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  1. B

    Ads not loading for Android

    I was following the TinyGamesLab tutorial to add Ads to my mobile game. I imported the extensions and everything from his project download into my project. When I click the banner object to load a banner. I get this error: 07-30 10:52:08.986 10805 10882 I yoyo : Extension Class not found...
  2. Adriano_ppaula

    Android AdMob Reward Video doesn't work at the first time

    Hello everyone! ^^ Guys, lately something very strange is happening in my apk I don't know if it's something from google or if something is wrong. Come on, I correctly printed all the steps following the official yoyo tutorial. I have the latest version of GMS2 and I have everything updated by...
  3. Journeyman2475

    Question - IDE Google Play Services Demo - Fatal Error on Mac

    Getting the errors after installing Google Play Services and trying to test on Android: [Fatal Error] :48:200: Element type "meta-data" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>". FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: Exception while parsing the...
  4. Tony M

    iOS Issues with iOS build with Google Play Services Extensions

    Hi, I have come across an issue with trying to build to iOS. When I try to build with GooglePlayServicesExtension added, I get the following error when trying to build on XCode: Undefined Symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_PACConsentForm Undefined Symbol: _OBJC_CLASS_$_PACConsentInformation If I remove...
  5. P

    When to load interstitials?

    At the start of a level I load an interstitial and when the user dies I show the interstitial. I now wonder if that's too many unnecessary load commands. Should it be enough to only have the loading command once, say in the beginning of the game?
  6. B

    Discussion Ads in GMS2

    Hey, I am making a game for android and I can't seem to find anything about Ads in Android and I find some extension for this but I don't like them. can I get anything in game maker officially support for ads? I am making an android game for the first time and I don't have experience with...
  7. HW.

    Question - General Regarding Admob SDK Update for Google Play Services extension by YoYo Games

    Google Play Services extension by YoYo Games, last update on Dec 2016, LINK: Prologue It is December 22, 2017 today, so It has been a full one year, since last time it was updated! Google Admob Warning and My Questions...
  8. L

    Android AdMob Ads Not Loading

    I'm trying to setup AdMob ads in my game, and they are not loading. The test ads were loading perfectly fine but the new ones don't.
  9. A

    Android Where do you code in GoogleMobileAdsExtension?

    I've put the init function in the gamestart event of the first object seen but once i uploaded to google play it doesn't play the ad when clicked on my watch video button which also has the function GoogleMobileAds_ShowInterstitial(); on left pressed. Any suggestions where or what other...
  10. R

    Android Android AdMob (Not Showing when Published)

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is the wrong topic to post in! So I have Google Ads implemented into my android game (Banners), And when I use "GoogleMobileAds_UseTestAds" it works perfectly fine. But as soon as I remove that function from my game, Create an .APK and submit the app to the Play Store...