1. MrBazooka

    Free Chippy Golf (IOS & Android) - A Hole-In-One Golf experience

    An addictive hole-in-one golf experience. Take aim and beat the high score! Never play the same level. An indie game by Rude Koala Games (Jano Booysen) Download: IOS or ANDROID Cheers and have a great day. Jano
  2. Adrien Dittrick

    HTML5 ARQ3: Guardians Of Lodino Forest

    As requested, here is a golf game where the ball is armed and is actively trying to NOT get holed. You can play it here: You are a golfhunter, wielding the legendary Lodino RIfle which is a hybrid between a golf club and an assault rifle. With that...
  3. A

    Team Request 2D Golf Game, Programmer and Artist

    Hello everyone this is Anthony from Atwo Studios, as small indie company we have published 2 indie games using Game maker, one being ROY - Color Matching and the other being Solar Switch. Both can be found on iOS and the Google play store. For our third inide game we are wanting to make a golf...
  4. A

    Legacy GM 2D Golf hole that acts 3D

    I was wondering how to approach a top-down golf hole, where the ball would interact with the "sides" off the hole's circle. Basically, how the ball could "rim around" the hole based on the ball's position and speed coming at the hole. I understand I would have to make tolerances for what would...