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  1. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Could anyone give me some insights on how to get the position of a text?

    Hello! I'm making a text editor in GML (for Utiki), and I need to color the text. I'm wanting to do this via shader (as it's much lighter than using many draw_text and draw_set_color. Scribble would not be an option too): I want to color the text using the fragment's position, which is based...
  2. Geners

    SOLVED Rotating objects around a center point

    So I am creating a card game and I want the cards to be in an arc-like a real hand would be, and I got it working, but it didn't act like I expected and I want to figure out why. I made a testing project to demonstrate my issue. Note: All of the objects here have an origin in the center...
  3. M

    asset_get_index Bug?

    Hi guys! somehow the command "asset_get_index" doesn't always work correctly... i don't know why. It sometimes returns -1 although the sprite exists in the asset-browser: can you help me? kind regards mX273
  4. Vintendi

    GMS 2.3+ GMS2 MSCVCR110.dll was not found

    I just got a new pc with windows 11. I'm unable to run any game with shaders because I receive the error "The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCR110.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this issue". I tried reinstalling but it did not fix the issue. Most comments suggest...
  5. Zero People Games

    A fast-paced but turn-based game?

    How do I make a fast-paced but turn-based game in game maker studio 2? Similar to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake tactical mode, and this Does anyone know how to do this???
  6. Zero People Games

    A fast-paced but turn-based game?

    How do I make a fast-paced but turn-based game in game maker studio 2? Similar to the Final Fantasy 7 Remake tactical mode, and this
  7. gdkid

    GMS 2.3+ Game Crashes on Opera GX

    Hi guys I update GMS to the latest version, and tried to test some old projects on OperaGX. However, the game keeps crashing on OperaGX (while it's running properly on other platforms like Windows or Android) Here's what the console shows *************************************** * YoYo Games...
  8. D

    Does mp_potentiel_path_object work on a tile index

    I made this command unfotunately it doesnt seems to understand the obj as a final argument but it doesnt send an error so it might work and i made a mistake or it absolutely doesnt and im screwed... if (mouse_check_button_released(mb_left)) { state = states.walking...
  9. SgtMoose151996

    GMS 2.3+ 1-button GIF Recording

    I have implemented an object for recording and saving GIFs during gameplay (with the help of Shaun Spalding's tutorial). The code in the Post Draw event is shown below. /// @description Record GIF key_record = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_tab) || gamepad_button_check_pressed(0,gp_select) ||...
  10. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED All my GMS 2.3.3 licenses are gone from DASHBOARD!!! 😱😰

    Hi. I was using Game Maker Studio 2 normally today and went to login to the YoYo Games website and when I went to check it, all my permanent licenses were just gone! I had the Mobile, Desktop, and Web module... Screenshot taken before I logged out: All purchased from STEAM: Detail: My...
  11. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Passing global variables to variable definitions?

    Hi, Is there no way to pass global variables using "Variable definitions" of an object? I defined particle_system_index and particle_index: I put the variable here but it doesn't seem to recognize it... I've tried switching to all types there in the selection but it doesn't work. When...
  12. TheRudolfGaming

    SOLVED Multiroom collision detection.

    Hiya! o/ Haven't encountered a bug this time, more brainstorming and seeing if I could get some advice or get nudged in the right direction. Essentially, So currently I am making a 4 player multiplayer game where the players will be able to move between different rooms. And by that I don't...
  13. D

    iOS Can't build with iOS.

    I'm sorry for my poor English, but please help me. I created a new project and tried to build iOS without creating any objects. I followed the URL below and completed all the steps and tried to build it. Most of the...
  14. FoxyOfJungle

    HTML5 Is it worth buying the HTML 5 module for web export? 🤔

    I am looking to buy the web export module in order to export a specific game that would be for Android, is it worth it? I know that there are some incompatibility issues on this platform, I would like you who have used it to give me feedback on what problems you had, if was needed to disabled...
  15. M

    SOLVED [Networking] Making a not local multiplayer game

    I have watched 2 tutorial series about networking. One wasn't that good, but the other was really in-depth. So I have a basic understanding about networking. But one thing wasn't mentioned in either of the series. How do you make it truly online? My project works just fine if the server and...
  16. CodET

    SOLVED Selecting an object with mouse

    If clicking on the object I want to select the object. For this, I check whether the object is clicked or not, and make the selected variable the opposite of its current state (selected =! selected). And if it is selected, I outline the object in draw GUI. The moment I click on the object...
  17. P

    Windows Help It wont let me download GMS 2

    Hi, I am new to this forum and forums in general. I bought GMS 2 (99$ forever version) probably a year ago and haven't been having any issues until recently with a new windows update. I do not have the app anymore (like it is not anywhere on my computer) and when I try to download the newest...
  18. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ Camera panning works horizontally but not Vertically.

    Now, I know that there is a way to make the camera move only when you reach the middle of the screen or the edge of a room's dimensions. My setup does half of that. It stops panning when it reaches a room's borders but it pans when Frisk reaches the end of the screen, not the middle of the...
  19. Evan Kinsler

    Design Is there a way to manipulate a selected group of tiles in a room?

    I know there is a tool to select a group of tiles in the room editor, but how specifically do you specifically take that selected group and move it to a different place in the room?
  20. Evan Kinsler

    Design Is there a way to manipulate the size of a room while anchoring the before state?

    If anyone is familiar to, there is a way to anchor your image and have the area where the image will be increased being whitespace, completely ignoring your work. This is what I am talking about. Is there anything similar to this feature in GMS (the specific version of GMS...