gml 1.4

  1. K

    SOLVED Player spawning to wrong x,y position upon loading

    This is my first forum post here, so if I neglect to put any important code please tell me and I'll try to include what's needed. I'm working in GameMaker v1.4.1804. I've followed Shaun Spalding's JSON based save/load tutorials and I'm run into a problem. Whenever I load my game, when I go to...
  2. V

    GML [1.4.999] Preventing # from going next line

    I am trying to prevent hash character from going next line. I have already tried string_pos(ord("#"), message), keyboard_check_pressed(ord("#")), and string_pos(ord("\n"), message), but apparently they do not work. How can I check if # key is pressed? Or is it not possible at all?
  3. MatteKudasai

    SOLVED Problems with Place_meeting on 1.4

    I'm trying to make my character mount on a horse when I press "K" close to it. The way I would able to do is making another object, the character on the horse, and create it when I press the button, while destroy the char off the horse, and it worked but I'm trying to limitate to just when is...
  4. Null-Z

    GML trouble with creation code(SOLVED)

    I'm trying to make an object with empty variables in the create event that I can fill in the creation code event. After managing to get it running and not immediately giving an error, I found the object in question was not creating the desired object designated in the creation code. currently I...
  5. Null-Z

    Legacy GM (Please Don't) Exit stage left. SOLVED!

    For my Boss object, I have a phase where it hovers over the player before dropping down. I want it to move back and forth around the player's X before dropping. the problem? it just float's away seemingly ignoring the conditions I set for it. What am I misunderstanding? Functioning code
  6. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Need help coding the punch mechanic!

    I really need help right now with this character I'm doing for my game, and it's getting very frustrating. I'm trying to code Idle, Walk, Jump and Punch animations together, but with one of the playable characters it's not working. Every time I crouch (Which is a cartwheel technique BTW), and...
  7. B

    Need help implementing state machines

    Hey, so I have been working on a top down RPG and I am trying to implement a state system to switch the players states i.e ( idle, movement, sprint,attack,etc). I'm fairly new to GMS(I'm using GMS 1.4.9999) and have some minor coding experience. The problem I am stuck with is that when the...
  8. S

    Legacy GM State Loading issue

    I'm currently having trouble getting my load game script to work across all of my rooms. It's very odd and no matter how much I rack my brain I just can't seem to figure out what is going on! Technically everything is loading in fine except my inventory which I'm just using ds lists to...
  9. Andrew R. C. Beck

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Movement being interrupted by other buttons

    Howdydiddly all! I am having an issue in which the user controlling a ship should be able to move left and right as they wish whilst maybe using other buttons, but everytime another button is pressed as well as the left or right move keys, the movement is interrupted until they press move again...
  10. Null-Z

    Particle Problems(CLOSED)

    I'm trying to create an "after image" effect for a projectile object. the problem is the projectile itself changes it's angle on creation to point toward the player object. I've tried but that does nothing. (obj_ParticleExper is the object I want the particle to match angle orientation.) what...
  11. LanderMiskolczi

    Legacy GM Camera Wont Shake

    For some reason my camera wont shake, when I press H the screen should shake, but instead it stays still like normal. Here is the step event /// Follow the player if (instance_exists(oPlayer)) { var xTo = (oPlayer.x - x) / 25; var yTo = ((oPlayer.y - 16) - y) / 25; } x += xTo; y += yTo...
  12. shostifrosty

    Falling Sprite not working as expected

    Hi there! So I'm a little bit of a noob with GML (and programming in general, unfortunately) and through several tutorials and looking up the manual, I'm trying to figure out how to make the basic movements of a platformer game. The thing is, I made it work basically – movement, jumps...
  13. Liam Earles

    Legacy GM Particles keep disappearing

    So, I was working on a snow particle effect for my game, and while the particle is created successfully, it would only be created once. I'm trying everything I could to loop the effect but I can't find anything about recreating the particle effect after being created once. Here's the piece of...
  14. royer14

    GML how to create animation in scale

    Hello, I have an Object Obj_box Now I have created a 64x64 sprite and what I want is that in step event the animation is similar to the one in the image below Well I do not want to use so many sprites for the animation and my goal is to do it with gml, could you help me? var scale = 1.4 while...
  15. Divinik

    GML Looking Through Two Arrays for Duplicates?

    So I have a ds_grid that holds all items in the game. In the Inventory's Menu, there are tabs that copy certain "Types" of items from the master grid and creates it's own ds_grid for that tab. I'm trying to figure out how to delete the same item from from the sub arrays and the main array when...
  16. yvodlyn

    Demo Tuberculose

    Hello everyone, Right now I'm doing a mini game about tuberculosis. This game is in development. In this game, you must eliminate as many bacteria as possible before they affect your lungs. If they succeed, that means your tuberculosisis is irreversible, so the game ends. To eliminate...
  17. yvodlyn


    Hey everyone! Here a small tap game that I'm actually doing. I would like to have feedbacks. I would also like to know if the sounds and the waves system are correct? Sprites were not from me, but I would like to know if the graphics are good? Thank you very much!
  18. yvodlyn

    Legacy GM trying to index a variable which is not an array

    ***This code is from Shaun Spalding**** I'm trying to follow is tutorial with gml 1.4. Is gml 2 arrays and gml 1.4 arrays are the same?? -Collision Events with enemy Player if (triggered == false){ //stop from retriggering triggered = true; //work out number of waves and...
  19. yvodlyn

    Android / Amazon Fire Soko Diamond

    It is finally released!!! Try it now on Play store! Link to Play Store :
  20. P

    Legacy GM View getting stretched when setting it to visible

    I am having issues and the view isn't resizing. I am also trying to use multiple views. But all the views are disabled at the start of the game. When the players exist the views become enabled. But for some reason the views don't even come up. exist_player_1 = instance_exists(obj_player_1)...