1. Mr. SadGhost

    GML can't figure out this if statement

    Hey guys I'm a real beginner when it goes to coding, so this is pretty difficult for me, and I do need some help. SO the idea is: that I want to make a panel that when it's clicked that it pops open(goes to the other sprite) and when clicked again that it becomes small again(goes back to the...
  2. G

    HTTP Request Issue

    Hello, I have written an API for submitting highscores to a database using Node.js and I have deployed it to the Google App Engine. The API recieves commands through HTTP requests and acts accordingly based on the information contained in the request. When testing the API locally on my machine...
  3. T

    What is "place_metting" mean?

    Thank you Can you give me some examples
  4. E

    SOLVED [GML]Need help with collision and arrays please

    my main question is I am unsure what i did wrong everything works for the most part but i want the character to get knockbacked to either the left or the right depending on the direction they are facing here is my code if(collision_point(obj_damage.x,obj_damage.y,obj_damage,false,false)) {...
  5. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [VECTOR2] xVector2 is yet a another clean vector implementation (FREE)

    [LINKS] xVector2 (marketplace) xVector2 ( [API IMAGES] [INFORMATION] This is a Vector2 Class asset libary with a good amount of functionality to get you covered for most tasks (GMS 2.3+) [QUICK GUIDE] 1) This module implements a constructor class so you just need to do: var...
  6. RyanC

    GML Issue with instances snapping to same position when exporting level.

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can see an issue with this code I am using? My level editor in game has the following code to round and floor all x and y positions so that the level strings are shorter to send to the server etc. The issue is that I am occasionally seeing objects over the...
  7. Scienitive

    GMS 2 Making a portal just like in Portal games

    Hi, I want to have a portal system on my game. I did one and it works. If you collide with portal A it teleports you to portal B. But I don't want to directly tp the object. I want it to pass into portal and see half of it on portal A the other half of it on portal B while passing into portal...
  8. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ NEED HELP on the `visible` variable for my GUI event.

    So I am trying to take advantage of the visible built-in variable and I need help with my approach. The Draw GUI event is tied to the object in the GIF. When I set the Draw GUI event to what is seen in [ 1 ], the text box just stays there. When set to what is seen in [ 2 ] & [ 3 ], the text...
  9. xDGameStudios

    GMS 2.3+ [TEXT TUTORIAL] "Want to execute this only once" (Alarms/Flags/Counters)

    GM Version: Studio 2.3+ Target Platform: Windows / All Download: n/a Links: n/a [LEVEL] Beginner [PROBLEM] Today tutorial is more specific and related to something that invades the programming forums and discord forums quite often, we will be talking about: - I want to execute this code only...
  10. N

    SOLVED Easy way to clamp to 0 after a certain number has been reached?

    Hi, I have the variable speed = 8 In my step its: speed *= 0.9; and I want it to jump to 0 after its below 1. Do I always have to write if (speed < 1) speed = 0; ? or is there an easy function like clamp, min, max etc.
  11. mako

    GML (SOLVED) Looping List Causes Runaway Memory?

    Hi, guys! First post here, though I've learned a LOT from the forums since the Gamemaker 7.0 days. (Ah, youth...) Anyway, I'm working on a small MMO in Gamemaker Studio 2.0 (please, no "network games are crap in Gamemaker" comments, I've read them all and am just having fun with my hobby)...
  12. Null-Z

    SOLVED The Curse of "Instance_destroy()"

    Moving this to a thread to bookmark after solving. context- " while creating the Galaga clone to break in GMS2 I run into the same problem with "instance_destroy()" where it destroys all instances in the room and I never remember how to remedy it." to put it another way, I want the bullet to...
  13. B

    Simple Stopwatch/Timer

    Hello 😃, I am coding a game for a school project and I have encountered an issue when making a a stopwatch/timer if you have any idea on how I can fix this or make it better, it would help a lot. Code I'm using - create event : secs = 0 step event : secs+= (delta_time/1000000)*room_speed...
  14. KyleRansford

    GMS 2.3+ How to Program This Type of Movement? (Example Included)

    There's an interesting open source game project that was built in a different game engine, and I was wondering how the type of movement would be done in GML? Here is a link to a playable build of the game: Basically, it's a grid like movement...
  15. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [PUBSUB] xPublisher is yet another pubsub/broadcast system (FREE)

    [LINKS] xPublisher (marketplace) xPublisher ( [API IMAGE] [INFORMATION] This is a Pub/Sub implementation for GMS2.3+ Did you ever need to send messages between instances? Do you need your weather system to send a message to your entities saying it started raining? Do you need your...
  16. RyanC

    GML Question about Gravity vs Scale & Lerps

    Hi All, I have been trying to make a ghost on my platform game which basically records the users game play and plays it back again. The issue I'm facing is that on different scales the ghost does not perform correctly. About the game mechanics. player x position is generally fixed, with the...
  17. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [TIMERS] xScheduler is yet another (advanced) timer system (FREE)

    [LINKS] xScheduler (marketplace) xScheduler ( [API IMAGE] [INFORMATION] This is yet another task scheduler (advanced timers) system asset for GMS2.3+ [QUICK GUIDE] 1) You need to instantiate a Scheduler, using the following code: scheduler = new Scheduler(); 2) Schedule a...
  18. TheCheeseMaster

    SOLVED Surface Drawing Stuttering

    Hi there, Basically what I'm trying to achieve is this: -have "cloud shadows" moving across the screen -draw the cloud shadows with an alpha I can control (all with the same value at any given time) -have the cloud shadows create a uniform shadow colour when overlapping, rather than having two...
  19. xDGameStudios

    Asset - Scripts [STATE MACHINES] xState an advanced StateMachine system (FREE)

    [LINKS] xState (marketplace) xState ( [DEMO IMAGES] Enemies walk using a two states "idle" and "wander" (repeatedly). Mouse clicking will change near-by enemies to "suspicious" state (for a couple of frames). If another click occurs during "suspicious" state the enemy will go into...
  20. xDGameStudios

    GMS 2.3+ [TEXT TUTORIAL] Types Explained (Memory Leaks)

    GM Version: Studio 2.3+ Target Platform: Windows / All Download: n/a Links: n/a [THEME] Today we will be talking about types, this will be a short tutorial that I hope will help you understand how GMS2 handles types. We will also talk about memory leak problems that can appear if you are not...