1. S

    Legacy GM [Solved]GMS engine bug.

    this has been SOLVED! I seem to have found a bug.. I am creating a UI engine for use with my RPG game. I am trying to make the system work like windows. the engine is structured like so... obj salui_controller: every step on mouse left press will search ALL UI elements and finds the one...
  2. RyanC

    Legacy GM Level Generator Makes Different Level on Android

    Hi all, Check this out, My level generator is making a completely different level depending on what platform I use. Any ideas how to fix this? examples: On Windows the first level looks like this. On Android the first level looks like this.
  3. RyanC

    Legacy GM Drawing Isometric Tiles to a Surface

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to optimize the map on my game to get a higher fps by drawing all the floor object sprites to one large surface instead of them all being drawn separately. Currently using depth = -y; My question is how would I go about retaining the depth for when the player walks...
  4. MilesThatch

    Legacy GM Blending Mode Combinations Comparison

    GM Version: GM Studio Target Platform: COMPARISON DEMO Download: Easy Comparison Demo for Blending Modes Links:NA Summary: I have found myself in need of using some advanced Blending Modes and I have had a bit of trouble understanding how they function. Especially the advanced usage of...
  5. R

    Repeat Function Not Working As Intended

    The commented code given below is part of a program that should make a single-lane road. It creates a grid and has a controller that moves through the grid, marking cells to be part of the road. As you can see in the output here: although it moves in a general 'up'...
  6. M

    Help with launching system

    Hello community. I would like to know how you could implement a system to launch and play this video. In this game, you slide your finger across the touchscreen and the ball goes to that address. I can even slide drawing a curve on the screen and the ball has the curvature. Here I leave an...
  7. jucarave

    3D Empty space when repeating texture GMS [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone (first post on this new forum), I'm having an issue while trying to apply a texture to a geometry in GMS I have a texture that is 32x128 (valid power of 2) with the option of "Used for 3D" but when I apply it to a geometry with repeat it doesn't get applied correctly: If I...
  8. T

    d3d_draw_floor Not Working Properly?

    Hey everybody! I'm trying so hard to figure out why d3d_draw_floor isn't drawing the floor texture I want. Instead, it draws/tiles every texture/sprite in the game as the floor/roof. I don't know why it's doing that and I can't fix it! Please help! MY TEXTURES FOR THE FLOOR/CEILING ARE 128x128...
  9. T

    Windows How to best handle instanced combat?

    Hello everyone! I am currently working on a project where I want to have instanced ocmbat when I i.e. make ocntact with an enemy obj, when combat is over, return to my old room, position and delete the instance of the enemy that I defeated. Any thought on how to do this? I tried using...
  10. Z

    Legacy GM No marketplace

    Hi. Did any one have problem with access to marketplace via GMS? BTW. remove all acc from old forum (not import it) is not nice. and 10 char pass xD U guy know U can have problems and leak even with that?
  11. I

    Problem with extension.

    As mentioned in a previous post, i was looking for a way to display Arabic in game maker : studio, fortunately user Bukmand linked me to this extension in the thread, i judged by the reviews that it worked just fine, but when i imported it to my project and launched it (without doing anything...
  12. Tirous

    Does audio leak?

    Hello lads =D Now tomorrow or the day after i am gonna be starting my next project, just in the planning stage for now, thus i thought now would be a good time to ask a question that's been bugging me for while now When you have two sounds playing, the profiler will sometimes show a small leap...
  13. emanuelsko

    Android Power Chicken

    Hi. I am pleased to present a game that I developed in GM Studio in my spare time. The game development began as a practice. For those interested, the game developed at 60 fps for everything more fluid. The gameplay is very simple. You have to touch the screen to "Power Chicken" jump. If...