gms 1.4

  1. N

    Legacy GM 64 Bit .APK

    Hello, i am using GMS 1, how can i change 32 bit .apk to 64 bit .apk
  2. T

    Legacy GM Help with using local networking for "multi threading", and various concepts

    Hi. This is mainly at the concept stage as a process, but I am looking into using local networking to have two versions of a game communicating with each other, and they are working in tandem. Basically a crude version of multi threading. That side of things I can get a handle on, so the...
  3. RyanC

    Android Trying to use non-existing surface.

    Hi All, I've been having some trouble with a bug in my game and was wondering if anyone can take a look at this? The issue happens with the following two pieces of code: on Alarm[0] if (!surface_exists(pause_surf)) { surf_w = surface_get_width(application_surface); surf_h =...
  4. Pretorg

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Problem with grid and clearing cells, it won't work

    Hello! after a long abscense i am back trying to finish my first projec, it is a 2d topdown game set in space and one of the enemies is supposed to be able to navigate towards the player without hitting anything in the way (pathfinding) because both the player and the enemy ships get damaged if...
  5. Andrew R. C. Beck

    GML [SOLVED] Ball bouncing off of enemies but they now do not receive damage

    Just as the title says, I'd managed to sort out the collisions of the ball from fine folks here with a place_meeting code in the ball's Step Event: [code] //Collision Checks// //----------// //Horizontal// //-----// if place_meeting( x - 1, y, all) || place_meeting( x + 1, y, all) {...
  6. Andrew R. C. Beck

    GML [SOLVED] Trouble getting Collisions working in Step event of Ball

    Hi there folks! :) I am currently working on a game which is a breakout derivative in which the paddle is a ship and the ball is a ball of energy. I am using GMS1.4 and trying this code in the ball's Step event, yet the ball literally just zones through everything which does not have a separate...
  7. Evan Kinsler

    License upgrade and extra access.

    So, recently I was starting to watch a GameMaker Studio tutorial on YouTube specifically on a channel called "Beyond Is Games," and he goes over GMS 1.4 and 2 and eventually shows a graph that days the following. If you see it then great. But if you don't and it just says "
  8. S

    [Solved] Action is sometimes replaced by different action.

    When I save or build project, although I don't touch action, it is sometimes replaced by different action. For example, In event 'Room Start', there are many actions prologue, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter ... When I build my project, action 'chapter 3' is replaced 'chapter 2' while...
  9. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 Shader/Texture interpolation on fullscreen trouble

    Hi, so basically I'm testing the code from this video: In the create event I have something like this: color_sets = 4; color_row_index = 1; v_offset = shader_get_uniform(shdr_palette_swap, "Offset"); v_normal = color_row_index/256; palette_swap_sampler =...
  10. V

    instance_nearest not working - going to first created object instead

    As the title says peeps, my player, under a step event is moving towards a trail of objects: var Target; Target = instance_nearest(contort.x,contort.y,contort) move_towards_point(Target.x,Target.y,4) However he is moving towards the object that was FIRST created in the room (they are...
  11. L

    Audio Not Working

    Hi all, I'm making a big game (with a lot of features) with GMS 1.4.1804. Now when I'm asking to play a sound at the creation event of a object, the sound not play. The sound I wanna play is an ogg, this is how I use: CREATION EVENT: chswa=audio_play_sound(snd_chsw,100,1)...
  12. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 Memory Leak Issue

    Hi there. I've been testing some coding with a platformer demo I've been doing recently. The physics works with a ds_grid holding values of WALL and PLATFORM to perform collisions and deal with autotiling. Then I made a BLOCK object that remains static until the player lands on top and falls...
  13. Edwin

    Legacy GM [Solved] Can we use 512x512 icons?

    Hello, people. I just want to know is this possible to use game icons bigger than 256x256? Icon looks too small when my desktop's icon view is set to "Large icons". Thanks. ~Edwin.
  14. B

    3d game keeps crashing at splash screen

    Hi everyone! So, I've been working on a 3-D first person shooting game called Humans VS Aliens. (GMS 1.4) I've been working on this game for almost 11-12 months now, and I've been getting this weird error. There is no error message popping up, but the game crashes on the splash screen. I'm...
  15. V

    HTML5 Black Screen when using Views in HTML5

    [GMS1.4]When I run my game in Windows it works great. But when I run it on HTML5, the first rooms looks ok, but then I go to the second room and all I see is a black screen. Then when I change to the third room it again works fine. The difference is that the first and third room didn't use...
  16. Haow

    Legacy GM Shader+Surfaces: Please help!

    Dear Community, I am in need of desperate help with my project, I have been stuck on this for 2 months or longer!!! Yes, I have been studying, searching, more searching, and a bit more searching for an answer on google or anything else I could get my hands on. I have a zoom effect shader, it...
  17. Magicwaterz

    GML Getting values from a string

    Hello, I'm currently making a game similar to Bookworm Adventures and I've already set up the basic attacks. I am now trying to add code that basically checks what attacks it contains. So, these are the variables where it gets its attacks: ///Attack Lore AttackLore[0] = "[Att,3]Damage"...
  18. w0rm

    [SOLVED] Shader issue

    I have a project where I have set a shader to draw a circle segment. I'm using a sprite with size of 1x1 pixel for this and scale it to proper size. Everything works fine but the whole thing gets nuts the minute I add a second sprite to the project. After that my shader code is still applied but...
  19. A

    [Android] My game can't install together with another game using gms 1.4

    I can't install my game together with my friend game. For example when i istall this game Kids Jaman Now in play store Then i install my game family 100 indonesia in play store My game can't install. In play store it will give some play store say error 500 or 910. But when i...
  20. E

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Game doesn't run, no error messages

    When I was going to test the game I was making, the game opened and the gamemaker watermark appeared as usual, but it will not disappear and the music will not play. Instead plays a weird sound. When I ove the window around my desktop the music plays but the watermark is still there. Can someone...