1. E

    GMS 2.3+ Objects not meeting

    Hello, I'm still discovering GMS, and I keep having issues, and questions about some behavior. 😅 Here is what brings me this time : The script in the left is used by the tree, and the Object1 is that character. Because I think it's hugely link, I add that i put "depth = -y" in both of the...
  2. Coded Games

    SOLVED Building to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5

    Has anyone been able to build to iOS 14 with GMS 2.2.5? I just updated Xcode and have not been able to get my game to build. Here are the errors in Xcode: The main one being "invalid reuse after initialization failure". The GMS console does not have any noticeable error messages other than...
  3. B

    GMS 2.3+ Particles going in and out of rooms

    I started trying to understand particles and I pretty much was able to understand step by step. Although this may be the case, I (of course) had a small problem. In my game, one room would have a snow particle, when I go into the next one, I don't want to have the snow particle, yet it still is...
  4. S

    GML How i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room?

    Hello all. I were thinking about creating and saving (in hdd or etc) a variable for every instance of an object in one room. i have thought about using of id or instance_id but i couldn't make it working. So how i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room? For...
  5. J

    GMS 2.3+ Is my graphics card good enough?

    I'm new to programming/coding, and am unsure whether my laptop's graphics card will handle any of the high-end graphics for GameMaker. My graphics card information is attached to this thread. I would appreciate it if I knew more about this, recommendations for better graphics cards, etc. I would...
  6. Gorshalox

    GMS 2 Animation of Jump and Fall

    I'm making 2d platformer and i don't know how to make animation of Jump n Fall. I've 2 sprites of Jump n 2 sprites of Fall
  7. O

    Android Can't build for Android

    Hello guys, i buyed GMS2 for Android and Installed the SDK, NDK and JDK. All seems to be Right but i just can't build the game for Android. I Always get "Build Failed" message on my log. Saving project to: C:\Users\Jerome\Documents\GameMakerStudio2\Testgame\Testgame.yyp "cmd" /c subst Z...
  8. Gorshalox

    Climb on ladders

    I'm making 2d platformer in GMS Language,how i can make the climb on ladders
  9. O

    Android http_get return 0 and the returned string have IOException as value

    hello all I'm trying to find solution for this problem i have http_get request to php page that will do some database job and return some info. the code works fine on some devices but on other devices it return 0; and ds_map_find_value(async_load, "result"); have the value IOException this is...
  10. kureoni

    Windows GMS2 2.2.5 just won't open

    I double click on the icon to open it, it shows up on the processes tab on the task manager but after a while the process desappear . I tried to reinstall, desable the firewall, antivirus, but nothing works, I downloaded an obsolete version of it (2.2.2) and it does open, but I can't use it...
  11. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Commands in the computer background?

    Okay so here is what I am trying to do. I'm developing some "software" that does things when I hit various common commands. CTRL+S for example to save a file. So What I want to achieve is have GMS react or know when I hit CTRL+S in Photoshop for example. With the software running (just in a...
  12. D

    Moving Platforms in GMS ? [Solved]

    I really need help with my project. Hopefully some of you can help me. I need moving Platforms in my game, but always get bugs and my Player stucks in it. Step Event obj_Player: /// Movement //Gamepad! if(t==0){ //Nur für die Tür Ani damit der Player an der Stelle bleibt ...
  13. Rare Truffle

    GMS 2 Multiple Object collision possible?

    Hey yo! I've searched through the forum but couldnt quite find a fitting solution for my problem. I hope one of yall can help me: I am making a simple 2D Platformer on GMS 2. I wrote a code, so if the player gets near "Obj_Block_1" the Player collides with the Object. In other terms it becomes...
  14. N

    GMS 2 Problem with enemy spawning (Tower Defense)

    Hi! few days ago i started learning making games with game maker studio 2 and now i have problem, after a 20 waves (with spawn_rate -=2.5; ) the enemies spawning too thickly. (image) (with another spawn_rate also they spawning too thickly but in another wave, for exaple in 50/60 wave) after 24...
  15. tamation

    See if a string contains a substring from a set of words

    I have a ds_list full of words I want to check for, I know that you can use string_count to see if a certain substring appears in a string, but is there a way to set it up so that I can check for if any phrases in the ds_list appears in the string without manually checking each one individually?
  16. tamation

    Remove last character from a string

    I'm really struggling with setting typing limitations right now. Ideally I'd like to have it so that once the player's keyboard_string exceeds a width of 248 pixels, they can't type anything else to add to the string until some characters have been removed. I couldn't figure out how to stop...
  17. U

    Can't Compile to android GMS 1.4

    hey i triying to compile my game to android but i can't because of this error: * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':com.unorg.projectozone'. > Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':com.unorg.projectozone:_debugCompile'. > Could not resolve...
  18. AlexDerFerri

    GML How to create Game of Life in GMS1.4 / GMS2

    CONWAY'S GAME OF LIFE algorithm in GML GM Version: Studio 1.4 / 2 Target Platform: All Download: see code below Summary: A nice Game of Life algorithm using GML. This method uses the GML data structure called ds_grid to make the algorithm run faster. We will make two grids: one for the real...
  19. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Expressions inside a variable

    Im trying to ease in the alpha of a rectangle I drew to the screen. It draws fine of course. Just cant get my brain around how to ease in the alpha. I know how to set the actual script for easing and i have that. It just doesnt animate. Which makes me think you cant do it how I am doing it. Im...
  20. Divinik

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] New Update Broke Depth System

    I have a depth system based off of FriendlyCosmonaut's tutorial, and my implementation of it was working perfectly until the newest GMS2 update. So every object affected by the system is a child of the object par_depthObject. Here is the code for the depth handler object var dgrid =...