1. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED Delete array value/item???

    There is no built-in function to delete an item from an array, just like we have in ds_list_delete(id, pos). (EDIT: This function was added on GMS 2.3.1) How do I delete 1 item in an array, but preserve the rest? And I need to delete this item anywhere in the array, be it the first item, the...
  2. D

    Help me if you can

    hello guys im very knew to prgraming and gamemaker. I alredy watched tones of videos but i still dont get how to do meny things. i am programming an rpg game with the GML from gamemaker studio 1.8. im doing an rpg game and have some things going on. the sprites dont look good when i press play...
  3. P

    Windows empty if statement on spacerocks (GML)

    Hello, I have been learning how to use GameMaker for a few hours so I have decided to start the spacerocks project. I'm just starting to create the bullet but theres a error message saying "empty if statement". I have been trying to fix it for a while, but it still will not go away. I have tried...
  4. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2.3+ Disabling Garbage Collector: What are the risks?

    As we know, we now have the Garbage Collector, the only problem is that it uses 14% of the CPU with only 2 loops (and some other simple layer functions) in an empty project on a Ryzen 5 CPU. When disabled using gc_enable(false), the performance drastically increases, using between 0 and 1% of...
  5. F

    Teleport station problem

    Hi! What's up? Before explainning my problem I have to say, 1. English is not my maternal language, sorry if I have mistakes! 2. This is my first post, sorry if i don't follow any rule. Well, my problem is that I'm developing a game with a few friends, everything was going (almost) excellent...
  6. kapaqw

    Instance Collision

    Is there anyway to find the specific instance that collided with a object and put it in a variable? Would you use instance_find?
  7. SirCaliber

    GML [NETWORKING] Any way I can implement a direct peer-to-peer connection with UDP without port-forwarding?

    I read somewhere that when creating a UDP connection in GameMaker, it automatically temporarily opens up a port on both clients and sends packets through that port. Is this true? If not, any way I can set this up without needing a master server?
  8. NTiger7

    GMS 2.3+ Advice on Reusing Code for an Item Shop

    IDE v., runtime v. So I successfully have made an shop where the player can purchase items from and it will be added to their inventory, but I would like to use the same code for all the other shops so it doesn't use up more memory. The only thing I would have to change is...
  9. X

    Legacy GM String index nonsense

    I found out the reason some of my code wasn't working as expected because of string indexes starting at 1 and this hasn't been changed due to some legacy crap with Delphi🤦‍♂️ Good god YoYo Games get into the 21st century We shouldn't have 0 index for most things and then this oddity where you...
  10. K

    array_length always returning 0

    Hi everyone, I'm really confused right now and for sure this is a super noob question. I'm playing around wiht Game Maker after several years and I'm facing an issue that I can not explain myself. In my Create event I declared an array like this: myArray = ["Test","Test","Test","Test" ]; then...
  11. E

    Gamemaker Local Variables

    I have this code where I want an instance to be created as long as the circumstances are met. This is the code: if(hAmount < hMax){ var spawnCounter = 0; spawnCounter += 1; if(spawnCounter >= 3*room_speed){ var sRange = irandom_range(65,80)...
  12. NTiger7

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Program fails to run after adding code to transition between rooms

    IDE version and runtime version I am currently using the trial version but will be upgrading to the desktop version soon. So I was following Shaun Spalding's tutorial on adding transitions between rooms (Part 7) when after I added the part where black bars come from the top...
  13. S

    GMS 2.3+ Game Maker 2.3 Trial version!

    Hi. I am hoping if you can tell me if it is possible to do collisions and make them work after pressing play and compiling, if you are using the trial version. Because i am following a course about Game Maker 2.3 and have copied the code exactly but it isn't working. There is no error in my...
  14. V

    Jump not working right and run speed gets progressively faster

    The controls respond but the output is not right. You can see that it tries to jump but never leaves the platform. When I run, the speed does not cap, so it gets increasingly faster. Any ways to go about this? Create Event /// @description Init Vars // Global array to store gamepad info in...
  15. V

    Warp to a location within same room

    I see a lot of tutorials about warping to other rooms, but what if you want to warp to a different spot in the same room? How would you go about that? The simple code I'm familiar with is: if room=room1{ room_goto(room1) x=1315 y=107 } As you can see, I am trying to warp to...
  16. Salsa

    Space Rocks GML tutorial - Objects are invisible in room

    Hey! I am somewhat new to coding and such so i started off by doing the space rocks tutorial. everything was going great and i was following everything step by step. But then when i needed to launch the game and see what my room looks like, i noticed that all of the objects in the room were...
  17. WanSou

    GML How To Properly Disconnect A GML Client From A Node.JS Server

    Hey, i am trying to disconnect a gml client from a node.js server but whenever i try to disconnect it by using "network_destroy()" the node.js server crashes and returns " Error: read ECONNRESET " Which from my research is because the connection was abruptly disconnected so... how do i...
  18. N

    SOLVED Sprite draw order depending on y variable?

    Hello I'm doing a top down rpg and while the characters' collisions are 16x16, the sprites are 16x24 Basically this means that characters or objects should appear layered in front of the ones above and behind the ones below at all times, but I don't know how to do that because objects seem to be...
  19. Armored Dragon

    Smooth camera zoom-out.

    Right now i'm trying to make a Spore-like mini game to pratice some things and... i'm stuck. I need a câmera system that follows the player and zoom out each time player grows up. I have this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  20. samspade

    GMS 2 Updating The Coding Fundamentals in GML Series to 2.3!

    I'm starting my update for Coding Fundamentals in GML. If anyone has feedback on what needs to be updated, feel free to let me know! Whether your like helping or just have videos you want me to make thanks in advance. I'm noting three types of videos. 1) Videos that expand upon a previous...