1. David Richard

    GMS1.4 Lixensed Export Modules cannot be downloaded and installed

    As the title says. I tried to enter my licenses in GMS1 but I get an error. I can only enter my Pro License number but it does not take any other licenses. A have a game or 2 to update but without the Android export module, I cannot do much. Is there a way to get other export modules to...
  2. N

    Legacy GM instance_copy() in HTML5

    I know GMS1.4 is deprecated and its HTML5 module is probably full of bugs no one will ever adress anymore. Just looking for a solution/work around. I found out, in HTML5, all the instances created by instance_copy() act as the same instance (triggering event on one triggers the same event on...
  3. BiTrunade

    Legacy GM Anti-aliasing HTML5

    Hello everyone, I've spent all morning trying to get it to work, and I couldn't. How can I achieve anti-aliasing for edges in HTML5? display_reset() works fine on windows but not HTML5. Here is an image of the circle I want to apply anti-aliasing on: Thank you very much, Domergue [EDIT] By...
  4. paulog

    Legacy GM Grab only window on top

    Hello! I'm making a game in GMS1.4 with a draggable windows system but I'm facing an issue. When I click in a window that is behind another window, I want it to come to the top, but when I click somewhere where two windows are overlaping, the one at the bottom, if it was created first, comes to...
  5. bocoboc

    Steam Steam Cloud Synchronization

    Hello, I'm currently trying to implement steam cloud to my game but I ran into a problem. I decided to use Cloud API and all my writings to server are fine, but steam only downloads these files to its own "userdata" folder and not where they should be. Is this how it suppose to be? Neither GMS...
  6. J

    Legacy GM Game wont run anymore?!

    I tried to run the game and the console and everything booted (Compile works completely fine) but the game doesnt start?! why? Help!
  7. F

    HTML5 GMS 1.4.9999: HTML5 errors with empty room project

    Using last version, GMS 1.4.9999, creating a new project with only an empty room and running as HTML5: - When the game loads, the following error logs to web console: Call Stack contains only: - After the game is loaded, when the user clicks for the first time on the canvas, the following...
  8. C


    I'm working on a 2d iso dungeon crawler, with a random level generation, random loot and npc spawns. In the above graphic I was testing the tiles to see how they worked together, and with sprites to get a feel for scaling. You play as a Ginseng, and his companion Goblin fighting your way...
  9. B

    Legacy GM Check for tiles at a specific depth

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way to check if a tile depth exists. For example say I have tiles being displayed at a depth of 1003, how would I check if that depth has tiles in it (No specific tiles, just if a tile is at a certain depth).
  10. Gillen82

    GMS 2 Updating (Finally)

    Hi guys, I'm finally taking the leap and upgrading from 1.4 to 2. I know there is an overhaul with the interface, but as far as the GML itself, is there much difference? I believe that the cameras/views work differently in 2, so I'll study that first, but is there anything else that I should be...
  11. Reed

    Shaders [SOLVED] Undeclared Identifier / If-Logic Issue

    So, this feels like one of those situations where I'm missing something obvious, but I'm stumped. Would welcome any fresh eyes that want to take a look. I'm using GMS 1.4 on Windows if that's relevant. I'm writing a shader where I want to change some colors based on the HSB values of a mask...
  12. Cameron

    Legacy GM SOLVED:Documentation Offline

    Hi guys, I noticed today, for now at least, the online documentation is currently not available and it got me to wondering some things. 1) How long will the documentation be available online for and are there any plans to discontinue the online documentation now that GMS1.x has seen its sunset...
  13. T

     Pixel Explorer

    Hello! I'm working on a game (Pixel Explorer = temporary name). I have no idea what it's going to be or what its direction will be, I'm just working on it adding features almost every day. I've been working on it since 17/1/2019 and I'm about to devlog it on youtube by uploading one video by per...
  14. Let's Clone

    What classic game would you like to clone?

    Hey guys! My name is Steven French and I make clone tutorials on my YouTube channel. I have a heaps of fun making theses and I try to keep the code pretty simple for new developers to learn. But I have a question for y'all! Which classic titles would you be interested in seeing a tutorial...
  15. Y

    Discussion There's a way that I can get an license (free or not) of older GM version (nor GMS2)

    well I wanted to use make and distribute games with older versions of GMS because I couldn't get an older version from GMS when I could and upgrading to GMS2 by force is uncomfortable and sometime's discusting
  16. Luotigames

    Marketplace assets for 1.4

    Can I publish a new GMS 1.4 asset to marketplace? I keep on getting rejected while trying to manually publish one of my assets. Also I don't know where I can change my package ID on 1.4? Works like a charm on GMS 2.0.
  17. R

    Android BUILD FAILED, "Could not find play-services-tasks-license.aar"

    Hello guys, I'm trying to add a Google Play leaderboard in my game. I followed this tutorial and set up everything But now I'm getting this error when compiling the game: > Could not find play-services-tasks-license.aar ( Searched in...
  18. S

    Android [SOLVED] Game "has stopped" at startup

    I am using GM:S 1 Professional Edition 1.4.9999 and have a licensed Android module. I had compiled Android games before but now am not able to (granted, my laptop had previously crashed and I reinstalled GM:S all over again). Completed making an Android game and I can even compile it and...
  19. L

    http_get on HTML5 export

    Hello, I'm experiencing an issue trying to get http_get to work on HTML5 platform. When I export my project to desktop (Windows), everything works fine. Once the game is executed in html5 mode, no http_ requests are working. I've tried both running html5 version on a local webserver and...
  20. Y

    GML Help With Not Having Player Flickering With Transitioning Between Land and Water

    I am making a top-down game in Gamemaker: Studio 1.4 and I am having some trouble. In my game the player can move between land and water simply by just walking into/out of water. The code I have used works great for it as when the player collides with the object obj_WaterEvent they will switch...