1. David Richard

    GMS1.4 Lixensed Export Modules cannot be downloaded and installed

    As the title says. I tried to enter my licenses in GMS1 but I get an error. I can only enter my Pro License number but it does not take any other licenses. A have a game or 2 to update but without the Android export module, I cannot do much. Is there a way to get other export modules to...
  2. David Richard

    Free DaRic - Lost Explorer 2 (One of my GMS1 completed games)

    Download link ( I had created a first version before this one - Horrible graphics, no sounds. But, I had recieved a good comment concerning its nice learning curve so I chose to do a second one which I still find good even up to today's game...
  3. Ness Lutick

    Legacy GM GMS1.4 successfully acquires my license, but it doesn't work correctly.

    Basically, I logged in with my email and password, it acquired my license and prompted me to restart. I did so, and it reverted back to the login screen. I'm using Windows 7, and I was able to log in to the YoYo Games website from my browser. However, logging in through the client does not...
  4. KamilSeven

    GMC Forums User population: GMS1 or GMS2?

    Hello, dreamers! I was wondering if there are any statistics about which version got higher user count recently? Cheers!
  5. K


    For the entirety of the time I've been working on my current project, I have been having some issues the gravity, and slope collisions. The gravity of the game works fine as long as vertical speed has been increased beforehand, for example if the player jumps. If the player walks off the side of...
  6. T

    UWP Games for Xbox One using the UWP from GameMaker: Studio 1.4 possible?

    I was gonna buy/I might buy the GMS2 UWP export module to make games playable on Xbox One, but I realized have the UWP export module for GMS1. My Xbox is in another city (long story) so I can't easily test this right now. Does the UWP from GMS1 work for Xbox One ? EDIT: GMS 1.4.9999 (Can't...
  7. H

    Job Offer - Programmer Coder Needed = Physics Engine; Magus Effect

    Hello, I'm looking for a small snippet of code that I can not work out on my own. I'm working with GMS1 physics engine and am looking for a snippet that will emulate the Magnus Effect. pay is negotiable those interested, please respond for an idea of what I'm looking for I have a dropbox that...
  8. N

    Questions regarding moving from GM:S to GM:S2

    Hi everyone. First post here, but an important one for me. I am currently using GM: Studio pro to develop a side-scrolling platformer. And it has come to my attention that it is rather dated and I want my game to be compatible and reasonably "future proof". So I am seriously considering...
  9. G

    Question - IDE Adding GMS1 buttons in the IDE ?

    To create new sprite/objects/etc in GMS2 I have to right click in the workspace, then hover Ressources, and click Create new xxx. Is there a way to display "New Sprite/Object/Room" buttons as they were in the GMS1's toolbar ?
  10. D

    GML [Solved] Replacement for view_xview/view_yview (Obsolete Function)

    Hello, I needed help/advice about replacing view_xview/yview, Thanks for taking your time to read this, So here it is. In gm studio 1.x you can draw sprites that will follow flawlessly and automatically updates its position when you use views via view_xview/view_yview Old Method...
  11. G

    GML Room Help

    I've created a menu where there are 3 selections "Start" "Credits" and Quit". The problem here is when I go to room "Credits" I can't go back to the menu. I tried to change codes but doesn't work and I need your help. Here are the codes: switch(global.GameState) { //Controles en modo...
  12. J

    GMS 2 GameMaker no longer free!

    I am very surprised I see no other forum posts talking about this! Why did Yoyogames make GM 2's free edition way worse than GM 1's! This screws over so many people including myself. I teach a GameMaker course at my local CoderDojo, a place where people come and volunteer to teach kids how to...
  13. C

    Windows Game Maker Studio 1 - Windows is getting the display width and height incorrectly

    Hello everyone. I have a big problem now and this didn't happen before. I hope you can help me. I think GMS itself is the problem. When I create an executable of any game (on windows target), it not get the display height and width correctly anymore. This is a deal breaker for me because I cant...
  14. David Richard

    FREE GameMaker Studio Tool for GMS1 users (Download available)

    During my work with tiles in GMS, I soon realized that GMS1 had some missing tools for games designed with tiles. I decided to program, on the side, a GameMaker Studio Tool for tiles. The tool is REALLY simple and provides some very basic addons that GMS could have had if they would not have...
  15. T

    GMS 1 expiration date?

    Hello everyone! I've been working on this project for a few years, it will be finished sometime in 2019 (hopefully), and the question is: will GMS1 be still functional ? I would prefer not to migrate this project to GMS2. Thanks.
  16. Weastøne Entertainment

    Change collision depending on the sprite (GMS 1)

    Hi there! We are trying to change the collision of an object, depending on the sprite it is using. We want to use this as we have bullets that can move horitzontally and vertically. Our object uses physics and has a collision defined, in the physics properties "tab". It uses phy_bullet = true...