Licensing, Copyright legal bumf etc. Any help would be appreciated please and...
  19. Ommn

    Android KOOZ Game

    KOOZ Game is need for speed and focus. Some advantages: -1000 levels. -Arcade and Collect. -Play Online multiplayer. -Play Online with friend multiplayer. -Play Offline multiplayer. -Connect with google play service. -Leaderboard and Achievements. -Flat graphic. -UX and UI...
  20. clee2005

    Google Play Download Trends

    Has anyone noticed a drop in downloads over the last 7-10 days in the Google Play store? I'm hoping it's a store wide thing, rather than just our apps, but it's a fairly significant dip. Downloads are more than half, down from where they were.... eg. had 2500/day and is now 1050/day. With...