1. wilmer

    GMS 2.3+ Smart bar [Solved]

    Hi : Look, I don't remember what game I have seen this in, what happens is that I need a kind of smart bar like in the gif that I attached here; The bar has a "piece" that goes from one side to the other and if the "piece" touches at least one pixel of the purple square in the center, it will...
  2. V

    How do I get rid of the gamepad stats in the top corner?

    I have tried the code in a new project and it doesn't show up. No matter how I alter the code in the current project it just doesn't go away. Is there a setting or something to turn this off?
  3. V

    Jump not working right and run speed gets progressively faster

    The controls respond but the output is not right. You can see that it tries to jump but never leaves the platform. When I run, the speed does not cap, so it gets increasingly faster. Any ways to go about this? Create Event /// @description Init Vars // Global array to store gamepad info in...
  4. V

    Warp to a location within same room

    I see a lot of tutorials about warping to other rooms, but what if you want to warp to a different spot in the same room? How would you go about that? The simple code I'm familiar with is: if room=room1{ room_goto(room1) x=1315 y=107 } As you can see, I am trying to warp to...
  5. sercan

    GML GMS2 Physics joints

    Hi, I have one instance of an object, lets say obj_A, in the room. And another instance of another object, obj_B. obj_A has a joint anchor with obj_B. Up to this point it s pretty ok. If there is only one instance of an object in the room, no problem. but having more than one instances...
  6. Mehdi

    GMS 2.3+ Game Maker Studio 2.3 so slow to compile on windows 10

    Hi everyone I've recently switched to windows 10. Surprisingly when I compile my project it takes at least 30 seconds to compile and it's so frustrating. It used to be only 10 seconds before (when i worked with windows 7) Can anyone help?
  7. I

    GMS 2 collision with player controlled by mouse

    im making a game where the player moves towards the mouse when you hold the left mouse button and i dont know how i would go about doing the collisions with the code that i have. How would i do the collisions with a wall? player movement code: create event: friction = 1.5; spd = 0; max_spd...
  8. KyleRansford

    GMS 2.3+ Getting: FAILED: Run Program Complete on a Project that worked on Earlier Versions

    I've installed GMS2 2.3.0 on another PC and on a project that does work in the previous version on GMS2, I keep getting the "FAILED: Run Program Complete" message. I look through the log and don't see anything that looks like an error message relating to code, but I see this long line that I...
  9. E

    Question - Code Instance Create Layer and Possible ID passing issue.

    BACKSTORY: The issue I believe is with my ID, I’m working on an RTS style game, where my spawner lets say a space station spawns units every 3 seconds of a player object “spaceship”. The battlefield has units running around randomly and when they spot a player spaceship and they attack it. I...
  10. G

    GMS2 - How can I ensure one create event runs before another?

    For my game, I have a controller object. In that controller objects create event I have defined some DS grids and assigned values to those grids. I also am planning to have multiple enemies and to anticipate this I have made an enemy parent object. In the enemy parent objects create event I want...
  11. Crask

    Released Neither Day nor Night - precision platformer

    Full game is available for PC. Check it out 🙂 Steam:
  12. Snyrch

    Android Android export ERROR Gamemaker Studio 2 (2.3)

    Hi, I need advice on exporting to android. I have purchased a mobile license for Gamemaker studio 2 (version 2.3) and although all SDKs, NDKs and JAVA SDKs are set up correctly, it is not possible to export an empty (newly created) game, do you not know what is causing this error listing...
  13. rmanthorp

    OFFICIAL GameMaker Studio 2 Version 2.3.0 Release

    Welcome to GameMaker Studio 2.3.0! This major new release introduces many significant improvements to the software, which you can find detailed further down this page: new resource types and editors; important quality-of-life changes throughout the IDE; a brand new manual; an overhauled project...
  14. E

    GMS 2.3+ Basic Bounce-Back code

    hello! Sorry if this sounds demanding but I can't seem to figure out how to write a basic few lines of code to make an enemy bounce back when either hit or bumped into, like you would see in games like The Binding Of Isaac! I want the code to be basic enough that I can add in some extra little...
  15. E

    SOLVED Direction-Sprite Change

    Basically, I just need some basic coding help. I can't figure out how to change the sprite based on what direction the enemy is facing. Side Notes: This is an RPG Dungeon-like game, the coding i need is basic and no overly complicated as I'm fairly new at this. This is my enemy code: if...
  16. D

     Moonlit - Retro Platformer Game

    Moonlit Moonlit is a retro-style platform game, in which you play as a young girl affected by a curse. At night, she is able to morph into a werewolf, and, as a werewolf, she cannot use her gun as a ranged-weapon, but her claws become a deadly melee weapon. The game has been in development for...
  17. JeanSwamp

    Player Sticky to Walls - No Jumps

    Hello, I am trying to get a small concept where you move a character the way the classic Metroid enemy crawler, which turns around 90º on edges. I have tried several ways and I am just not being able to get a combination of movement + stickyness that makes any kinda of good feel. Anyone has...
  18. JeanSwamp

    Unusual use of app surface GMS2

    Hello Game Makers, I am trying to do something with surfaces and I am not entirely sure how to make it work, specially due to distorsion problems. Basically I need to capture the whole screen into a surface, resize it and flip it a bit so the surface becomes displayed like such (Green being...
  19. U

    Android How to release a game on the Googleplay store.

    Hello. Thanks to everyone, the game is finally complete, and we have reached the stage of releasing the app. I have a question. I've heard that you need a digitally signed APK when putting a game on the Google Play store. How to make a signed APK with GMS2?
  20. JesterOC

    SOLVED [SOLVED] UDP Networking... Stack Overflow when sending player positions. Please Help!

    I've been stuck the past couple days on a UDP GM server problem.... So with TCP you have a socketlist, which you can get from the network connect async event... UDP it is connectionless, just messages... so we use async_load and get IP and PORT... This appears to have no problems on the...