gm:s 1.4

  1. Champol

    Legacy GM In how many computers can I use my GM:S 1.4 licences?

    Hi, I would like to ask a question, in case you know the answer. I have two licences of GM:S Professional associated to my account, which I got in 2012 and 2016. Some time later, after GM:S2 was released, GM:S1 licences were removed from the market, and now they cannot be aqcuired by any...
  2. O

    Question - General Problem with IronSource extension - game can't build - GM:S 1.4

    Hi, I have quite a weird situation here. I hope someone had that problem and knows how to fix it. About 3 months ago I bought the IronSource ad mediation extension and I tried it on an empty project. It worked perfectly in that specific project. But now in my game, and in any empty project I...
  3. M

    Shaders Shader only works after game restarts?

    I'm fairly new to shaders and have been working on a trippy background generator, which takes sprites and warps them with a basic sine wave shader I have. I decided to try making other effects including a fisheye lens, for which I used a slightly modified Shadertoy shader and combined this with...
  4. M

    Legacy GM Question about collision_line

    Hello, I'm making a horror game and I'm using dynamic shadows, I have wall's that draw the shadow and create a object with the wall sprite on top of it. I want the wall image not to show up when it's in the shadow, I thought I could use collision_line. It works if the image is behind a wall...
  5. Altarock

    Legacy GM Multiplayer from singleplayer game

    Hello guys i'm new! So i'm finishing a card game in gm:s 1.4 for 2 players but its only local. And i want to make multiplayer out of this (i don't know much about it). So when i setup simple TCP/IP serwer (copy paste no idea what i expected) It shows that computers are connected but it works as...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Need help with tiles.

    Hello, Is there a way to randomly spawn tile in the world that have a random tile image. I have a grass background and a couple of grass tiles with flowers on them is there a way to make the flower tiles get created randomly in the world without using several randomly spawning instances with a...
  7. K

    Making a game with downloadable content

    I want to make this role-playing game where a player can download extra stuff like: new characters, worlds, weapons, etc.
  8. Pere

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Setting up for YYC? Where do I get SDK and Visual Studio?

    1.It's not clear what version of Visual Studio and SDK are needed to run YYC in GM:S 1.4. 2.It's not clear where to get them. In this thread some people say you need Visual Studio 2012, and some think it's 2015...
  9. G

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]My GMS Tool's fonts are shrinked

    After I re-installed my GMS, UI fonts are shrinked like this.. But, UI in Global Game Settings is OK. How Can I fix this problem?
  10. I

    Zelda: Four Swords Adventure - Phone as second screen

    So i'm trying to make a multiplayer game in the same vein of Multiplayer Four swords, or FF: Crystal Chronicles both for Gamecube/GBA but I would like to be able to make it for PC/Xbox/PS4/Switch and use a mobile phone as the second screen. I can make the base game fairly easily, but no idea...
  11. N

    Legacy GM All projects refuse to save if WiFi goes out

    My WiFi is very unreliable(768kbps over an old 1998 phone line) and tends to go out at random times, especially if more than one device is on the network. Something I noticed is that if I attempt to save or test any project I create with GM:S when my WiFi goes out, the program freezes on...
  12. B

    Legacy GM Uploads Empty File Without Description and Image To Steam Workshop (Cloud Is Enabled)

    (I have posted an updated thread and I don't know how to delete this one...) Hello! I've seen other threads similar, yet they do not help me past this issue: The following code executed successfully and the audio_play_sound function is played meaning the call happened. It runs from...
  13. H

    Legacy GM instance_create doesn 't work

    I am trying to create a button that when pressed creates a GUI on the side of the room. for the GUI to be interactive, i made buttons (obj_more, obj_less) wich should spawn when the button is pressed. But when I try the code I also used for another button (wich worked) it didn 't work. I also...
  14. U

    Need help with auto tiles

    Please excuse my bad english and I m new so... I wanted to know if it was possible to take a picture which has for example the size of 4*4 objects and use it as sprite, so whenever a object is placed in the room, it gets the correct part of the picture as sprite according to its position. I...
  15. bbbower

    Legacy GM [Help] variable_global_get - enumerators?

    Another awkwardly complex, I know I could use ds_maps, arrays, ect.. , aka I know the other ways I just wan't to know if this is possible type question. I want to get the value of an enumerator in the same fashion as the variable_global_get gets global.var's information dynamically. Example...
  16. MishMash

    Compilation stuck on SPRT 1.4.1804

    Recently updated to 1.4.1804 and the compilation process is just stopping on SPRT. The CPU usage seemed higher at the start (ranging at about 20%) and has now dropped to 0-4%, but is making no more progress by the looks of it. Have had it running for 2 hours so far: Compiler output: If no one...
  17. K

    How do I smooth out camera swapping between a car and a player?

    Say there are three objects, an unmanned car, a player, and a manned car Whenever a player is close enough to the unmanned car and pressed 'e", both instances are deleted and replaced with a manned car, showing the player inside and is now controllable. My only issue currently is that whenever...
  18. S

    Legacy GM Quick question on Spine and sprite_add

    Simply put, is it possible to use sprite_add or sprite_replace with a Spine2D json? I'm asking because I'd like to support multiple LoDs (level of detail) for the character models in my games, so I can target both decent gaming PCs and maybe one or two mobile platforms (mostly the GPD Win that...
  19. Reign

    Legacy GM Game freezes unexpectedly with no error

    It's entirely random but usually, freezes in less than 5 minutes. Everything locks up and the music continues to play. I can't seem to figure out what's causing it. I've been trying to debug this for 10+ hours and feel like I tried everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  20. S

    Legacy GM GM:S 1.4 comes with Professional?

    Hi. I am new to the community. I downloaded Game Maker: Studio 1.4 from the official website. When i installed it, i noticed i was with the "Professional Edition"! Is that normal?