gms 1.4

  1. Turkish Coffee

    Legacy GM How to Code Better?

    Hello, I'm coding with GameMaker: Studio 1.4 for like 2,5-3 years and want to know that if I'm coding somethings right and if not, learn how to get better. For this spesific time, I would like to know that If I'm coding a character moving right in an isometric game with finite states and if...
  2. W

    Legacy GM Object getting destroyed and created with no obvious cause

    Hello, so in my game I have a lighting effects object for a torch, the only piece of code that creates it is in the create event of my player character, there is no code that destroys the torch (it gets destroyed only by leaving the room as all non persistent objects do)I am also using a single...
  3. Y

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Resolutions and aspect ratios

    Hi, I'm currently working on a small project of mine and I've been trying to get the game to scale up to my monistors size. I currently have my views on 640x360(the rooms are a lot bigger). I have some code that does that for me and it works the first time i start the game but I also want to...
  4. W

    Windows GMS 1.4 Multiplayer: code the AI to target the nearest human player[solved]

    Hi GMS'ers Just starting on the multiplayer component of my game now that I've finished the single player campaign. I'm planning to leverage my existing AI objects and from the single player with additional code to check that it's a multiplayer level which will modify the AI behaviour. I've...
  5. G

    Discussion Possible to import GMS 1.4 project in GMS 2

    Good evening. One question, is there any way to import the GMS 1.4 project into GMS 2? I was in doubt when I started playing the gamemaker, but I did not know that there was a change in some tools. I ended up opting for GMS 1.4, but I'm following some tutorials that are in GMS 2, and some tools...
  6. Y

    Legacy GM Reselution problems

    Hi I'm currently making a top down game and I have a object that rescales the room to your display without any issues but when i restart the room it doesn't work anymore. It is placed in the create event but I've placed in a step event and it still doesn't work but here is the codes /// Sets...
  7. S

    The far left part of iOS screen can't be clicked

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a mobile game based on iOS device. But I found that the far left area of the screen can't be clicked ! if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) { var dx = device_mouse_x_to_gui(0); var dy = device_mouse_y_to_gui(0); var display_scale =...
  8. R

    Android Hi! I need some help with IAPs please!

    Hi! Im new in gaming development but I made this nice game called Booster Fox, its now on Play Store, the problem is when i want to add IAPs. Im using the Google Play Services Extension, Google Play Services IAP Extension and Google Play Licensing As Extension. With the Billing permission...
  9. N

    Legacy GM Sprite Face The Mouse

    I got 4 sprites one for up on for down one for left and one for right i wanna the sprite to face the mouse
  10. TheRBZ

    Legacy GM Drag and drop is harder than GML

    What do you think is easier? Drag and drop Or GML? I wanna find out.
  11. ZyKro

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Multiple Level Buttons

    I am trying to implement a level select to my platform game. I want to be able to create multiple buttons to select the level without having to individually place all of them and put in creation code to go to the level I want. I was wondering if I could use a for loop for it, but I have been...
  12. D

    iOS Detect key press on external bluetooth keyboard

    We are developing an iOs app for traing purpouses for disabled children. For that reason we need to be able to control the app on the iPad from an external bluetooth connected keyboard. We have developed an extension for key press detection in XCode. This extension runs perfectly as a...
  13. P

    GML Dice Roll Emulation Program

    Hi, I am trying to make a program where you input a set of die (say 2d6) and have it output every possible combination of those dice (1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4,1-5,1-6,2-1 and so on). I would also like it to do things such as totaling the sum of both the dice and give it the ability to tally certain...
  14. henmartz

    Legacy GM My game runs very slow when playing in html5

    My game when I play it to html5 looks very slow, but when I play it on windows it works fine, why this?
  15. Q

    Determine child object, and adressing child-parent

    [SOLVED] Good day, comrades! In this Video only one plane has the shadow. I want every plane has its own shadow (obj_shadow). 1) How can i determine that Certain Shadow is a child of a Certain Plane ? 2) How can i check Child's variable from Parent object and Parents variable from Child...
  16. U

    Help with conditions

    I have a problem with the next: i have six objects in screen 3 normal shapes and 3 shadow shape of the first 3, each with its pair. when 1 normal shape collide with the shadow shape, the shadow shape disappears and appears another one of the normal shape, when the 3 normal shapes collide with...
  17. Sabnock

    Question - IDE NOTES

    In GMS1.4 i could choose different colours for my note text but it doesn't seem to be an option in GMS2? i found it useful to be able to have different coloured text for my notes as it allowed me to prioritise them and also mark as say green if they we ticked off the list. is there something i...
  18. K

    Legacy GM Text in gibberish after Win10 Creators update?

    Hello, I've been 2 weeks off of GMS-1.4 because of exams, and lately I've installed the latest Win10 update (creators). Since the beginning of those 2 weeks, nothing changed much in my computer - no new softwares, etc'. I tried to get into GMS:1.4 and got the following message: clicking...
  19. M

    Legacy GM Weird "with" statement behaviour

    Hey guys, so in my game I'm implementing a menu where the player selects certain stuff and I pass some important values to a "level creator" object which will set up a level when I'm done. (For example, the player selects a character and I give this object a character index and name to use it...
  20. mccordinator

    Legacy GM Saving a file from within running game.

    I'm trying to see if there is a way to, from within my running game, save a .gmx file of my room after I have dynamically populated it with tiles and collision objects. This data will never change during the course of the game, so I'd like to be able to have it baked in when we are ready to...