gms 1.4

  1. N

    Legacy GM "Ghost" objects in room editor?

    When resizing objects to smaller sizes(close to a pixel in size) in the room editor, said objects seem to become "ghost" objects and cannot be selected with the mouse. They also are not removed when holding RMB+Shift. The only way to select them or remove them is through the Instance Ordering...
  2. Q

    Object IDs stored in ds_list result in <invalid instance>

    EDIT: With a little more digging, it looks like this only happens when I change rooms after creating the ds_list. Is there a way to mark a ds_list as persistent? EDIT2: Duh! The objects IN the ds_list weren't persistent, so they were getting destroyed when the room changed. The ds_list still...
  3. jujubs

    Android Project with path ':library' could not be found in project

    In GMS1.4, I could previously deploy my project to Android without hassle. However, I found out that it wouldn't create the APK for it, even though I could deploy to the phone normally. So I printed my config and started fiddling with it, and now even the original configuration won't allow me to...
  4. chaslinux

    Mac OSX GMS 1.4.x system cannot find the specified file

    GMS 1.4.x is installed on my Windows 10 machine. I have a Macbook running High Sierra that I installed XCode on. I can browse to the Macbook through the Windows file explorer (using the login name and password). I've added the same login name and password to the GMS 1.4.x Mac OS X preferences...
  5. chaslinux

    Windows Fasteroids

    Fasteroids is my first foray into GameMaker. Inspired by the original Atari version of Asteroids and owing it's current state to a very long list of people in (and out of the GameMaker community). This is the first release I'm willing to share (though it has a long way to go still). Get the...
  6. chaslinux

    Linux [Solved] GMS 1.4.x Compiling to Ubuntu Failed - bits/c++config.h not found on Ubuntu 18.04.1

    I followed the guide for setting up Ubuntu here: I also did the steps for setting up Ubuntu 16.04 for GMS 2.x (I'm using 1.4.x). My desktop system however is running the slightly newer Ubuntu 18.04. When I installed the software...
  7. darijs1

    (solved) object creator id not working.

    i have an object for which i want to create an instance based trail. heres what ive attempted: in the step event of the creation object: var child = instance_create(x,y,obj_goretrail); child.owner=id; the problem is, when i try to give the trail the same image index as the owners,like so: in...
  8. C

    Legacy GM Gamepad alternative to vk_anykey [Now- GML files of constants?]

    I need it for setting an alarm in my game. Its similar to how Release any key event is like keyboadr_check_released(vk_anykey), but I need a gamepad alternative for making something likegamepad_button_released(alternative).
  9. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Diagonal Jump

    I'm making a fighting game with movement physics which is the same as Shaun Spalding's Platformer video Create Event grav = 1.5; hsp = 0; vsp = 0; jumpspeed = 20; movespeed = 4; last_dir = 1 inv=false dir=1 jumps=0 jumpsmax=1 Step Event: ///Input key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right) ||...
  10. C

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Searching strings within strings using GML

    I made a string system for a fighting game where every action adds a string to the variable input_chain, and there is a variable input_chain_len=string_length(input_chain)+1, I also have a technique_chain variable which =" ", it changes if I do an action or technique, I have been able to make...
  11. A

    Windows Problem with exclusion in "other" keyword

    I want to use my enemy's code with almost all objects, but I don't want to attack to the main character. Edit - I'm using distance to object.
  12. Kenshiro

    Can't login to GMS1.4: "You need to update your details in order to continue."

    I'm making a new setup of GMS1.4 and I get the following error when I try to login: "You need to update your details in order to continue - visit" I visited that link and it asked for PII. Strange, but whatever. After providing the info it asked, though, GMS...
  13. foreverisbetter

    SOLVED image_blend in HTML5

    Hey hi, can anyone give any advice on how to correctly draw blended sprites in HTML5? So I have this HTML5 project and I always use image_blend = make_color_hsv and for some to get drawn correctly I had to convert rgb to bgr, some do not get drawn at all and some do only use the first 4...
  14. D

    Legacy GM New to GML Coding and having issues with a bug Fix

    This is my code, it is supposed to spawn 5 asteroids if none are present in the game room. It spawns the initial 5 but none after that. if (!instance_exists(obj_astroid)) { instance_create(random(room_width),random(room_height),obj_astroid)...
  15. FeetUpGaming

    Legacy GM (SOLVED) object_get_parent Questions

    When using object_get_parent(object_index) do you put in an instance id or an object index? (Does the object need to exist inside the room) Also (The main question) what happens when the object has multiple parents? Here is the kind of family of the objects i'm using: obj_brickWall < wall <...
  16. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM check for instance in x,y without using collision masks

    I'd like to find out how to check if x,y is occupied WITHOUT using collision masks due to my implementation of the z axis. This is why position_meeting will not work. Any ideas? if !(position_meeting(mouse_x - mouse_x mod 32,mouse_y - mouse_y mod 32,obj_tree)){...
  17. foreverisbetter

    HTML5 Solved: How to use clickable_add ?

    Hey hi, can someone point me in the right direction or even better yet tell me the exact syntax I have to use when I want to call a script with a clickable? So far nothing worked for me: not calling it as a string, not with parentheses or without and not with gmcallback_... in front of the...
  18. EvanSki

    GMS1.4 and GMS2 Performance Discussion

    First off all Idk if this is the right place for this but I wanted to get people's thoughts, and knowlage about the inner workings of the Game Maker engines, like How many objects can each of them have running all at once before you have memory leaks or crashes? And which has better performance?
  19. D

    Mac OSX GMS Version 1.4.1804 building OSX 64 bit

    Was anybody successful in building 64 bit binary for OSX with GM 1.4? The moment I try to change architecture to 64 bit, I get linker errors like below Need to compile in 64 bits as mac app store is not supporting 32 bit apps anymore, so I am trying to recompile to 64 bit Error while compiling...
  20. X

    Legacy GM Screen Fade not working

    Hello, I want to implement a Script that I can call whenever I need a Screen Fade to another room. To do this I followed Shaun Spalding's tutorial and I've tweaked that code to work as a Script. The following code is the result of that. destination = argument0; a = 0; // Alpha fade = 1; //...