1. U

    Processing is too fast and all items are erased(resorved)

    If you click the position of the first slot in the inventory, the 0th item in the ds list will be deleted and the 1st and subsequent ones will be automatically filled to the 0th. Therefore, the code of the image is too fast to process, so the first and subsequent items that are packed to the 0th...
  2. U

    When the room's physical function is turned on, some functions such as coordinate movement cannot be(resorved) used.

    When displaying the effect and moving it to the specified coordinates, move_towers_point(); is sometimes used, but that function does not work as long as the physics function is turned on. What should i do?How can you create a performance in which the player gains experience from the enemy?
  3. U

    GML draw_GUI is not based on camera coordinates(Resorved!)

    Hello. I want to make a scope bar that displays the items that a character has below. Therefore, I would like to make a click decision within the range of the inventory frame. However, even if the click range is set in draw_GUI, it will be based on the room coordinates. what should I do? MOD...
  4. Dane Emark

    SOLVED Smooth grid movement

    Hi, I am totally new to the GameMaker forum:). NOTE: I am still using GameMaker Studio 1.4 so I don't know if Game Maker studio 2 code can work. I was making a test game to improve my programming skills. I wanted the player, the enemies, and the other objects to move on a fixed grid(32x32); here...
  5. JeanSwamp

    Apply Shader to everything within a sprite_width && sprite_height area

    Hello, I am trying to make some underwater effect in a sidescrolling game. Applying a fullscreen shader to create an underwater effect is pretty easy, but when you have in the same screen both water and terrain, this might get tricky. Basically I need to apply the shader to everything that the...
  6. J

    (Solved)Rotate Player movement with camera view rotation

    So atm i can rotate the camera and the player matches the camera angle, im trying to add/subtract the angle of the camera view to the movement code of the player. if i rotate the camera 180* and move the player up, it will actually be moving down, because its not taking into account the...
  7. GGJuanPabon

    GMS 2 ¿Creation Code from Room? Can you give me one example please?

    Each room has something called, Creation Code. What is it specifically used for? What is your function? The manual says: Creation Code If you click on this button you will open a code editor. This editor allows you to input functions and code that will be run at the start of the room, after the...
  8. A

    Help with spawner

    Hi all. It is my first time here. I had downloaded Game Maker Studio 2 weeks ago and decided to make a sample game. I wanted to achieve a system wherein 2 instances will be randomly spawning from top to bottom along a specific y axis, and their vspeed will increase by 0.001 every 1 second...
  9. vespi

    I'm a beginner and I need help

    Hello, I want to learn GameMaker properly. I know all the basics (how to make sprites, objects, rooms, the meaning of every option...), but I don't know which things I should focus on. I have two main questions: -Which events, actions and options are actually helpful? Which things should I...
  10. aristhemage

    GML Logic Help, the inventory is only going up once per item

    Hi all I am making a sandbox game with an inventory with 9 slots, when picking up an item it should look for an empty slot, or a slot where it has the same item. What it is doing is updating the inventory with the item, and unique items go into the next slot with nothing in it like it should...
  11. flyinian

    SOLVED Out of curiosity, Is there a better way of doing this?

    Out of curiosity, Is there a better way of doing this? This is for a mouse hover highlight for a button. I was trying to get my navigation system for my game to not execute the button highlighting per step. This took me awhile to figure this out, a different version of this was executing...
  12. mikke

    GMS 2 Can't get my player sprite to move horizontally

    So I'm SUPER new to GMS2, and all game programming really, so I'm probably making a rookie mistake. I'm following Shaun Spalding's complete platformer tutorial and have copied the code character for character to add movement to the player object, albeit with adjustments for the numbers in his...
  13. A

    SOLVED How do I add Turkish characters(special characters)

    Hello there. I live in turkey. I am working on a project to understand GML. I learned that Turkish characters are not supported in fonts."İ,Ş,Ö,Ü,Ğ,Ç,ı,ş,ö,ü,ğ,".is there a way to add these characters? Thank you in advance.
  14. S

    Sprites blurry.

    I've been recently trying to make a game in GameMaker Studio 1 because of quarantine. It kinda makes it harder because basically all tutorials now are focused on GM:S 2. The problem is, although i was able to make a camera with the view of the room, per some motive, the sprite of my Player gets...
  15. flyinian

    Do debug messages effect performance?

    Do debug messages effect performance or is it not much of a concern? If it's not much of a concern, how many debug messages will it take to make it a concern?
  16. flyinian

    SOLVED Is there a way to null a variable from being used?

    I am using the parenting system for my navigation system in my project. Some buttons will go to a room when clicked and others will create instances. If I use the below code with the buttons that don't go to a room, it will give an error. Is there a way to have a variable return a value to...
  17. flyinian

    SOLVED Best way to change a value of a ds_grid accessor assigned to a instance variables

    Is this a good way to add to a grid? if(mouse_check_button(mb_left) && position_meeting(mouse_x,mouse_y,_Object)) { var increase = ds_grid_get(gridname,1, 1); increase += 10; ds_grid_set(gridname,1, 1, increase); };
  18. flyinian

    Looking for suggestions

    In my game, I have several possible foes to fight. Each foe has their own area to fight. Each of those areas will have the same buttons with same functions. However, each of those buttons will have different data to use. These buttons are created and destroyed when another button is pressed...
  19. flyinian

    SOLVED Need some clarification.

    Declaring a local variable once and using it multiple times throughout the same event for entirely different things....Could this cause bugs and such? Example: if(something) { var house; house = object1; //code that uses the new value of "house". }; /// Lots of other code not using local...
  20. FoxyOfJungle

    SOLVED "for" statement problem... (trying to make a dialogbox)

    Hi. I have a ds_list, it contains dialogs for my dialogbox. How I make: CREATE: messagebox_list = ds_list_create(); messagebox_show = true; messagebox_n = 0; ds_list_add(messagebox_list,"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"); ds_list_add(messagebox_list,"This is a long history...")...