google play console

  1. Adriano_ppaula


    Hello everyone, lately I'm having a problem I can't update my game, this error message appears on the google console "Unknown validation VALIDATE_APP_MESSAGE_MISSING_COUNTRY_PRICES" Does anyone know what that would be? Thank you for your patience.
  2. J

    Gamemaker studio 1 and API level 28

    Hey, i was wondering how do you make the google play to approve your game made with gamemaker studio 1? I have developed couple years a game, and now im about ready to release it on google play. But i have encountered problem as the google play doesn't like some security issue, as my setup was...
  3. Adriano_ppaula

    Android Help with architecture chache

    Hello people! It's all right! I need help buiding an apk. So, I am currently working on an Android project, and the editor has explicitly asked that the apk only support two native platforms (Armv7, Arm64). Ok, so I just unchecked the other archeteture: The problem is that when I upload to...
  4. Hax4Ever

    Android Android export and Google Play compatability [Solved]

    Android export thus far has been nothing but a struggle for me, It took me some digging on these forums and the old forums to find out how to just get it to build, and about a week after getting that working and getting ready to put a product on the app store, I'm now wrestling with app bundles...
  5. G

    Android Google IAP Refunds

    I'm trying to implement IAP refunds in my game with the Google Play extensions. The only events that get triggered are: And the only status that gets triggered is iap_purchased under the iap_ev_purchase event (even though I refunded the IAP on the Google Play Console). The iap_refunded...
  6. Z

    Android java.lang.NullPointerException and java.lang.ClassNotFoundException Crash in Android Vitals

    Hello All, As the recent GooglePlay Console update introduced the Android vitals system, I heard that it's worth looking into your game's crash rate to make sure that it is below the threshold, or else the store's algorithm may suppress your game from showing to users. Anyways, I was looking...
  7. N

    Android [SOLVED]Help! There is no link to add in app products in my Google Console

    Hi guys! I've been on this for months! In the in app products section of my Google Console, there is no link to add in app products. Right now, the IAP async response is " The item you requested for is not available for purchase" I have Google Play Services, Google IAP and Google Licensing...
  8. J

    Failed to sign in to 'Google Play Games'

    I have linked my android app to game services. I downloaded the Google Play Services Extension from the marketplace. I can sign in and access the leaderboard in my game when Game Services is set to 'Testing' in my Google play console. The PROBLEM is when I then change Game Services to...