google drive

  1. L

    Windows Working directly from Google Drive (desktop) pops up warning

    Hi Gamemakers! My Gamemaker Studio 2 projects live in Google Drive. I use the desktop version for Windows 10 and, until recently, everything worked just fine. Just within the last week, Google updated it's desktop program, and now Gamemaker is constantly popping up the following message: It...
  2. SubWolf

    Android Cloud Sync Failed (Drive.SCOPE_APPFOLDER)

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this problem? I used the Yoyogames' Tutorial to put cloud saving in my game... but it's returning this error and I don't have a clear idea what is causing it... The GameMaker's Console shows this: There's another detail, I was having another kind of...
  3. G

    Legacy GM Cloud Saving

    I am looking for a way to include cloud saving in my game, but can't figure out how to do that. As far as I've checked, although there is a checkbox in the Android tab in Global Game Settings to "Enable Google Cloud Saving" (the apk does not even compile if the box is unchecked), this feature...