gms 1.4

  1. T

    GML Replacement for built in speed functions?

    So I'm trying to make some sort of F-Zero like racing game, but I'm using the built in speed variables and functions because I don't know how to achieve what i want with custom variables, which is already bad because the built in speed variables are way too jank. The other problem with them is...
  2. S

    Updating old Game Maker for Mac projects

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my old Game Maker for Mac (GM7?) projects to GMS 2. To do this I first have to import the old .gmk files into GMS 1.4, however what I hit 'play' in GMS 1.4 I am getting some errors, and I have no clue what they mean or how to fix them...
  3. I

    Legacy GM Following Party Members Question

    So I'm trying to have some following party members in my game. It's an RPG. Wanted to have a sort of caterpillar following system for party members (think Earthbound or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon). I have been using a ds_queue on the follower object, and it works for the most part. He will get...
  4. GameDevVillager

    Mewer [Devlog #2]

    Hello I'm GameDevVillager & I'm currently working on a game called Mewer. I make everything myself (programming, pixelart, music & SFX). I decided to make a devlog to share my game and maybe getting some feedback. Here's the first video:
  5. guywithglasses

    I need a simple, yet effective collision code

    i just simply dont know how to make collision. Please help. it does not have to be really simple i get code really well :) you can paste code down below or you can link a good forum post or something.
  6. I

    XP not being given to player? (1.4)

    Hi, I'm fairly new to GML. I've been slowly working on my first game, and so far things have been pretty good. I came across an issue that is probably super simple to fix, but I'm not entirely sure what is wrong with what I have. So, I'm trying to implement an XP system. When a monster is...
  7. T

    [SOLVED]Help with File Handling

    Hi. I am trying to make a function that will loop through any scripts in a project, and read them as a text file into a data structure. The intent is to be able to edit the data structure content: remove unused variables / duplicated variables / correct errors and so forth, and then write the...
  8. T

    Legacy GM How to make an alarm that starts & loops in the step event ?

    I'm making an enemy object where the enemy will go on a specific path to patrol.Then he will stop at a certain point to look around for the player. I planned to make him change his sprite direction every 2 seconds(Enemies vision's for another day)but i seems to stuck here.I want the alarm to...
  9. Derikwhatever

    Legacy GM Issue with Moving up slope in 32x32 2D platformer project

    Okay so this project is a 2D platformer using 32x32 sprites for everything so far. My player sprite has a constant collision mask of an ellipse and i handle all my sprite drawing in the draw event that allows for animated sprites and sprite rotation that bypasses changing the mask by using a...
  10. Steve Gal

    Legacy GM Surface_save to a sub directory? (SOLVED)

    I have been looking for a while now, and I cant seem to find a way to save surfaces to, or even move a saved surface file to a sub-directory I created. Am I missing something? or the folder creation only for text files? The reason I want this is because upon exiting a room in my current game...
  11. Y

    Legacy GM Changing instance on collision (SOLVED)

    I want to make my player object change the colour of the ground when the player collides with it. I've put this code in my step event for the ground (for reference, the object is called obj_ground_1_normal): if(place_meeting(x, y, obj_player_red)) { instance_change(obj_ground_1_red...
  12. Z

    Legacy GM [Solved] Unknown error after importing project from GM8.1 to GM:S 1.4

    Hello, I started getting errors in my pedestrian object after importing my game from GM 8.1 to GM:S 1.4. I don't get what this error is saying at all or what's causing it, I didn't make any changes other than adding physics to the car object. ___________________________________________...
  13. N

    Legacy GM How -Exactly- do you update LIBPNG?

    The title says it all, since GMS is no longer being updated, and their LIBPNG in the newest release appears to be 4 years old I'm looking to update it, because my program needs this else in reality it simply wont function. So I've got the newest version and updating isnt an option and down...
  14. FloresSottile

    Smooth fade in/out for background change

    I'm using GM 1.4 and I'd like to know if there's some cool way to change backgrounds by index without having them added in the room, because I'm trying to work with more than 8 backgrounds (which is how many one can add to the room) and my intention is to keep the same room for those...
  15. D

    How many machines is the license for?

    Hi. How many machines are we permitted to install the GMS on with a single purchase? I was told by a dev a long time ago (via email) that we are permitted to use it on 3 machines. Is that still correct? My kids are now growing up and I'd like to start teaching them GMS and it'd be great if I...
  16. ZombieLawyer

    Aye Aye Captain - Pirate Crew Permadeath

    Demo here! Hey everyone, I've been working on a pirate ship crew management game as a hobby for the last year or so. The game has quite a few features (saves to .ini file, several varied rooms/combat situations, etc.) The graphics are from a graphics artist I commissioned. I'm self-taught and...
  17. D

    Legacy GM How to stop sprite from shaking when following the player object?

    I have an object set up to specifically follow the player object around my game and for some reason the follower object is always shaking when it follows the player and when the player stops moving. If anyone could help me figure out why it keeps doing this and to solve this issue I would be...
  18. RyanC

    GMS 2 Random_Set_Seed() seems different for GMS 2 and no longer consistent between platforms.

    I've just had to update my app to support 64 bit so I purchased GMS 2 and imported my game. Within a few hours I had it running on Android but now my game is totally different. I spent many days selecting random seeds that would generate levels and nearly 100 of them were tested which took...
  19. G

    Windows GMS 1.4 to 2.0 compatibility problem

    Hello guys, Im converted GMS 1.4 project to version GMS 2.0 ofc game is running without any problems, but the main problem is with backgrounds... currently all of my backgrounds are changed into tiles in sprites and tiles in tiles of GMS 2.0 folder trees . Game is lagging as **** and i cant see...
  20. Rukiri

    GML Creating Smooth Character Movement

    GM Version: GMS1.4, GMS2 *May work with older versions Target Platform: ALL Download: * This will be constantly updated, but the main code below should stay the same Links: Summary: In this tutorial you'll...