1. V

    Windows FATAL ERROR

    I get this when trying to reference my sound file ANYWHERE I put it. I get this and I have no idea why, it doesn't do it in any of my other games. Wtf is going on? ___________________________________________...
  2. V

    NPC TextBox. How to destroy? (beginner question)

    so this code is in my step event for my NPC if(keyboard_check_pressed(ord("E"))) && (distance_to_object(obj_shield_idle)) < 1 { open = 1; } if (open = 1) { instance_create (200,440,obj_textbox); } else { if(distance_to_object(obj_shield_idle)) > 1 with(obj_textbox)...
  3. V

    Spawning Crystal on ground (Need help)

    so here is my code: //grounded if(hspeed == 0 && vspeed == 0) { image_speed = 0.1; sprite_index = spr_crystalFrog_idle_L; } if instance_exists(obj_shield_idle) { with(instance_create(obj_crystalFrog_idle_L.x,y,obj_crystal)) { speed = -2; if(obj_crystal >=...
  4. V

    Key press problem? (Beginner's question)

    so this is my code for animation transitioning _keyL = keyboard_check_pressed(ord("L")); _keyD = keyboard_check(ord("D")); _keyA = keyboard_check(ord("A")); _keySpace = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); if (_keyL == true) { image_speed = 0.6; sprite_index = spr_shield_combo1_R; }...
  5. V

    Help! Player goes missing ! [SOLVED]

    this code is in my creation code of my player < //HP _hp = 10; healthbar_width = 285; healthbar_height = 48; healthbar_x = 40; healthbar_y = 0; //100 pixels above the player /> so i created a draw event, then i made a script like this if (_hp == 9 ) {...
  6. V

    Animation transitioning (Need Help!)

    Ive been trying to make my player from idle to attack animation when he is grounded and when he press the L key but it just wont work since my idle is overwriting it? Here is my code < _keyL = keyboard_check_pressed(ord("L")); _keyD = keyboard_check(ord("D")); _keyA = keyboard_check(ord("A"))...
  7. K

    GML MENU (save and load)

    good afternoon, my name is kauan, i am 16 years old, i am passionate about programming, i am currently taking a course in systems development and, in the interest of game development, i met Game Maker Studio 2, i learned a little of the language, but i am new and I need to learn a lot more. and...
  8. K

    GML Problem with sprites when attacking

    I programmed my character's attack state, but when executing the code, my player does not start at the zero attack sprite.
  9. SBLux

    Best way to join physics objects together on collision?

    My 2D game involves firing projectiles at towers made from blocks to knock them over. I want to make a sticky-bomb type projectile. So basically I want the projectile to stick to whichever block it hits at the point of collision. All the objects are physics objects and the room is a physics...
  10. Mr Giff

    GMS 2 Can't change shape sizes? Strange behaviour

    So I have a problem that just started occurring when I was developing a button for a new UI system I'm working on. The button is supposed to be 156px by 45px and have text in the middle describing the state; pretty simple. But instead it looks like this: Strange.... So here's my code stack...
  11. D

    GMS 2 How to add a Blur effect in Gamemaker Sudio 2?

    Is there any way to achieve a blur effect and if yes, how?
  12. D

    GML [SOLVED] Does debug mode read the code differently?

    For some reason, my code only works in debug mode. So I have put a link to a video showcasing how I wanted the code to run. Sadly the code only works like that if I run it in debug mode, and if I place breakpoints in 2 specific locations (picture below) I am an absolute beginner in gml and...
  13. D

    the instance doesnt want to move the way I want it to

    i am working on a 2d platform game, so the controls, have to be good. My idea is, that if the player is holding down right arrow key(walking right) and then starts holding down left arrow key, while still holding down the right arrow key, it will move in the left direction. Or if the player is...
  14. S

    GMS 2 How to Make Character Go Automatically to Where Mouse Clicked

    As the title says, how do I make a character (sprite) to go (walk automatically) from its current position to where the mouse clicks? Also avoiding obstacles on its way? More like not walking through objects/obstacles. Thank you so much in advance, and any help is appreciated!