google cloud saving

  1. J

    Google Cloud Saving - Issue with Bin File

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to save in the cloud a Bin File but I don't know how to do properly. Because I can't read the data saved in the cloud. One thing I've tried is to see the resultString returned by the async event. But the async message has never beenn shown. Any help? Thanks a lot
  2. Schekhovtsov

    Android / Amazon Fire Google Play Cloud Saving has stopped working

    Hello Cloud save from Google Play Services has stopped working. For quite some time extensions were not updated. Then I updated GMS and all the extensions at once. Now I noticed that cloud saving and loading do not work. Achievements and highscore work correctly. What could be the problem?
  3. L

    Android / Amazon Fire How to save the INI database in Google Cloud Saving

    My game has a database stored in the INI file, I would like to save this file in the Google Cloud. I thought it would be something simple to do, but I'm already 2 days away with this headache. Eu quero salvar o banco de dados INI, para ser recuperado ao reinstalar o jogo novamente. =(
  4. mootaz azaiez

    How to Enable Google Cloud Saving ?

    Hi , can we use the google cloud saving function ? Because in the game maker documentation therre is a note saying : " Currently only Amazon WhisperSync is supported and you must activate it through the Android Tab of the Global Game Settings. " does that mean we cant use this function yet ?