1. N

    Game Play Services Error

    Hello, I have kind of a complicated problem. I have this error 'Game is having trouble with Google Play Services. If the problem persists, please contact the developer for further assistance' I checked debug mode, it said something about Account- Change- Wrong OAUTH -code
  2. S

    GMS 2 long Jap text not cut to new line

    Hi, I have problem with Japanese text. My English text work fine but Jp not cut to new line when it longer than length limit. Both texts use the same code. JP text use font_add to store .tff to global.variable when start game. I try to use this font to draw Eng, still no problem. Only draw...
  3. G_Sholar

    Android Double Bubble

    Double Bubble Control double bubble and do not touch the obstructions. Features: + Game of reaction (controlling bubbles is not easy, you need to balance on the brink). + Many bubble skins (soccer ball, ninja, flower, pizza, crystal). + Special missions and events (check your skills in special...
  4. Lord KJWilliams

    Assembler, GMS, and the issue of someone reverse engineering my game

    I used to have an old license of game maker 8 , that I got from yoyo games long ago - and at the time when it was around I remember there was a big issue on the forum, that the games it produced could be reversed engineered by someone to do something not intended. Now I have GMS 2, up to date...
  5. Freedom2Fight

    How much progress will I lose?

    Not sure if this is the right place. However, it is about game development. Mine, specifically. I'm relatively new to game dev. I spent a long time learning GML. GM Studio's GML. Knowing almost nothing about programming, I sought the help from a few kind GM users. With guidance from my...
  6. H

    Job Offer - Programmer Coder Needed = Physics Engine; Magus Effect

    Hello, I'm looking for a small snippet of code that I can not work out on my own. I'm working with GMS1 physics engine and am looking for a snippet that will emulate the Magnus Effect. pay is negotiable those interested, please respond for an idea of what I'm looking for I have a dropbox that...
  7. A

    Legacy GM (solved) gms android compile error

    Create started: 4:28:10 PM "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\gamemaker_studio\GMAssetCompiler.exe" /fU="C:\Users\acevi\AppData\Local\gm_ttt_86433\a34485.txt" /c /m=android /config="Default" /tgt=8 /obob=True /obpp=False /obru=True /obes=False /i=3 /j=6 /cvm /tp=1024 /mv=1 /iv=0...
  8. E

    Windows gms2 runner is open in task manager, but not on desktop or taskbar.

    If anyone can help me fix this im all ears Things ive tried: - Using older runtime. - Switching to newest runtime. - Deleting the runtime folder in ProgramData - changing the port the debugger uses. - giving all gms2 related applications all permissions and giving them admin access. -...
  9. H

    Moddable game in GMS

    Hi, lastly I considered making a moddable game in my favorite GMS <3 I saw that GameMaker is not easy with that There are functions like sprite_add() and background_add() But execute_string() and execute_file() are no longer here from GM8(I haven't used it) I see some awesome guy made a parser...
  10. Lakko

    GMS 2 [Solved] Problem with collision and alarm

    Hi, i'm having trouble with collision and alarm... in my game i have an asteroid that if it collide with earth you lose. i want to retard the transition to the gameover room my code: obj_asteroid COLLISION EVENT with obj_earth if (global.vibration_on == 1) { if (vibrator) {...
  11. tamation

    Static Screen Shake

    Hey all, I've got a room in my game where the dimension is 128x72. The view in that room is also 128x72, how would I get a screen shake effect that can trigger in this space, going outside the view of the room to create the effect?
  12. I

     YOYO please fix timelines!

    Currently, timeline is easiest, most logical way to detect a moment in time, and triggers even if it's passed (timeline_speed is above 1). Which is super useful if you're implementing something like time compression in your game, generating schedules for NPC's or whatever. But! Timelines, in...
  13. N

    Android Enter The Portal If You Can

    I launched an Android game made with a game maker. My game is a very difficult platform escape the room game. Thank you for watching. ps / Thank you for "openpixelproject" team. thanks. Store Description: ★ Platform escape the room game ★ No rules. ★ No patterns. ★ Do everything possible. ★ If...
  14. tamation

    [SOLVED] Simple enemy homing

    Hey all, I'm currently trying to program homing bullets for my game. There's a weapon the player gets late in the game that has bullets that home in on all enemies. Ideally, I'd like to be able to use move_towards_point to send the bullet towards the nearest instance of any enemy in the game. I...
  15. P

    Legacy GM Move object over the water

    ENGLISH: Good afternoon everyone! :cool: My question is: I have an shark object (obj_shark) and I want make it move only when it's above the water object (obj_water). That is, I have a lot of water objects in the room, located next to each other that make up a lake, and the shark should only...
  16. Zhanghua

    GMS 2 Room Persistent Doesn't record the object Postion?

    I use the RPG Engine in GMS2 As title said, An object in a persistent room doesn't record its self-postion, while I go outside and go back again, the postion will be reset originally.
  17. S

    Legacy GM surfaces are blurry and transparent

    when I draw my sprites to the surface, they come out blurry, how can I stop this? In the screenshot, you can see how the characters are blurry, but the walls, which are also drawn to the same surface are fine. As I move the characters, their clarity can improve or...
  18. S

    surfaces drawing help

    if I know the x and y coordinates of what I'm drawing how do I draw it to a surface which is positioned at the top right of the view, and it's width and length are the same as the views? It works if I make the surface at 0,0 and the size of the room, but this makes the fps drop by ALOT. When I...
  19. Cloaked Games

    Windows Code Editor Bug

    IDE v2.1.0.212 I have experienced a bug where my enter key will not input anything. I can still type on the lines, just not add new lines. If I try to paste something in, it will freeze, and the code will not accept any input from the mouse or the keyboard. I can however still click to a...
  20. B

    Discussion Thing's that need to be addressed in GMS: 2 (Opinion)

    Hey guys, I've loved using Gamemaker for a fair few years now because it made developing for multiple platforms very very easy. But, there are some things that I feel really should be addressed when it comes to GMS. 1. Don't add things that aren't multi platform supported (EG...