gms 2.3

  1. matharoo

    GMS 2.3+ GameMaker 2.3+ Turn-Based RPG Series (...In Development)

    GM Version: 2.3+ Target Platform: All Summary: This is my free Turn-Based RPG series, currently in development. Hoping to upload a new part each week. Playlist: PART 1 - TILES & AUTO-TILING:
  2. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Middle click in the code is not opening the online Manual... 🤔

    Middle-click is no longer opening the manual, it happened all of a sudden, I don't remember touching anything in the settings. I tried to press F1 or F12 and it doesn't work either. I also tried restarting the IDE and nothing... Note, this happens with any built-in function, like draw_text...
  3. E

    SOLVED [GML]Need help with collision and arrays please

    my main question is I am unsure what i did wrong everything works for the most part but i want the character to get knockbacked to either the left or the right depending on the direction they are facing here is my code if(collision_point(obj_damage.x,obj_damage.y,obj_damage,false,false)) {...
  4. -TheKidd-

    GMS 2.3+ "Lens" Effect on GameMaker

    Hi, I've been searching for days the code to make a "lens" effect on GameMaker but i still can't figure it out. So i'm wondering if it is actually possible. Here is an example of the result i want: And if it is possible, i want the camera to move on the...
  5. Evan Kinsler

     My Room Manager is not working the way I want it to.

    So when I run my game, the first room that loads up is not the the first room I want to load up. It shows a blank screen that shows no order of rooms. Whenever I try and drag rooms into the order manager, nothing happens; nothing pops up. Same thing with the asset browser itself. Whenever I try...
  6. M

    GMS 2.3+ Enemy spawner not working

    H,i i'm making a 2d Shoot 'em Up game and i wanted to make a spawner using a script instead of handwritining every single enemy using an object, so i wrote this: function EnemySpawn(_EnemyType, _SpawnDelay, _EnemyCount) { _SpawnDelay -= 1; if ( _SpawnDelay = 0) and ( _EnemyCount > 0)...
  7. C

    SOLVED Collision checks in local variables executes slower?

    Hello! I found something interesting while messing around with my code. Here it is, clearly following one of Shaun Spaulding's tutorials: In the Step Event: #region//set controls key_left = (keyboard_check(vk_left)) || (keyboard_check(ord("A"))); key_right = (keyboard_check(vk_right)) ||...
  8. Marko03970

    SOLVED IDE crashing for some projects

    Hello, I have a problem with Game Maker Studio 2.3+ IDE. I used to work on a project for a long time (since Game Maker Studio 1.x) and I didn't get this problem before. Everything was working well, but then, when I tried to compile the game, in the output window I got this message "Process is...
  9. M

    Go To Room don't target the right room

    Hi guys, this is my first try to create a game and my first post, so I'm a total newbie. I have a silly problem but I can't understand how to solve it. I'm using Drag and drop. Very simple: I create a sprite for a button and then an object. The only event of the object is mouse ---> left down...
  10. S

    GMS 2.3+ Bug, some folder colors are not saved

    I'm not sure how to reproduce this. But i have my project, and used to new features to color code some folders. Like so. But everytime i save and open the project again, it ends up like so?? For whatever reason, some folders...
  11. meltypixel

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 YYC Mac build Xcode error: Unknown type name 'var'

    I recently upgraded to GMS 2.3, and I'm running a separate install of the beta just in case I needed to roll back easily. I'm attempting to export with YYC, but I'm getting an Xcode error: Unknown type name 'var' in the very first piece of code that the game attempts to compile. This game...
  12. B

    GMS 2.3+ Particles going in and out of rooms

    I started trying to understand particles and I pretty much was able to understand step by step. Although this may be the case, I (of course) had a small problem. In my game, one room would have a snow particle, when I go into the next one, I don't want to have the snow particle, yet it still is...
  13. Mehdi

    GMS 2.3+ Retrieve data from a sequence

    Hi everyone, As you may know in Game maker Studio 2.3 there is the fantastic feature of sequence. It's very easy to create a fresh sequence and add a sprite into it and then animating it. But what I need is to get the data of the sequence and apply that to an object instance. For example...
  14. chabi

    GMS 2.3+ Convert script to GMS 2.3+ script

    How can i write and convert old script to gms 2.3+
  15. S

    GMS 2.3+ Game Maker Studio 2.3 Outside room color Not working!!!

    Hello. In our game, we have default outside the room color. It was working in previous versions, but after update it's no longer working. It draws black color outside the room. How can we fix it?
  16. Z

    GMS 2.3+ My thoughts on 2.3

    I've been trying 2.3 here, checking a ton of stuff in my project. My impression is that sadly, I won't be using 2.3. This is not a true update to 2.2.5, but rather a new type of GMS that incorporates a lot of 2.2.5 but breaks a lot of it. Its something more like a 3.0 with new features rather...
  17. F

    Question - IDE Can't install GMS 2.3 mobile

    I got my mobile license and when it tries to install on GMS 2.3 it keeps showing error at the end of installation. It did work before I got GMS mobile and there is no problem with GMS 2, I happened only to 2.3 version.
  18. FrostyCat

    Asset - Scripts Request Master: A new era for HTTP requests in GMS 2.3+

    Request Master Bringing out the true potential of http_request() since 2020 Overview This library for GMS 2.3+ provides a set of extensions for easily encoding, decoding, and sending HTTP requests. The encoding tools support application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data and...