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  1. P

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] GM Studio 1.4 - Instances Outside of Room Check

    I feel like I have looked everywhere in preferences, but I cannot find where I can disable this check. I *want* my objects outside of the room, and I don't want to accidentally remove them all. Anyone know how to stop this?
  2. M

    Legacy GM Problem with Attack Animation

    I'm making an action platform game (I have a lot of project), and want to make my character attacking with a melee weapon. But my character doesn't attack. Instead of attacking, he plays the walk animation (because the stand sprite is the first image of the walk sprite). Here is the classis...
  3. J

    Legacy GM GMS Object intensity

    I'm trying to find an easy way to reflect damage visually. The easiest way seems to be subtracting from the intensity value, but I can't figure out how to do this through GML. Any and all help is appreciated! :)
  4. Posho

    Nintendo NX!!!!

    :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: GM:S2 pls... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  5. RyanC

    Job Offer - Programmer Quote Required for MMO Online Database

    Hi everyone, I have a game that I would like to include multiplayer in the sense that users can store their variables online and conquer and steal bases from one another etc. From my understanding I need to link my GMS application to an online MySQL data base via a PHP script. However I'm open...
  6. H

    Legacy GM Depth In Rain.

    Hello, I am slightly new to this so help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to create a system where my Rain particles only show in the light around my character. I followed and learned how to make rain in general but would love if someone in this community could assist me in getting the...
  7. M

    Windows UWP Compilation Errors

    So I got GM:S on the Humble Bundle and proceeded to use my new liscenses to export my games as Windows, HTML5, and UWP formats... Windows .exe and HTML5 worked great, but I've been having lots of issues with UWP... After lots of fixing, I've managed to use Visual Studio to build the required...
  8. M

    GM8.1 > GM:S Import, Strange Runtime Error

    So I've been writing a game for about a year now, a top-down game with some car racing. I recently upgraded to GM:S (Humble Bundle!) and imported my .gm81 into Studio. While I understand there should be and will be errors, I had a very strange error that I'm having a hard time tracing. Perhaps...
  9. R

    Legacy GM How do I customize the GM:Studio's Interface?

    Hi, I'm Rizal and I'm new on GM:Studio (just installed it today) :) I want to know how to customize the Interface because somehow it felt odd to me, not because of the interface color but the position. (If I could compared to other engine like Unity, we can freely customize the panel and make...
  10. T

    Created my own Physical Copy of GMStudio

    I love holding physical Things! Everyone does! I dislike having digital software (steam games are okay...) and not being able to touch them. So I created my own physical CD for personal Use for GMStudio. I did add the EULA to it so YoYo games don't sue me. Here are the contents: [Folder] Learn...
  11. H

    Old GM5 Games Converted to GMS

    Greetings everyone. I have an old GM5 game that I did long ago and converted into GMS. I'm using GMS Free Standard Edition 1.4. by the way without any modules; just Windows and Steam. i am giving it away free as a guidline to BEGINNERS. It is fully DRAG and DROP. There were a few compatibility...
  12. S

    Legacy GM Animation Problem: Falling while on ground [SOLVED]

    Hi, I'm new to GM and I've been working on a 2D platformer fan game (based on I Wanna Be the Guy), and I'm having a strange issue with animation on two surfaces. I finally got the animation to work correctly on the the main ground surface (obj_grnd), but then I noticed that when I stepped on a...
  13. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Strange object's behavior after changing name

    Hello everyone! I have different rooms in my game with a creation code (such as for spawning the player, enemies, ...) and I wanted to create a new room by duplicating one of the others to save time. In the new room's creation code I changed the name of the player's object to a different one...