1. kirthy

    Job Offer - Programmer Lead Programmer needed for a CCG game developed in GameMaker Studio 2.3

    We are seeking an experienced game GMS programmer to continue developing our digital CCG game and lead our coding team. The project heavily uses 2.3+ GML and more OOP-style code. We are looking to hire a fulltime lead programmer, highly experienced in GML and OOP, to create new systems for the...
  2. Lord KJWilliams

     An idea for a future GMS audio feature : Using VST sound effects with audio emitters in rooms

    ( I had to re-write this three times here on this forum, so forgive me if I am leaving out certain details... ) So, I have an idea for a upgrade or separate license for GMS, which is the idea of allowing the use of VST effects ( e.g. in the same manner that LMMS uses it's sound effects ...
  3. I

    GMS 2 how to follow the camera?

    I want to look for a way to track the view, I thought with camera_get_view_x(view_camera[0]) I did, but in that method, there is an inperfection: so I was wondering: will there be a way to track the view perfectly?
  4. E

    GMS 2.3+ Objects not meeting

    Hello, I'm still discovering GMS, and I keep having issues, and questions about some behavior. 😅 Here is what brings me this time : The script in the left is used by the tree, and the Object1 is that character. Because I think it's hugely link, I add that i put "depth = -y" in both of the...
  5. Coded Games

    SOLVED Building to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5

    Has anyone been able to build to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5? I just updated Xcode and have not been able to get my game to build. Here are the errors in Xcode: The main one being "invalid reuse after initialization failure". The GMS console does not have any noticeable error messages other than...
  6. B

    GMS 2.3+ Particles going in and out of rooms

    I started trying to understand particles and I pretty much was able to understand step by step. Although this may be the case, I (of course) had a small problem. In my game, one room would have a snow particle, when I go into the next one, I don't want to have the snow particle, yet it still is...
  7. S

    GML How i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room?

    Hello all. I were thinking about creating and saving (in hdd or etc) a variable for every instance of an object in one room. i have thought about using of id or instance_id but i couldn't make it working. So how i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room? For...
  8. J

    GMS 2.3+ Is my graphics card good enough?

    I'm new to programming/coding, and am unsure whether my laptop's graphics card will handle any of the high-end graphics for GameMaker. My graphics card information is attached to this thread. I would appreciate it if I knew more about this, recommendations for better graphics cards, etc. I would...
  9. Gorshalox

    GMS 2 Animation of Jump and Fall

    I'm making 2d platformer and i don't know how to make animation of Jump n Fall. I've 2 sprites of Jump n 2 sprites of Fall
  10. O

    Android Can't build for Android

    Hello guys, i buyed GMS2 for Android and Installed the SDK, NDK and JDK. All seems to be Right but i just can't build the game for Android. I Always get "Build Failed" message on my log. Saving project to: C:\Users\Jerome\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Testgame\Testgame.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z...
  11. Gorshalox

    Climb on ladders

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language,how i can make the climb on ladders
  12. O

    Android http_get return 0 and the returned string have IOException as value

    hello all I'm trying to find solution for this problem i have http_get request to php page that will do some database job and return some info. the code works fine on some devices but on other devices it return 0; and ds_map_find_value(async_load, "result"); have the value IOException this is...
  13. kureoni

    Windows GMS2 2.2.5 just won't open

    I double click on the icon to open it, it shows up on the processes tab on the task manager but after a while the process desappear . I tried to reinstall, desable the firewall, antivirus, but nothing works, I downloaded an obsolete version of it (2.2.2) and it does open, but I can't use it...
  14. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Commands in the computer background?

    Okay so here is what I am trying to do. I'm developing some "software" that does things when I hit various common commands. CTRL+S for example to save a file. So What I want to achieve is have GMS react or know when I hit CTRL+S in Photoshop for example. With the software running (just in a...
  15. D

    Moving Platforms in GMS ? [Solved]

    I really need help with my project. Hopefully some of you can help me. I need moving Platforms in my game, but always get bugs and my Player stucks in it. Step Event obj_Player: /// Movement //Gamepad! if(t==0){ //Nur für die Tür Ani damit der Player an der Stelle bleibt ...
  16. Rare Truffle

    GMS 2 Multiple Object collision possible?

    Hey yo! I've searched through the forum but couldnt quite find a fitting solution for my problem. I hope one of yall can help me: I am making a simple 2D Platformer on GMS 2. I wrote a code, so if the player gets near "Obj_Block_1" the Player collides with the Object. In other terms it becomes...
  17. N

    GMS 2 Problem with enemy spawning (Tower Defense)

    Hi! few days ago i started learning making games with game maker studio 2 and now i have problem, after a 20 waves (with spawn_rate -=2.5; ) the enemies spawning too thickly. (image) (with another spawn_rate also they spawning too thickly but in another wave, for exaple in 50/60 wave) after 24...
  18. tamation

    See if a string contains a substring from a set of words

    I have a ds_list full of words I want to check for, I know that you can use string_count to see if a certain substring appears in a string, but is there a way to set it up so that I can check for if any phrases in the ds_list appears in the string without manually checking each one individually?
  19. tamation

    Remove last character from a string

    I'm really struggling with setting typing limitations right now. Ideally I'd like to have it so that once the player's keyboard_string exceeds a width of 248 pixels, they can't type anything else to add to the string until some characters have been removed. I couldn't figure out how to stop...
  20. U

    Can't Compile to android GMS 1.4

    hey i triying to compile my game to android but i can't because of this error: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':com.unorg.projectozone'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':com.unorg.projectozone:_debugCompile'. > Could not resolve...