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  1. clee2005

    Android Android 12 games disappearing from devices and Google Play

    Hi gang! I've just had several emails from users that updated their (Pixel) devices to Android 12 and our games have disappeared from their devices and they cannot find them in the Google Play store. I am targeting API 31, Min 19 and compile 31. Using NDK 21. I'm not clear what else I...
  2. Q

    Android Google apk works aab does not work.

    Good day to all, we are faced with the problem of building an application in aab format, the situation is that when compiling to the apk, all the functions of the application work correctly, and when we release them in aab, they do not work at all. The JDK NDK SDK is all updated. VM b YYS also...
  3. C

    Android Apks and Android

    Sorry if this is not the correct forum for this question, which is.... Can I build an apk that can be uploaded and accepted by the Google Play console, in order to add my Game Maker Studio games to the Google Play store? If the answers is Yes and apks built with the Studio can be added to...
  4. BulleTech Studios

    Android Google Play Show Leaderboards Randomly Stopped Working Even though Signed In

    GMS (RT Google Play Services Extension 3.2.0 Has worked fine up until today (or at least between whenever I last tested it and today) Happens when testing through USB AND for production(dl'd from Google Play) version of my game(s). Couldn't see error in GMS Output Console...
  5. flykidsblue1

    Android Location Permissions for Android?

    I am using the Google Admob extension by Yoyo games and it has the " android.permission.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION" According to Google's new policy, I need to declare if this permission works in the background. I am not entirely sure if it does and wanted to know if I should put yes or no. Thank...
  6. DreadedDruid

    Android Google Play Pre-launch reports showing a lot of issues

    I currently have my game uploaded to Google Play and is undergoing internal testing before launch. I checked out Google Play's Pre-Launch report and a few devices have been having issues with every version i've released. Specifically the Samsung Galaxy s3, Moto G4 Play, and Nokia 1. I've tried...
  7. KyleRansford

    Android Help with Understanding US Export Law for Google Play Android Game

    Hello everyone. If any of you have had experience in publishing a game to Google Play, how did you make sure your game was compliant with US export laws? I know Google didn't make the law, but, as it says in the Google Play Console: The Learn more link doesn't really help, since it basically...
  8. sercan

    Android boxlide

    Hi, Here is my new android game made with GMS2 It is a simple looking game but i believe you will like it as you play it. I think you will love this game, especially if you like timing and reflex based games. There are many challenging levels to complete. To complete a level you need to hit...
  9. X

    About Google Play For Legacy

    Hi everyone. I saw a warning like this. So as i understand we can't put our games to the google play store which is made by using gms 1.4? I am so warried about it. I have only gms 1.4. Please make clear this for me.
  10. D

    Android Plap - Plank Exercise App

    It is not a game but is still made with GM2. Plap is a helper for doing the plank exercise 30 day challenge. At the moment there is only Beginner mode available but Advanced mode with intervals is planned. The app is out on Google Play. I expected the process to take much much longer...
  11. Architheutis

    Final works for upload to google play

    Hi Folks, that´s the first time of uploading a game on google Play. First I put my first project as an alpha version, there. But I must do some changes within the AndroidManifest.xml I use Android Studio for it. But I cannot change anything, because there is just a read-only-permission...
  12. E

    Android I have many crashes on Android devices

    I have uploaded an application to Google Play I have tried it and I have not found errors on my device, it is a light application, it only weighs 35MB, it is very simple, it uses very few resources, 105 crashes have been presented in a total of 392 devices in the last 7 days. I have already...
  13. kammer_black

    Android Strange problems in my mobile game

    Good morning people. I have a problem with the internal test version of my new game for android. Making my game work on the mobile version is being the biggest challenge I've ever had when programming games. Every day is a new problem. Google Play released my game for testing and I was the...
  14. dragonsaurstudios

    GMS 2 Interstitial, Banners & Reward Ads Tutorial Series [VIDEO]

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: mobile (Android OS in this example) Download: n / a Links: Summary: Implement AdMob ad's in your projects. Part One [Interstitial] Length: 7m 28s Code: Part Two [Banners] Length: 7m 21s Code:
  15. Arc Trooper

    Meeting the 64 Bit Requirement Google Play

    I have trouble adding an app I made in Gamemaker Studio 2 to Google Play; the only things I'm able to modify is the version of Android and the paths to SDK, JDK, and NDK. I can select the architecture of the device: Armv7, x86, Arm64, x86_64. However, selecting just one of the architectures...
  16. Warspite2

    Android iap_acquire

    Ok im using gms2 and this is for android app on Google Play. I am wanting to setup a single iap to simply remove ads. This is from help section in gms2 for iap_acquire... iap_acquire(purchase_id, payload); purchase_id The product ID string for the purchase. payload This is a string that can...
  17. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 Problems with Uploading/Signing Android App Update

    I've uploaded a internal test version of my Android game and was trying to upload an update and I keep running into this error. I have enrolled in the Google App signing and the error it keeps telling me is that my apk is not signed with the "Upload Certificate". But I don't see anywhere to add...
  18. JadeMonsuta

    Android Android export and Google Play compatability [Solved]

    Android export thus far has been nothing but a struggle for me, It took me some digging on these forums and the old forums to find out how to just get it to build, and about a week after getting that working and getting ready to put a product on the app store, I'm now wrestling with app bundles...
  19. Warspite2

    Android Completed Achievements?

    I have setup some achievements in a couple of my games on Google Play. They work just fine but when the player completes an achievement, google services won't notify the player in game to let them know. It will show the achievement completed on the achievement board but it just doesn't notify...
  20. zendraw

    Android Exporting 64bit version for google

    do i need to do anything specific when exporting a game to be 64bit for google play? im using game maker 2