gms 1.4

  1. M

    Creating horizontal scrolling Menu

    I want to create a list of objects containing menu objects. The List size is 10. I want to display only five objects at time the remaining will appear when user scroll the list . The scrolling will be performed on mobile devices using touch scrolling as normal scroll behavior is implemented for...
  2. T

    Android GMS1.4 Android doesn't transfer data to Nodejs server.

    I'm trying to make a controller using GMS1.4, I understand there are compatibility problems, but I don't know If this problem is because of them or not. So code is that I connect to server and send string "hello" Server terminal output using my PC or laptop on wifi: Using Android: So I'm able...
  3. M

    Portal teleport on wall

    I'm making a game where the player has a "portal gun", but when the player enters the portal, it gets stuck in the wall
  4. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ Are there flags in GMS still and will they still exist in future versions?

    The title speaks for itself. Nothing else to ask.
  5. R

    Android [HELP!!!] Does Android APK still work in GMS 1.4?

    I'm still on GMS 1.4 and i'm trying to make an apk executable. I downloaded Android Studio and everything as it says on yoyogames documentation. Set up NDK and SDK *NOTE* I tweaked as when i dowloaded the old (says obsolete in Android Studio) NDK there was no "platforms" folder in it. So i...
  6. R


    I'm not quite understanding this //My string, argument0, is = obj_i_crown str = argument0 new_str = string_delete(str,1,4) obj_hud.new_str += 1 So basically I am trying to access one of my instances, take the name of it, obj_i_crown, and cut it down to i_crown and make it a variable. I...
  7. E

    'Birdsong' engine help - loop not triggering properly

    I'm making a code engine to essentially take a sound file and play a random part of it at a random pitch, wait a short moment, and then do the same thing with a new random start/stop and pitch, and so on, creating an illusion of ambient 'birdsong' noise from the file in question. However, the...
  8. civic71

    HTML5 Bepi Venezian

    Bepi Venezian is a memory game/quiz made of HTML5 ( playable in the browser ) with spoken text. The game is very short and you could finish it in less than 10 minutes :) Bepi the gondolier, will make a short journey with his gondola, during which you will have to memorize the number of animals...
  9. D

    HTML5 Ini Files

    Hello, i have a really big Problem with my App, wrote in GMS 1:4. So i decided to manage the Save File from a Webfilehoster. On my Phone and my PC it works fine. BUT on HTML5 it doesnt work... I know its because HTML5 have only the local Storage, but i need to update the Save File from time...
  10. E

    HTML5 Facebook Playable Ads, problem with textures

    Hello readers, I hope you are having a fine day. I am trying to upload my HTML5 game to create a Facebook Playable Ad and its not working for no reason, so I decided to create a new empty game in an attempt to pin point the problem. The new game which only contains a room and an object that...
  11. T

    [SOLVED]Some questions about setting up 3d, and exporting blender objects (GMS 1)

    Hi. I'm having a bit of a nightmare implementing 3d in a 2d perspective, and was hoping to find out how some things should be arranged. My draw event: d3d_set_projection_perspective(view_xview, view_yview, room_width, room_height, 0) var new_proj = matrix_get(matrix_projection); new_proj[5]...
  12. YoSniper

    SOLVED Trouble loading high score names

    Hello everyone. I'm putting a project together using Game Maker Studio 1.4. I'm trying to store high scores locally in a binary file, and I've been having some trouble getting the bytes to translate properly. So far, I've managed to get it to the point where the volume options and high score...
  13. N

    HTML5 GMS1.4 Html5 Export Black Screen

    When i im using normal run in game maker it runs normally but when i run exported it shows only black screen and when i look on console it gives me this. If someone know why please dm me on discord don't reply here because i im not very active. Discord Name: N_George#0733 +I im getting ignored...
  14. FoxyOfJungle

    Asset - Shaders Realtime Gaussian Blur Shader & Pause Menu (GMS 1.4+ and GMS 2.3+)

    With only 1 shader and 1 function it is possible to make the blur effect realtime, it is a Gaussian effect and does not use two pass blur. With the other shader, it is possible to have more control and several settings (suitable for the Pause Menu). All code is fully customizable, and fully...

    GML Help with Persistent Global Variables

    1. I set up a global variable (global.phealth) which I display as a health system for my player. I'm looking to have this global.variable remain persistent throughout each level so that his health carries over from room to room, but once the level transitions or restarts; instead of the bar...
  16. S

    GML How i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room?

    Hello all. I were thinking about creating and saving (in hdd or etc) a variable for every instance of an object in one room. i have thought about using of id or instance_id but i couldn't make it working. So how i can create and save a variable for every Instances of an objects in one room? For...
  17. Tofu Heavy Industries

    GML Gamepad inputs without Analog Stick

    I can't get my game to recognize any directional input from a controller without analog sticks. Such as a 8bitdo nes/snes usb controller. If I plug in a XInput controller (such as a PS2 w/ usb converter), I can use either the analog sticks or the dpad, but if the controller doesn't have analog...
  18. Hypotakt

    Legacy GM Game graphic is suddenly weird and wrong displayed?

    Hey guys, I changed some stuff ( a bit of code, loaded some sprites and created a few objects ) and from the sudden my game looks very weird now when I run it. Most of the sprites look a bit offsetted and my character menu, which is drawn by surface, is now cutted off (but the surface size is...
  19. R

    GML [SOLVE] How to make crop growth with diffrent room?

    Hi everyone, I'm making the farming game (small project). I have the problem with it that means: in my game, there are many rooms. I want to make plant (crop) in room 0 ( pumpkin) growth in 4 days (1 day growth for 1 sprite) and then i control the player move to the room 1 and the problem is the...
  20. C

    Need to know how to create Unit Formations in Game Maker Studio 1.4 - Need Help!

    I am trying to create a multiplayer RTS game. I have already figured out how to have multiple players move units and have said units avoid other objects, like solid obstacles, yet now I would like to have the units arrange themselves in a formation or grid, once they reach their destination...