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  1. K

    Android The Amazing Burger Boy [Google Play]

    The Amazing Burger Boy CLASSIC 2D PLATFORMER Hey, I just published my first game. Graphics are made by me and I tried to go for simple but visually nice looking art. I also wanted to actually finish and publish something so I could move on to a next a bit more challenging project. As the...
  2. G

    Released Hex Combo Flip [Android] [Google Play]

    We made another puzzle game. Gameplay: A simple puzzle game with hexagons. Tap on a hexagon to change its color, nearby hexagons will change their color too. Complete 20 challenging levels. Google Play Link:
  3. T

    Released StairJump Launched on Android and iOS!

    Hi, everyone! I'm Rom aka Trasoside/HealTheIll, was more engaged in the previous forum, (and still very happy to help anyone in GM related topics) I develop games in Game Maker for about 8 years now (dam that passed so fast..) through my game development journey I met very close friends, Tom...
  4. V

    android problems

    hi guys! :) 1. admob interstitials work when i use a test id unit but when i use my id unit, they don't. 2. when the game loses focus it disconnects from google play. is this normal? i mean, i show an adcolony video ad and login_status = 0. 3. why does the apk get so big when i add...
  5. G

    Android Voyage v1.0.9 [Google Play]

    We started making a game 1 year ago. Some weeks later we left it. But, months later we started working on it again. Now it ready and it's on Google Play. It's our first fully developed game and we'd like to hear your thoughts. Store Description: Interact with the environment to help the...
  6. G

    Released Simple Dice [Android]

    That Simple. Screenshots:
  7. G

    Released Tap Flip [Android] (First Game on Google Play)

    We made a game in 2 days, we think it can evolve into something interesting. Also, it's the first game we published on Google Play. Store Description: A quick puzzle game. Tap on a block to change its color, as well as the ones around it. Destroy every red lock in every Normal Mode level (31...
  8. L

    Android AdMob Ads Not Loading

    I'm trying to setup AdMob ads in my game, and they are not loading. The test ads were loading perfectly fine but the new ones don't.
  9. B


    As any google users will know the estimated download count is included for games on the Play store. Itunes has a "popularity bar" systems that is very vague and actually totally misleading in favour of the product as musicians you can have 4/5 popularity and sell 3 songs. Whereas Google...
  10. A

    Android Please help me with IAP for andoid

    I'm really stuck on how to program in IAP for google play and for some reason achievement_show_leaderboards and achievement_show_achievements isn't working even when signed into the google play services. Please help because I have been stuck with these problems for at least 5 months now and any...
  11. S

    Released Dot-to-Dot Maker

    Hey Everyone, That's me released a game I've been working on for... probably a year. Dot-to-dot MAKER - Make your own connect-the-dot / dot-to-dot images. I've set it to go on free sale tomorrow if you'd like to...
  12. Warspite2

    Android Google Play Leaderboards

    I'm trying to get a leaderboard working in one of my games. I have seen some examples around here and there and tried this quick setup ( but in the end it didn't work. Anyone know of an updated tutorial...
  13. I

    [SOLVED] How to update a game NOT made in GM?

    Ok, the question is a little confusing, so I'll explain it better here: I have a game published in Google Play. It was developed in Java+LibGDX on the Android Studio. So it already has its own key, generated on the Android Studio. Now, I decided that I'd port the game to GMS. Reprogrammed it...
  14. V

    Unable to make iaps work on Google Play

    Hey, I've trying to make iaps work for android with no luck (not my first one). I always get the 'Store is not available' message or nothing happens when I click on the buy button. I've tried or made all of these: - 3 different iap extensions - Check Enable Google Services - Check Enable Google...
  15. A

    Android Help & Advise With A Privacy Policy

    I wasn't sure where to post this problem but I have a Privacy Policy from Shopify and i'm not sure what I should change in the policy to make it accurate to my Google Play App. And if anyone has ever made a policy please provide some different policy websites to try out it would help me greatly...
  16. G

    Android Fixing the READ_PHONE_STATE? getting a bit tired of it..

    After a bit of struggle with GMS2 and different builds on Android, also publishing on Google Play market and so on.. I found this problem: it seems that particular implementation of Google Licensing (with the public key from the Play market dev. console) by YYG is done in such a way that does...
  17. K

    Android My new game - Tank of War

    Hi, tankman! :) It's time to fill the tanks fuel and ammo load! You have to perform a dangerous mission - to prove that the command was not mistaken in you! Fight with army of zombies, shoot them from cannons, smash the tank, you have to win! - Survive as long as possible, destroying...
  18. C

    Android Ballz VS Wallz - An experiment with trending games!

    "Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ballz VS Wallz is my take on a trending genre. Block columns spawn stage left and right. Swipe down, aim, and launch your balls to smash 'em to bits! Let blocks jam in the center and it's Game Over...
  19. dT_

    Android Current achievements system does not support incrementing achievements

    Why when i test my build for Android with console, i see there that "Current achievements system does not support incrementing achievements", but seems that all works ok? My code: if(achievement_available()) { achievement_increment(achievement code, 1); }
  20. G

    Android Deploying APK to Google Play uncovered a problem

    So I decided to give it a try and compiled my small game into an .apk file, then uploaded it into the Play store, it all went well, until this message: "Your app has an apk with version code [...] that requests the following permission(s): android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE. Apps using these...