1. Minerkey

    GML Methods of less-stuttery sprite prefetching?

    I've been using GMS2 for quite some time now, about 3 years now, and I've been trying to efficiently load sprites. I've gone from questionable methods like just loading every sprite at once with a huge block of sprite_prefetches, to loading each sprite one-by-one but I still seem to run into the...
  2. D

    HTML5 Ini Files

    Hello, i have a really big Problem with my App, wrote in GMS 1:4. So i decided to manage the Save File from a Webfilehoster. On my Phone and my PC it works fine. BUT on HTML5 it doesnt work... I know its because HTML5 have only the local Storage, but i need to update the Save File from time...
  3. JesterOC

    GML An REST API Function

    I just ported an REST Function, bare with me... ( I HOPE YOU KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT BLOCKCHAIN ) It checks an ETH wallet address for an NFT asset (currently 1 per http call). what the example shows (without changing anything): the quantity of the checked asset "Orbiting an Epic...
  4. Cofefe

    Distribution Making FOSS Games With GMS2?

    This may seem like a weird question, since GMS2 is proprietary software, but I was just curious: Is it possible to make a completely *free* game with GMS2? I'm thinking GPL free. The YYG License seems to indicate that the Publisher is the owner of any Publisher Property, and we can license it...
  5. H

    GML Trying to improve the performance of drawing Isometric tiles

    Hello! I am very new with gml. I am trying to create an Isometric world with the use of a ds_grid. But if I try to create a very big room that is filled with isometric tiles I get major performance issues. Since I am very new with gml I don't know all the options to increase performance of...
  6. FoxyOfJungle

    GML What is "%" used for in GML? Something related to "mod"...?

    Hi! I looked in several places, even in the manual: And it was never clear what the purpose of using % in GML was, I also never saw anyone using it in other languages until now (they may be using it, but I didn't). However I have seen GM users using it and I am curious to know how it works...
  7. T

    GMS 2.3+ Question about Nine Slice and draw calls.

    So, the most recent beta release of Game Maker Studio 2 has a new feature called Nine Slice which allows you to essentially scale a "window" to any size using 9 sprites: 4 ordinal sprites, 4 cardinal sprites, and a middle sprite. Previously, you could accomplish this by writing a nested for loop...
  8. SgtMoose151996

    GMS 2 In-game survey?

    Background: Currently, I am developing a 2D pixel art bullet-hell boss rush inspired by R-Type, Bloodborne, and StarFox 64 (link to demo here) I have done localized focus group testing and am planning a strategy for broader market research. One consideration I have is a short in-game survey...
  9. Slyddar

    Menus with Submenus #3 - Mouse Support

    GM Version: Studio 2.3+ Target Platform: Windows Download: n/a Links: video below Summary: Following on from my previous 2 menu tutorials, here's a new tutorial showing how to use structs and constructors to add mouse support to your menu/submenu. It allows you to easily navigate, and change...
  10. R

    Multiple classes

    Hello all, despite learning so much I am still no doubt a noob. SO I have a shop in my game that lets players buy upgrades, When buying, Is texture swapping is the best choice for my game? The problem is this creates a lot of synarios. For eg, if I have helmet, chest guard and shield I must...
  11. Hobbie Retardo

    GML How i make the character throw itself in the direction of the mouse cursor?

    I'm a beginner and the objective is make the character do a "DASH" in the direction of the mouse cursor and just stop when hit a wall for example, but i don't figured out how to make this, anyone could help me? Thanks in advance.
  12. Lord KJWilliams

    Development Can GML be called a portable language in the same definition like ANSI / ISO C or C++ ?

    The some of the students at my college, want to know if GML, can be called a portable language like the way the programming languages C or C++ are defined in their respective ISO standards ? Late Edit : GMS allows you to port code from one platform type ( Windows ) to another platform type (...
  13. bayleyrockstar

    SOLVED Failed updating of sprite movement and animation.

    So the game is supposed to be a point and click adventure. the sprite is a hunchedback man with a limp. The current code should be noting down where on the map you click, check if it's 5 pixels away, if it is, and you're not viewing a text box, then you move to where you clicked. and this...
  14. Scienitive

    GMS 2.3+ Step Back in Debugger?

    Is there a way to step backwards in debugger mode to see what cause my bug exactly?
  15. Jemios

    GML I need help for a rope Swing game

    Hi everyone, I've started using GM2 less than a month ago and I definitely have bitten more than i can chew. Bit desperate here, I am running out of time and I have a prototype for a game I needed to make for trying out for a school. I need my player to rope swing but in a side-scrolling...
  16. JJampion

    GML Background transition

    Hi GMC im a very beginner so i have no idea how to make a transition i want to make a splashscreen max 10 sec long with 2 sprites the first from black to white/transparent and the 2nd from transparent to white both 5 sec long here is a example ▓▒░▒▓ i have just a create event alarm[0]...
  17. Scienitive

    GML Need help with physics

    Hello I recently learned about GameMaker's physics and added that into my game but I have a problem and I have no idea how to solve it. My game is a platformer game. In my game there are some movable (dynamic) objects. Player can push these blocks. When they push more than one block at a time...
  18. KyleRansford

    UWP Buffer Question Related to Saving And Loading When Targeting Xbox

    Hello, if anyone has done saving and loading with the UWP Xbox One target, can you help out with whether or not this particular save system would pass the requirements of saving with buffers as this document shows: UWP: Saving And Loading When Targeting Xbox Since the code is pretty long I...
  19. R

    Click to move

    I wanted to make a click system to move to my player. I tried to use mp_pontential_step();, it worked but he doesn't find the shortest path, besides swapping sprites with 8 directions. Another thing ... I wanted my enemies to follow a path, and when they get close to the Player, start...
  20. R

    Windows The code written on the instance in the room is locked as DnD and cannot be saved

    This BUG only appears in the code on the instance of some rooms, not in the Scripts in the resource tree. The GML I wrote a long time ago has become DnD, and right-clicking to convert to GML has NO EFFECT. "Use DnD as default" in the main options has been kept closed, and has nothing to do...