google admob

  1. Edu Shola

    Android GoogleplayServicesExtension and GoogleplayAdsExtension not working

    I noticed extensions aren't working in built apk for testing, googleplay ads, googleplay services etc but they work on built ios ipa. its been over 10 days and no reply from YoYo QA Dept. Id appreciate your help. Compile logđź”» Saving project to: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\chike...
  2. B

    Ads not loading for Android

    I was following the TinyGamesLab tutorial to add Ads to my mobile game. I imported the extensions and everything from his project download into my project. When I click the banner object to load a banner. I get this error: 07-30 10:52:08.986 10805 10882 I yoyo : Extension Class not found...
  3. Adriano_ppaula

    Android AdMob Reward Video doesn't work at the first time

    Hello everyone! ^^ Guys, lately something very strange is happening in my apk I don't know if it's something from google or if something is wrong. Come on, I correctly printed all the steps following the official yoyo tutorial. I have the latest version of GMS2 and I have everything updated by...
  4. Vinsane

    Android Need Urgent Help Ad Mob Integration. (Variables Not Working)

    Hi there guys! I'm trying to get ads working on my Game Maker 2 Project but for some reason the Variables are just blue instead of actually meaning something. Every time I try and follow the official gude for implementing Ad Mob...
  5. dragonsaurstudios

    GMS 2 Interstitial, Banners & Reward Ads Tutorial Series [VIDEO]

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: mobile (Android OS in this example) Download: n / a Links: Summary: Implement AdMob ad's in your projects. Part One [Interstitial] Length: 7m 28s Code: Part Two [Banners] Length: 7m 21s Code:
  6. hykwf233

    Android [SOLVED]Questions about Google ad Mob display

    I can show ads when I use Google adMob test ID, but I can't load ads when I use my own ID. Google adMob can see the number of requests in the background. Does anyone know what is going on?