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  1. A

    Android Upload game file (APK) in Google Play even with warnings?

    Hi. I am trying to upload my Android game (.apk file) in Google Play for an Internal & Close testing before publishing my app publicly to the Play store. When I tried to upload my APK file I got some errors and warnings. If my APK had an error, it won't continue in uploading the APK, so I fixed...
  2. S

    How to get player's leaderboard position

    Hi, I have google play leaderboard, and I want to get player's position in that leaderboard to give rewards! Any Ideas how to do that? Ty
  3. Christopher A. Orestis

    Android Leaderboard Tutorial Search. (Google Play Services) Discussion/Support

    Me and several other developers from other community's have been asking the same questions for years, "how to implement a online leader board". On game makers site, there is very little documentation on how to do this. I viewed the documentation that was provided, but it did not get me very far...
  4. D

    Android Achievement_login issues

    I can't seem to properly log in to google play when using achievement_login. I get the prompt to login at start up, but afterwards it just loads forever and doesn't log me in. Is this a bug or something on my end? *Persistent Object* -Create- global.PlayerName = "Anon"; global.PlayerID = -1...
  5. G

    Android IAP "Unable to get a valid license"

    I'm trying to implement a very simple "Remove Ads" IAP button in my game. My issue: When my game starts, it displays the following message: As well, if I click the "retry" button on this message and click my "Remove Ads" button fast enough, it will go open the purchase box and display the...
  6. I

    Android Google ADs Import

    Hi, can somebody help me to put Google Video/ Banner/ Popup Ads into Game Maker Studio Project. Many thank to you, i am really stuck here