gms 1.4

  1. Haow

    Legacy GM How to set a surface to a view?

    I have a shader and I want it to affect the view only but since its also set to a surface it affects the whole room, so how or what code makes the surface affect the view only? Thanks for all your help! :)
  2. C

    Compiling APK file for android seems to work, but can't find the actual APK file.

    I've installed the Android SDK and NDK and the Java SDK. Everything seems to be setup in the right way. It's actually compiling the game. I didn't setup my android device or an emulator. So at the end of the compiling it says "error: no device/emulatros found". I thought this wouldn't be a...
  3. wilmer

    Legacy GM Is it possible to access the animation of a sprite exported from Spine?

    Greetings to everyone in the community Look, I need help in this, I make my animations with Spine, I export them and I post them as a single sprite in GMS, and I would like to know if I can use sprite_index, to call both that sprite and its different animations; if the main functions to call its...
  4. TheProgrammer163

    UWP Games for Xbox One using the UWP from GameMaker: Studio 1.4 possible?

    I was gonna buy/I might buy the GMS2 UWP export module to make games playable on Xbox One, but I realized have the UWP export module for GMS1. My Xbox is in another city (long story) so I can't easily test this right now. Does the UWP from GMS1 work for Xbox One ? EDIT: GMS 1.4.9999 (Can't...
  5. K

    Legacy GM console code running multiple times

    For some time now, I've been trying to make a tiny game with an easy concept. However, for some reason, I have been unable to make the program work. The main idea for this game is that you have a raster of objects and when you press one of these objects, it gets infected. This infected object...
  6. M

    Legacy GM Can's set local variables

    I am still a new,something I still don't know now, about variables,i think I did everything I can and read everything I can, but it not works. report...
  7. A

    how to get GMS 1.4 license key ?

    my pc does not run GMS 2 because it is 32 bits. I downloaded GMS 1.4, and I can not activate the license because it was discontinued. Can you help me ?
  8. darijs1

    Legacy GM (Noobishly solved) Top down platform, carrying a box object when colliding.

    Theres a moving platform which can rotate and move around. As the platform passes over (or in this case, under) the box object, the box should stay on the platform and be carried to where ever the platform goes, staying perfectly in place on the platform. I have no idea how to write the code...
  9. marasovec

    [IT WORKED I'M JUST STOOPID] ds_map says 'undefined'

    Suddenly when I load my save it says values are undefined This is a script for saving if !instance_exists(obj_player) exit; global.px = obj_player.x; = obj_player.y; var sav = ds_map_create(); ds_map_replace(sav, "x", global.px); ds_map_replace(sav, "y",
  10. darijs1

    Legacy GM xscale & yscale based on distance to mouse

    Since i recently figured out how to auto tile based on an objects xscale and yscale, i decided to try and make my own room editor within the game. My problem is that i cant figure out how the get a perfect object scale from its original position to the mouse Any ideas on how this can be done in...
  11. U

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Importing my extension creates empty files

    Hello there. I'm using GameMaker Studio 1.4.9. I've made some boilerplate code that I use in every project I make. I figured that it would be better creating and importing an extension instead of copy and pasting or manually importing scripts and objects. I made an extension, but whenever I...
  12. darijs1

    Legacy GM Auto tile placement, inside an object.

    Im trying to save a couple of seconds of my time, by having an object which would automatically fill itself with tiles. for example: I would put the auto tiling object in my room, and then stretch it across where i want the tiles to fill. I have no idea how to make such a thing, any help would...
  13. C

    Legacy GM How many max values can a ds_list hold?

    Title says it all. Is there a maximum amount of values a ds_list can hold? If it's something low like 15, is there an alternative to list that has a high maximum amount or infinite values. I wont be needing something like quintillions or so something to check which all servers the player has...
  14. K

    Legacy GM object mouse click area

    hi i'm making a 2D RPG game like this i want that when the house clicked do some code and this is the house collision the click event just check the Mask area but i want check whole image of house which contains the roof also I don't want to change the mask because it is for that the...
  15. darijs1

    (Solved) An objects x and y, follow a specific point on another rotating object

    Im trying to have a head object follow a body object, but the body objects original sprite x and y is in its center. how can i make the head object be higher on the body object (like where the head and neck should be) instead of being in the center of the body. What is the simple way of doing...
  16. E

    Legacy GM Game Maker Green Background Load Problem

    I don’t know if this is the right forum, but maybe someone can help me. I have a problem on importing images in Game Maker Studio 1.4: I tried so many times to import a GIF image without removing it's background, and it isn’t a transparent image, but it processes it with a green color where it...
  17. Nahual

    Mac OSX GMS v1.4.1804 Export not working

    Hey gang! How’s everyone doing? So I have a conundrum here with Game Maker Studio v1.4.1804, if anybody can lend a helping hand, I WOULD HIGHLY APPRECIATE IT. I have the licenses for all the exports, my game is finally finish and I’m trying to make a port to MacOS and it’s not working, when...
  18. L

    Legacy GM Sorting a list without using arrays

    So I am in a interesting predicament. I have 15 variables called "order1_x" and the 1 is replaced by every number up to 15. These variables can hold a value from .1 to 30 and the numbers are always a rounded to the first decimal place. I have used these variables all over my code and its a bit...
  19. L

    Legacy GM Sorting a list without using arrays

    So I am in a interesting predicament. I have 15 variables called "order1_x" and the 1 is replaced by every number up to 15. These variables can hold a value from .1 to 30 and the numbers are always a maximum to the first decimal place. I have used these variables all over my code and its a bit...
  20. K

    How can i know which child is run the code?

    Hi i have a parent object which contains 4 objects as child in onCreate Event of parent i want to define a variable depending on the object name like this: switch (?????????????){ case object_1: var number = 100; break; case object_2: var number = 200...