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gms 2

  1. Evan Kinsler

    Design Is there a way to manipulate a selected group of tiles in a room?

    I know there is a tool to select a group of tiles in the room editor, but how specifically do you specifically take that selected group and move it to a different place in the room?
  2. Evan Kinsler

    Design Is there a way to manipulate the size of a room while anchoring the before state?

    If anyone is familiar to Paint.net, there is a way to anchor your image and have the area where the image will be increased being whitespace, completely ignoring your work. This is what I am talking about. Is there anything similar to this feature in GMS (the specific version of GMS...
  3. M

    Question - D&D Scripts keep disappearing

    Hello everyone, Huge newbie here, literally just started today so please, talk to me like I'm stupid so I understand :D I've been following Slyddar's tutorials on Youtube to make a game on GameMaker and, at some point, it is recommended to cut/paste your lines of code you've written in your...
  4. Luquemeister

    How to Create a gui layer?

    Hello every one!! I'm trying to create a GUI layer but I didn't find any tutorial or documentation easy to understand for begginers, I watched a few times the video of @Pixelated_Pope where he explain for more advanced user how to implement a GUI layer where you can change your aspect ratios, I...
  5. A

    SOLVED Instances not showing up in my game

    I recently began a new gms2 project. I did the beginning stuff (made basic sprites, a player object, etc.) but when I went to run the game, nothing showed up. I made a game object to draw a gui and that worked fine (and removing that didn't fix anything), but the player doesn't appear. Using...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED PATHS: Get hspeed and vspeed of an instance ??

    Hello, I'm trying to acquire the vertical and horizontal speed of an instance in which is using a path, but apparently there is no way to do it... I just did this: CREATE EVENT: my_path = -1; alarm[0] = 2; STEP EVENT: // hspeed and vspeed hsp = x - xprevious; vsp = y - yprevious; ALARM 0...
  7. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Why use "static function()" inside a struct function??

    I tried to look in the manual but I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, it's because I'm using structs and I ended up in a situation where I need to use one function inside the other, but I saw people using static, but I don't know what the function is, I click on the function and it doesn't...
  8. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer Hiring Python/GML Programmer for TCP Network Holepunching

    Hi there, looking to expand my games multiplayer capabilities... getting into holepunching... I was able to get UDP holepunching to work but was too unreliable for what I want... Looking for someone to make Python master server that can holepunch GM clients to GM servers... with TCP... PM me or...
  9. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Shaders Realtime Gaussian Blur Shader & Pause Menu (GMS 1.4+ and GMS 2.3+)

    With only 1 shader it is possible to make the blur effect realtime, it is a Gaussian effect and does not use two pass blur. With the other shader, it is possible to have more control and several settings (suitable for the Pause Menu). All code is fully customizable, and fully commented...
  10. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ window_set_showborder() alternatives???

    Unfortunately this function has been obsolete for a long time, but does it exist or does anyone know of a DLL maybe that can do that? If this solution is not possible, how would I go about maximizing the window size to fit the screen and not cover the taskbar? I don't want to use it in full...
  11. N

    Question - IDE Choosing number of frames for tiles

    When creating an tileset and opening the animated tiles option, why does it only let me choose either 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 frames? What if I want to create a tile with 6 frames? Why can't I just type in the number of frames, it doesn't let you, is there any way around this please?
  12. FoxyOfJungle

    Windows GMS 2.3 Crashed the Video Card unexpectedly!

    I was using the Game Maker Studio 2.3 normally and I went to minimize and out of nowhere there was a memory lake on the video card that made the video card stop working and then go back, after that GMS 2.3 started to suck all RAM and use the disc and then stopped, I had to close forced and I...
  13. S

    GMS 2.3+ Game crashing at start when compiled to YYC.

    With version 2.3+ (not beta) I'm getting strange error at game start. OS : Windows 7 64x SP1. Game maker version: IDE, Runtime ############################################################################################ ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object...
  14. Y

    Tile Collisions, how can I improve on this

    function onGround() { //grab the layer id var lay_id = layer_get_id("Tiles_1") //grab the tile set id var map_id = layer_tilemap_get_id(lay_id) var grounded = tilemap_get_at_pixel(map_id,x,bbox_bottom+vel_y) var onWall =...
  15. N

    SOLVED Sprite draw order depending on y variable?

    Hello I'm doing a top down rpg and while the characters' collisions are 16x16, the sprites are 16x24 Basically this means that characters or objects should appear layered in front of the ones above and behind the ones below at all times, but I don't know how to do that because objects seem to be...
  16. G

    Negative Layer Depths not drawing? [GMS2]

    So I have a room with multiple layers and I recently changed some layer depths causing the layers above to get negative depths. I did not think this would be a problem but for some reason, the layers with negative depths are not drawing in the room. I thought you could have negative depths...
  17. J

    Gamemaker Studio 2.3 desktop Surface Pro 7

    I've been planning to get a new computer for Gamemaker Studio 2.3 Desktop, and Surface Pro 7 seemed like the best fit. But, I couldn't find anything that confirmed that it can be used on a Surface Pro 7. Can someone please tell me if it is?
  18. N

    Graphics Vector Graphics for GMS 2

    Hello. I’m making a video game that’s near completion in terms of programming. It’s a 2D side scroller. My grandma is a graphic designer and says she’ll make the graphics for free. The thing is, she would prefer the game have Vectors instead of the more conventional Pixel graphics. She’s...
  19. T

    Best Practices for State Machines? (Opinion)

    First time posting to the Game Maker forums. I would like to ask a question more about general practices than a specific issue: when making a platformer, how general or broad should a state machine be? Should it be as specific as every action the player can take (walking, jumping, falling, etc.)...
  20. H

    GMS 2.3+ Super Simple Depth Sorting

    GM Version: GMS 2.3+ Target Platform: All Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hl5weo10e94j3k2/EasyDepthSolution.yyz?dl=0 Summary: I'm sure you've heard about the z-tilting technique. If you haven't you can find it here. While that technique is solid, I'd like to share my much simpler solution...