1. M

    GMS 2 Space Rocks GML Gravitating Asteroids Bug(?) [SOLVED (Kinda)]

    So I've made it through setting up the collisions and such. Player has attacks, everything moves and explodes and splits as necessary, as well as movement wrapping being successfully implemented. However, I've got one issue I've noticed, a particularly funny one imo, with one of the size...
  2. G

    GMS 2 Procedural generation: creating prebuilt room templates in a GMS2 Room and combining them into one level

    Hello, I'm working on a game that will use a combination of procedural generation and prebuilt rooms to create its levels. Currently, the layout of each prebuilt room is specified via a character string (in which each character represents a tile, object, NPC, etc.). This method has the...
  3. J

    SOLVED Need help with current ladder code - all assistance appreciated

    I'm trying to do some basic ladder code without state (since I'm not very good writing them) and below is what I have (scroll to the end of second code posted). While the current ladder code works my problem is the player 1) keeps bouncing on top of the ladder once they reach the top----bouncing...
  4. V

    GML Como hacer que un objeto lea las variables de un objeto que esta tocando

    necesito que un objeto lea las variables de otros objetos que lo esten tocando
  5. Elkrom

    GMS 2 Wires/Ropes/ To Connect Two Objects Like in Contraption Maker

    I'm working on a little physics puzzler game similar to Contraption Maker/Fantastic Contraption (my first project not following a tutorial, and things actually feel like they're starting to click ) i want to have a system where i can have rope/wire to connect different things together, like a...
  6. Nabil Kabour

    Question - IDE Game works on older IDE version but has bugs with new IDE version

    Hi all, My game runs fine on the December 5th 2018 version of gamemaker studio 2, but runs with loads of bug and glitches with the newer versions. I've attached a Google drive link to my project. If you press load game, then either player0 or player1, you will see that the character has no...
  7. Zuurix

    SOLVED YYC - Attempting to run the game deletes Visual Studio batch file

    Hey all, Attempting to run the game with YYC fails with this in the Output: At the same time as the message pops-up, that required batch file (vcvars32.bat) disappears. If I try to run the game again, I get this: Which makes sense because batch file does not exist anymore. I tried...
  8. B

    GMS 2 How to check if an object is in front of the player object in order to interact

    For example: There are my Player and NPC, they have perfect collisions with each other. If I want to interact with the NPC, how do we check if he is in our direction? is there a function that can help me with that? (also, I want to be able to interact with the NPC even I am couple pixels away )
  9. fireday2

    GMS2 and steam Proton

    Hello all There is steam Proton. Which give possibility to run MS Windows software on Linux. Proton is based on wine. And the Proton already included in steam, you just enable it and then you can run the windows games/soft on your linux. But there is a problem - not all soft can be launched and...
  10. Dwighty4000

    GMS 2 How can I use the powerfull hardware for my GMS2 Game?

    My game has been online on Steam for a few days and there have been some negative reviews. A review rating was e.g. the problem that with a laptop, the computer does not recognize the game as a game and continues to run the game with the Intel HD Graphics GPU, which leads to strong performance...
  11. JeanSwamp

    Vertical Parallax 2D Sidescrolling

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to get a good looking vertical parallax. I notice most people just do layer_y(layer_id, y/speed); but this doesn't really work very well, unless your room height is pretty much always the same, sort of a Super Mario level. I'm trying to achieve a result where if...
  12. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 Contdown Timer && Count-Up Timer [GMS2]

    GM Version: GMS2 (Unconfirmed on 1.4) Download [GMS2]: Version: 1.0 Description: This is how to make a countdown and count-up timer for your game(s). What is needed to proceed: -Knowledge of GML. To start we will...
  13. D

    GMS 2 Problem With Fixture Collision

    Hello, I'm posting here because I didn't found any person with the same problem as mine and I'm thankful for anyone looking into it. So I have a problem with the collisions between my fixtures, at first I just used the basic collision shape tool to create a box, but I wanted a better shape for...
  14. Ayumi Morris

    Mac OSX Game Options - Windows Icon Size

    Hi! So I'm on a mac, trying to change the icon from the default gamemaker icon, but for some reason, no images of any size I am trying to put in are being accepted. I can't even click on them when moving to upload. The splash page, I can change just fine, but not this. Is it something I'm doing...
  15. Ayumi Morris

    Problems with mp_grid_create

    Hi! I'm Ayumi and I'm making a racing game. I was working on the pathfinding and found the mp_grid_create tool to make really choppy lines. This is the code I'm using and the size of the room: Width: 2944 Height: 1664 globalvar rmgrass1; rmgrass1 = mp_grid_create(0, 0, room_width...
  16. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2 Zoom Centered To Player

    I'm trying to make a zoom for my player on a sidescrolling platformer. Currently everything works flawlessly expect when switching from zooming in to out, since the pos is relative to the top left corner and not the center, there's a quick repositioning on switch that looks very ugly. I've...
  17. BithSnake

    GMS 2 Make footstep sounds at specific frames [SOLVED]

    Hi, Ok first of all i know this question has been up several times but i feel like there has´t really been a really good answer to this. How do you tackle this problem where you want to play a specific sound on a specific frame(image_index) in a sprite_index ? I have gotten this to work...
  18. nick4508

    Android / Amazon Fire [PAID] Help troubleshooting IAPs

    Hey guys, My mobile game is finished and ready to be released, except for programmings in IAPs. I have followed this guide to set them up. Unfortunately after months of trying, I cant for the life of...
  19. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Particles Not Showing the Sprite

    So I have a system set up, but I guess something is setup wrong or missing... I have some leaves I want to fall from a tree when its shook. Currently I have the tree shaking and the particles do work. But the particles that are showing up are just blurry white orbs (im guessing a default of...
  20. Hotel

    Keyboard Input when Window is not focused

    Hi Im trying to figure out how to make it so that when the gamemnaker window is not focused, it can detect keyboard (and possibly mouse) inputs. I've tried using the window_has_focus command, but I haven't gotten anything to work so far. I also tried putting a debug message to show up whenever...