1. Jihl

    I just made a little "debug visual project"

    Hey there everyone, I just made a project which wants to represent that you can also debug your game in joy. ------- ------- ------ Here is the link to the video Debug project video This is only 3 days of programming, not anything fancy, but still I'd like to share it because I'm trying to...
  2. PocketForge

    Android Healthbar visual glitches.

    Sry for bad english. Hello everyone. I have a small indie game for android in which I often use healthbars, but in several devices that healthbar often breaks and deforms. How i can fix it?
  3. xDGameStudios

    GMS 2.3+ [TEXT TUTORIAL] "Want to execute this only once" (Alarms/Flags/Counters)

    GM Version: Studio 2.3+ Target Platform: Windows / All Download: n/a Links: n/a [LEVEL] Beginner [PROBLEM] Today tutorial is more specific and related to something that invades the programming forums and discord forums quite often, we will be talking about: - I want to execute this code only...
  4. Tiago Carvalho

    Is it possible to encrypt a CSV file? Or delete it from the included game maker files?

    Greetings, Game Makers. I have a language localization CSV file inside the included files that I do not want users opening and checking out the content from. Not being able to find a solution to make the CSV file secure, I made a script to run it the first time of the game, then pass all the...
  5. Z

    GMS 2 "Create Moving" Game Maker Studio 2, in DnD or GML with explanation

    I noticed GMS2 doesn't have the DnD action "Create Moving" so I don't know how to create moving bullets in different directions in the same action I'm not good in GML but I used it some times Please Help
  6. H


  7. TheCheeseMaster

    SOLVED Surface Drawing Stuttering

    Hi there, Basically what I'm trying to achieve is this: -have "cloud shadows" moving across the screen -draw the cloud shadows with an alpha I can control (all with the same value at any given time) -have the cloud shadows create a uniform shadow colour when overlapping, rather than having two...
  8. JeanSwamp

    GMS 2.3+ Room Editor TileBuilderLock Still Locked

    Hello, Today out of nowhere, my whole Tile Layers dissapeared. Restaring the IDE made them visible again. It keeps happening randomly, and tick/untick the eye icon to toogle visibility is not working. I noticed also, some tile layers whenever I select a tile and drag the mouse to the Room IDE...
  9. Minerkey

    GML Methods of less-stuttery sprite prefetching?

    I've been using GMS2 for quite some time now, about 3 years now, and I've been trying to efficiently load sprites. I've gone from questionable methods like just loading every sprite at once with a huge block of sprite_prefetches, to loading each sprite one-by-one but I still seem to run into the...
  10. Cofefe

    Distribution Making FOSS Games With GMS2?

    This may seem like a weird question, since GMS2 is proprietary software, but I was just curious: Is it possible to make a completely *free* game with GMS2? I'm thinking GPL free. The YYG License seems to indicate that the Publisher is the owner of any Publisher Property, and we can license it...
  11. T

    GMS 2.3+ Nine Slices don't work with negative scaling?

    I have a question regarding Nine Slices and scaling. It seems that Nine Slice sprites with negative scales don't work properly in-game, but do in the room editor. Are Nine Slices supposed to not work with negative scaling or is this a bug? If it's a bug, I'll file a report; if not, the room...
  12. Powerset

    GML Help making Enemy Knockback/Script

    Hello! So I got some Enemy knockback working for my game. The only problem is im trying to transfer the logic into a script and im hitting major roadblocks. I cant seem to figure out whichever part of it im doing wrong. Inside the enemy hurt state I have this: case ENEMYSTATES.HURT: {...
  13. K

    Android Android Game - ( UP-TO-DATE & NO-SOURCE ) Error

    Hello After more than a year I installed GMS2 again. I wanted to update my android game but unfortunately, the game does not work. I installed all the necessary things but I probably missed something. I am adding code with a problem. Can anyone help? C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe /c "subst K...
  14. C

    GMS 2.3+ Gamemaker run out of memery while in debug mode

    Hi. I am using GMS2 with IDE v2.3.1.542 Runtime v2.3.1.409. (Windows 10) The problem is when I running my game with debug mode, add some break point, and if I move my mouse to some local variable. for example a struct called 'node'. Then the IDE will have no respond and crash. But my game is...
  15. huperephanos

    GMS 2.3+ [Spine] Error importing JSON, using 3.7.94

    Hello, all! I've been using GMS2 + Spine for about 6 months now and just ran into an issue for the first time. I'm animating a very simple sprite as I've always done, exporting it the same way I've always done and GMS2 triggers an error when I try to import it, either by dragging and dropping it...
  16. tylerbertz

    is variable_global_exists() broke or am i misusing it

    if(!variable_global_exists("apple")){ = 21309734013292217380192417230912837120398123712039; } the problem is it returns true regardless if global exists or not
  17. William Garrison

    GMS 2.3+ Bouncing Bug I wanna squash

    So recently I decided to gut a game I have been working on for off/on a couple years. Started from scratch and am porting in code from the old one to the new one, one object at a time or as needed. So I can weed out the crap. Going great. BUT once I got the player movement code in this issue...
  18. flyinian

    GMS 2.3+ Question about collision mask rotation..

    I've been following this YouTube tutorial for collision masking and so far so good. The video is time stamped when the collision code is complete for visual representation. However, I'd like to make vehicles with collision but, noticed that the current collision system doesn't work with...
  19. Freezin

    Error working with yaxis and xaxis.

    I have defined both the xaxis, and the yaxis variables. I still get this error every time I try to run the program. ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event...
  20. flyinian

    SOLVED Could someone give me some insights on why my children were acting weird?

    Did I get you with the title? :banana: I'm just looking for insight on why my children were acting "weird" for a lack of a better word. UPDATE: 1. The children within question all have the event_inherited(); at the top of each event. 2. I have other children with the same parent and those...