gms 1.4

  1. T

    Legacy GM get_string closes the game

    Hello! When I press the cancel button the game closes! Here's my code number = get_string("give number", ""); Any help?
  2. B

    Legacy GM Audio playing sound glitch problem

    Audio playing sound glitch problem(latest gms 1.4 version) it is not easy to explain, so I recorded short version of original mp3 file and in game sound mp3. Could you please how to fix this problem?? I do every that I can do but all the same(change mp3 to wave,flac,ogg and other things) Here is...
  3. S

    GML Feeding variable names into script

    Hello, so I'm working on a cool new game with online networking. I use DS_Grids to keep track of where the players and other objects in the game are and what their status is, things like that. So when it comes to simulating collisions between the different objects, I would loop through the...
  4. j123

    Legacy GM Multiple Versions of GM:S 1.4 on the same computer?

    I just learned you can download past versions of GM:S 1.4 right here: Before I try it, is it possible to install all versions of GM:S 1.4 on the same computer and use them all without one install conflicting with another...
  5. T

    Legacy GM Lists of Arrays and Deactivation of Persistent Instances

    Hi, So I have this dynamic data structure (say a list) of arrays in my game. And for whatever reason the accessors cannot stack on each other: myVar = myDS[| listIndex][arrayIndex]; // does not work I have to instead use this alternative strategy to access the data: //strategy 1 var myArray...
  6. L

    HTML5 Scaling & Mouse Position Issue

    Greetings, I have a game I had developed for Desktop and started with my rooms in 1600:900. Now, I've been converting it to the HTML5 target and have gotten most of the scaling issues resolved. I've followed the YoYo blog on how to scale the game to the browser window and it visually looks...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Collision box and targeting enemies

    So I have a problem with the way my turret targets enemies. currently it checks to see if there's an enemy 750 pixels in front of it, and then attacks that enemy. Here's the code: if collision_rectangle(x, y-96, x-750, y+32, obj_enemyParent, false, true) { var stoneAttack stoneAttack =...
  8. G

    PS Vita Module

    Hello! I own a copy of gms 1.4 and I'd like to know if PS Vita export module exists.
  9. I

    Legacy GM Animation in Platformer [SOLVED]

    Hello! I am currently working on animation for my character in my platformer game, and it does not work quite right. Here is the code I currently have // Control the sprite image_speed = sign(len)*.4; if(len == 0) image_index = 8; // Vertical sprites if(vspd > 0){ sprite_index =...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Text Box not Working (GMS 1.4)

    ///Create text0 = "Hey, this is HQ, do you hear us?" text1= "You: Yeah, I hear you." text2= "Now commander, what are these memes we have to get? They didn't give a great# explanation back at base." text3 = "Commander: These memes are a highly dangerous drug. A stimulant and a steroid,# the...
  11. M

    Legacy GM Sound problem only in GM:S 1.4

    Okay, this has no sense I'm working on an asset for the MarketPlace (I usually make them in GMS 1.4 first, upload, then a GMS2 version). Thing is when I try to play the music in game with GMS 1.4 it sounds AWFUL, like really low quality (in game, in the preview sounds like it should). It's not...
  12. jujubs

    GML Objects stop spawning

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a shmup in GM1.4, for which I'm using three separate spawners: starfieldspawner (which generates stars), rockspawner (which spawns big rocks) and aerolitespawner (which spawns small rocks). My goal for now is to spawn those objects infinitely, and I haven't had...
  13. T

    A question about surfaces, and sprite_create functions

    In the manual when it talks about surfaces it's always pointed out that they are volatile, and as such unreliable. However, when talking about created sprites, such as sprite_create_from_surface, the same point is not made. The manual says about having to clear up created sprites to avoid...
  14. Tofu Heavy Industries

    2-D Collision Knockback at any angle

    I'm having an issue with getting collision knockback to work for my main character in my 2D space game. I've searched through this forum for other knockback threads, and read them, but I'm having trouble implementing any of them. I've having major coders block. Right now, the game does not use...
  15. G

    Keep cursor constrained to the circle around player

    So currently there's a reticle that follows the mouse in a circle around the player. This is what the code looks like: CREATE: orbit_target = obj_player orbit_length = 80 orbit_place = 0 STEP: ///Orbit Code //in each step the orbiting object adjusts to the proper position if...
  16. S

    Legacy GM complex command-based UT3 style menu

    "Hello World!" I am trying to learn how to do complex command-based menus. My goal is to build a menu system that allows the player to change settings for each character the player uses. Like the one that is in Unreal Tournament III. Sorry I can't show a picture of it :( As in many other...
  17. V

    GML [SOLVED] Need some help with making some instances of the same object move at different times

    Hi so I'm having some trouble getting some slimes, in a game I'm working on, to jump at different times, I DON'T want to make different objects for each of them as that would get cluttered really fast, the create block reads as follows //Initialize Variables jumped = 0; dir = -1; movespeed = 0...
  18. Vito_Curse

    Legacy GM Player choose avatar picture

    I'm wondering if it's possible to make a system so that the player can choose a picture from his own pc and import it into the game. I know I can create sprites during the game by attaching them with code, but I have no idea if gamemaker supports windows explorer for this to work.
  19. MishMash

    Compilation stuck on SPRT 1.4.1804

    Recently updated to 1.4.1804 and the compilation process is just stopping on SPRT. The CPU usage seemed higher at the start (ranging at about 20%) and has now dropped to 0-4%, but is making no more progress by the looks of it. Have had it running for 2 hours so far: Compiler output: If no one...
  20. D

    Legacy GM point_direction error?

    My problem is that the AI will not stop at the correct place when at certain angles from the target and instead slide to either the left or the top depending on its angle from the target. The code seems to be recalculating a target even when it has reached its target. if...