gms 2.3+

  1. M

    GMS 2.3+ Animation end on a script?

    Hello im making a 2D platformer game (a Mario clone to be exact) and use scripts to make the player move, change sprite etc. I have a variable named powerUp that changes from 0 to 1 when i pick up a power up item/entity. When powerUp variable is set to 1 and the player hasn't got a power up...
  2. M

    GMS 2.3+ Collision with multiple objects

    Hi, I'm making a 2d platformer game, and i have different objects for walls, floors and boxes. I was wondering if i have to rewrite everything i did for walls and change the oWall to oBox, or is there an easier way to do that? Here's the code I used to make the player stop if they collide with...
  3. M

    GMS 2.3+ Enemy spawner not working

    H,i i'm making a 2d Shoot 'em Up game and i wanted to make a spawner using a script instead of handwritining every single enemy using an object, so i wrote this: function EnemySpawn(_EnemyType, _SpawnDelay, _EnemyCount) { _SpawnDelay -= 1; if ( _SpawnDelay = 0) and ( _EnemyCount > 0)...
  4. M

    GMS 2.3+ How can i create a random number between 0 and 180?

    How can i choose a random y level between 0 and 180? I really don't know how to do this and i couldn't find anything on the internet. I'm using latest GMS 2.
  5. Aaron Craig

    GMS 2.3+ Using json parse returns the values in different orders from time to time

    I'm working on a card game and have created a json file to import all the card details. The problem is the parsed json changes the order it comes in, seemingly at random. It seems like if I add any extra code into my project, anywhere, it may change it. It only seems to alternate between two...
  6. D

    SOLVED Problem with unknow variable

    I've a object o_enemy and in create event i wrote this type = 0; hp = grid_type.typegr [# 0, type]; mov = grid_type.typegr [# 0, type]; dmg = grid_type.typegr [# 0, type]; in create event of object grid_type i wrote this typegr = ds_grid_create(3,2); // type 1 typegr [# 0,0] = 3; // hp...
  7. incomingjeff

    Mac OSX macOS always compiles to VM

    This is a very strange issue I've started having - every time I try to build for macOS and YYC, it seems to work - but when I launch the finished app, it's the Runner version. I suspected when I saw the default splash screen, then verified this by executing via terminal - the output starts with...
  8. B

    SOLVED Script cannot use function/script name for a variable - Enum Script Asset Name Collision

    So I ran into a problem today that caused me a bit of a headache and I am hoping I can save someone else the trouble I ran into using version of game maker. The Code: enum EventType { InstanceCreated, } global.EventNameMap = ds_map_create(); var names = global.EventNameMap; //No...
  9. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED How to get many values from 3d array? (or multi?)

    Hello! First time trying to use 3D arrays, it may seem a little stupid but you learn by making mistakes. šŸ˜… I have this situation: array[0][spr_sprite][2] = "Text 1"; // [index] [sprite] [sprite_subimage] = "Text"; array[1][spr_sprite][3] = "Text 2"; array[2][spr_sprite][4] = "Text 3"...
  10. WanSou

    GMS 2.3+ How to keep a window always on top ?

    Heyo, im trying to make an "indicator" for games And to do that, i need to make the game instance to stay on top of other windows The same exact thing that is used for example in task manager, when u go to the task manager > settings (top left corner) > always on top it just stays on top, even...
  11. KyleRansford

    GMS 2.3+ Solved Help with understanding error type

    Hello, everyone, I've actually upgraded to GMS 2.3.1 and for the most part, everything is working well. But, when I imported a project I was working on in 2.2, it was working well, but, since importing it into GMS 2.3.1, some aspects of the game don't work like they should. For instance, the...
  12. 0xEFF

    GMS 2.3+ http_request dropping Cookie header

    Runtime: IDE: OS: Windows 10 Given the following code with 'cookie' as a variable containing several cookies in a string with the format "foo=something; bar=something;", GMS completely drops the Cookie header from the GET request, which I've verified with wireshark. This...
  13. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Slight problem with panning camera.

    Now the problem here is that I have the camera panning when obj_player reaches the very edge of the camera. What I was expecting was the camera starting to pan when obj_player reaches the VERY MIDDLE of the screen, and when the camera reaches the edge of a room, obj_player will move to a...
  14. G

    Parent error, Space Mods tutorial

    Hello everyone, I am currently following the "space mods" tutorial series. At the moment i'm at the "Space Mods - GML - Enemy Factions (2/3) - GameMaker Studio 2" section. Here exactly : I have a little problem, when I try to shot, my ship freezes and what I shot stays in place. The...
  15. U

    GMS 2.3+ Project Unable to Draw Any Sprites

    Hey, I was having issues with my tileset not drawing, so I cleaned the project. The next time I ran it I was met with a bunch of 'Failed to load image' / 'could not open file' errors. The project no longer draws any sprites (even new ones). I've checked in the .yyp and all of the paths are...
  16. Bonzo

    Need Help assigning Structs to List Position

    I am following a Coding Train tutorial on youtube but I'm not allowed to link it here I am looking into basic linear regression. I decided to represent each point with an array, and assign the array to a struct with an x and y value. I have done similar things in previous projects, but when I...