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  1. GoK

    GMS 2 Directional Light and Shadows in 3D

    GM Version: GMS 2.2.5 Target Platform: All Download: 3D_Directional_Lighting_starter.yyz 3D_Directional_Lighting_final.yyz Links: N/A Summary Hi! In this tutorial, we will go through the process of creating directional lighting and cast shadows. Note, it's not intended for the complete...
  2. Freddie The Potato

    3D Camera is being drawn to surface upside down

    I've created 2 cameras. global.mainCamera = cameraCreate(); global.utilityCamera = cameraCreate(); A cameraController object updates mainCamera's view and projection matrices every frame based on its position and rotation. I can draw the scene onto a surface like so...
  3. Freddie The Potato

    3D Find Intersection in Rectangular Prism With Directional Vector

    Hola! While writing a script to resolve 3D collisions, I encountered a problem and I can't quite figure it out! I have a rectangular prism with varying width, height and depth. I also have a point located within this prism (A) and a normalized directional vector (d). If a ray is cast from A...
  4. Kyrieru

    3D Disable 3d tile clipping?

    If I use orthographic, I can't seem to stop tiles from clipping. Any attempt to "zoom in" seems to result in clipping, what's a good tutorial or general practice for working with orthographic and tiles?
  5. M

    3D GMS2 3D Collision Problems [Solved]

    So, I'm very new to working with 3D in general, so I'm still learning how to work things in general, but just today I managed to make some 3D objects, as well as some downward collision for the surfaces, which generally work fine, however I am having trouble making a collision from the side...
  6. moogthedog

    3D 3D baby steps in GMS2

    I'm trying to start out with a spot of 3d, and I'm close... but it's defeating me at the last moment. I've got a room set up with a camera layer and an instances layer. The camera layer is at the bottom of the heap, as I've read the camera object needs to be the furthest away. In the room, I...
  7. N

    GMS 2 Old d3d_start()

    Hey guys... I've noticed that d3d_start(), d3d_draw_block, d3d_set_projection_ext(); Does not exist anymore in GMS2... I saw in the documentation something about camera, matrices, vertex buffers and GPU functions. But I didn't understand ****. I mean, how can we do something like a 2.5D...
  8. Anixias

    3D Conversion from 3D to 2D and vice-versa slightly wrong.

    Hello. I found online that in order to convert a 3D point to a 2D vector representing a point on your screen, you must: Transform the vec3 (3d point) by the camera's View Matrix Transform the vec3 produced by step 1 by the camera's Projection Matrix Divide the vec3's x and y values by the z...
  9. Anixias

    GMS 2 Accessing the Z-Buffer

    Within GMS2, you have the capability to write data from vertex buffers into something called a Z-Buffer that stores depths to pixels within a 3D (or even 2D) environment. It is used in rendering to decide which pixel to draw when two pixels from different triangles occupy the same screen space...
  10. Kaliam

    GMS 2 How to achieve proper 3D particles in GMS2

    Hello, this is just a question about particles in GMS2 and if it is possible to get them to work properly in 3D without having to write your own custom particle system. I have searched through the forums for topics about using particles in 3D and haven't found many useful links, especially when...
  11. Anixias

    GMS 2 Is the "up" vector actually the "down" vector?

    var matrix = matrix_build_lookat(x++, 0, z++, room_width, room_height, 0, 0, 0, 1); This seems to render everything upside-down, where +z is actually down, even though the up-vector is stated as 0,0,1. What's going on? I'm using x++ and z++ to simply move the camera around temporarily while I...
  12. P

    Discussion [Guide/Project] Exporting from Blender to GMS 2 3D

    NOTE: This is for the BETA version of GMS 2, and things might change over time. Also, the script is not at all finished yet, but usable under certain circumstances. I will be uploading new versions and editing this post to accommodate them accordingly. NOTE 2: I am considering making some stuff...
  13. G

    Question - Code Is GMS2 lacking the basic 3D functions that GM:S had or am I just blind?

    I noticed that d3d had been removed from the library of script functions but I've yet to come across GMS2s replacements for some sort of functionality like it. I've read through the list of obsolete functions and a good majority of functions I used to use are now considered obsolete...