1. bcgreen24

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Why Is Draw_Text() Not Working When Room Changes?

    I have this code in the 'Draw' event of a persistent object called 'objController'. The first piece that draws text in the 'MainRoom' is working, but not the code in the 'else if' block that draws text in the 'OptionsRoom'. What am I doing wrong? if(room == MainRoom) {...
  2. Lightmind

    Opacity based health system.

    Basically, when my player takes damage, i want the health to go down from 100 to 90. Then, based on the health the player is at, i want the opacity of one heart to change. I've got 5 hearts, each representing 20 health. They are all in different objects. The first heart goes from 100 to 0...
  3. JeanSwamp

    UI Shop Advice

    Hello, I know GMS is not very friendly on the UI department, unlike how easy stuff is handled in Unity or other engines with built in UI stuff... so here's the thing. I need to make a mobile shop and I am unsure how to handle it to achieve something like this example...
  4. Lightmind

    Getting a variable from 2 different objects.

    Sorry if the title isn't clear enough for what I'm about to say. Basically, I want my player to take damage when touching an enemy. So, the player hp - enemy dmg, but I don't know how to put 2 variables from different objects into 1 line of code.
  5. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2.3+ Object Collision while moving them with mouse

    Hello, I am trying to add collisions to objects with eachother, while dragging them with the mouse. I am currently working on some room decoration project, where you drag and drop objects to an empty room with your mouse. I want to make sure you cannot overlap items with eachother, and I am...
  6. JeanSwamp

    Android Compile Android Error (Happened out of nowhere, was working yesterday, project did not change)

    Hello, I've been compiling to Android with no problems for over a month. Today I launched GMS2 and compiled my game to Android and I am getting this error: The project did not change. Compiling was working yesterday at midnight, and stopped working as soon as I booted my computer this...
  7. JeanSwamp

    Async HTTP crash on Android

    Hello, I am getting the real-time (non local device based time) from an URL using http_get(""); Then I am using the Async HTTP event to do everything I need with my time and format. Everything works perfect on Windows. However I just compiled...
  8. YoSniper

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] GMS2: Instance Will Not Create

    I am programming a game where a player collects coins. Collecting ten coins without a miss is meant to incur a "streak" bonus. This will be represented by an object that displays text next to the score HUD that rises and fades away. Score is kept by a singular persistent object called World. Up...
  9. MacGregory

    Windows I'm writing a game about a mental hospital (Horror RPG)

    Good afternoon everyone, as the 4th month I started writing a game about a mental hospital. The game will be online horror style. Here is a video of the game for yourself. Insanity Reanimation 0.462v My Game on Android :)
  10. Lightmind

    Weird double jump that isn't meant to be there?

    Basically, I have made code for jumping. But, if I press the jump button twice quickly, it does a double jump for some reason, and I need to fix this. I am making a metroidvania, so you can probably see why a double jump isn't going to be good at the start of the game where there would be so...
  11. Lightmind

    Why am I getting a weird double jump?

    When I do jump, he jumps, and if I quickly press the jump button, he does a short hop. But, if I do a short hop, then press the jump button again, he does a weird double jump, making him jump higher. As I am making a Metroidvania(inspired by Hollow Knight), I can't have this. Is there any way to...
  12. Lightmind

    Why is my player freezing in midair when attacking?

    I've got a moving, jumping , and attacking player. He can attack on the ground fine, but when I jump and attack in midair, he freezes in midair, mid-animation, and im not sure why. Any help appreciated. This is my script: if (attack) state = PLAYERSTATE.ATTACKSLASH; Script code: function...
  13. JeanSwamp

    Android/iOS Inactive Local Time

    Hello, I am starting out with mobile development and I have no idea how games manage the coldown for items, and such. In my case I am making a pet game, where I want the pet to have hunger or get dirty after a few hours or so, or even do daily gifts. How do you track this time in Game Maker...
  14. JeanSwamp

    Android & iOS Rumble/Vibration

    Hello, I am testing the waters with mobile development and I did not find anything in the GMS2 documentation about rumble for mobile devices. I am familiar with doing it with gamepads, however this seems to be completely different. Anyone with experience in mobile development can point me out...
  15. T

    iOS How to get game rooms ready for IOS?

    Hi, all! I'm trying to get my game ready for IOS and trying to figure out what room size I need for it without distorting the sprites/objects. So far I have made ~11 rooms pretty much ready to go at 1024x768 pixels. I think I want to go to 1920x1080 for modern iPhones, however when I change...
  16. JeanSwamp

    Stack pile objects climb

    Hello, I was wondering what would be the best way to reproduce a stack-pile object that makes you grow in height, where you tap/click to add a new object, which games like BombChicken did. I think the're possibly two easy approach: - One being just a jump, which ends up spawning an object...
  17. A

    SOLVED Platformer Character Stuck on Floor in certain circumstances

    I am having this weird issue with the character for my platformer: On boot, character is able to move UNTIL I let go of the arrow keys, which afterwards results in the character being stuck on the ground. The only way to get it to move again is to jump. When I jump, I can move mid air, as well...
  18. spleeN

    SOLVED I need some help: game source files not reading properly. (.yyp file possibly corrupt) - Trying to not lose several months of development.

    So, I was working on a game I've been developing since late January of 2020, and GMS2 ended up crashing. This is no big deal, it happens from time to time. After I re-launched GMS2, I opened up the project again and while it was opening (loading all of the assets and whatnot), I closed all of...
  19. OLucasConrado

    Distance counter

    Hello! I'm trying to make a game on which we must escape some enemies who are on a pursuit. The longer you survive, more you score. The problem is I can't find a way to count the distance (or even the pixels) we travelled on the game. I searched lots of tutorials on YouTube or even texts on...
  20. D

    I need a little help please

    Ok I'm making a game. I'm stuck on how to do the combo system. I have attack, attack_2, and attack_3. Everything is in an array. So for example in the idle state script I have function player_idle_state(){ //get input get_input() //calculate movement calc_movement() //check state if hsp != 0...