google play licensing

  1. Andrey

    Asset - Extension Google Play Licensing: modification

    Hello! The Marketplace has an extension from YoYo Google Play Licensing. However, it has one significant limitation — interruption of the game in case of problems with the license. Because of the interruption, we have trouble getting into the Designed for Families program. Also, the extension...
  2. Adam Coster

    Job Offer - Programmer GML access to Google Play license verification

    [UPDATE: We've figured this out in-house. Thanks for the interest!] We're looking for a professional programmer with Android and Google Play Licensing experience for contract work. YoYo has a Google Play Licensing extension in the marketplace. It caused some false positives for us, so we took...
  3. M

    Unable to get a valid license ... Google Play

    I'm trying to get IAP's working in my game. Tutorials on Game Maker for this are out of date and the only one I can find on Tube is in Spanish. I have added, to my project, "GooglePlayLicensingAsExt". I have added my Google Play Public Key to the "In App Purchases" tab. I have uploaded my...
  4. J

    Android Google Play Licensing compile error (Android)

    Info: Game Maker Pro 1.99.475 SDK 23 (build-tools 23.0.3, support libs: 23.0.1) (also tried with BT: 23.0.2) JDK: 1.7.0_79 NDK: 12.1 (and 11c) I get this error when I compile with the GooglePlayLicensingAsExt...