gml 2

  1. P

    colour coded scripting (SOLVED)

    Hi, I'm new to Game Maker, I'm using Game Maker Studio 2, free trial version. Is there anywhere that explains what the different coloured expressions in GML mean? I've been wandering around the website for ages and haven't found any explaination of what the colours mean.
  2. 0Bennyman

    GMS 2 Creating a Tile in objects create event and then destroying object?

    So this worked perfectly find in GMS 1.4 with the simple layer_tile_create(0,x-16,y-16,bcg_HouseWood1,32,32,32,32) But of course that function is now obsolete so I'm wondering how I could go about doing this? The only solution I have found is having the tiles present in the level and visible...
  3. I

    GMS 2 Player Elevation

    Ok, so I've been trying to solve this for a few days on my own, but I think I may have written myself into a corner. My game is supposed to control like a beat em up, and so far I have made good progress. You can walk around, and you can jump (the jumping isn't perfect yet, since you can become...
  4. Dharmatrooper

    GMS 2 Minimap with "revealing" feature and clipping to viewport only when minimized

    Is there any tutorials on subject or good explanations? So far i managed to create a minimap from the room. I have some issues like for some reason it does not follow my camera view and only shows top-left part of the room for some reason. (that's another question: how do you scan through...
  5. G

    GML [Solved] sprite_set_offset not working as expected (for flipping)

    My hero's 16x16 sprite faces right by default. I want to flip the image left when he moves left. The problem is that all my origins are set to 0,0. Just setting image_xscale = -1 messes it up because it flips around 0,0. Since I'm making a grid-based game, the 0,0 origin makes things very...
  6. S

    Does GML support https?

    I've checked the documentation of gamemaker, it seems that there are only http methods, http_request http_get http_get_file http_post_string In fact https is necessary when you want to prevent the players from cheating. Is there anyway to use https methods?(not parsing the tcp socket myself)
  7. D

    Need help coding platformer

    I am trying to create my first game on game maker studios 2 and I'm finding it very difficult I even tried copying other people's codes and that doesn't even work? Anyways I need some help especially with a jumping mechanic