1. 2

    Legacy GM GM8: Dealing with Same Sound Overlap Distortion and Volume Hike

    Some games of mine are still in Game Maker version 8. When 2 or more of the same sound effect overlap in time the sound becomes distorted and much louder in volume. To deal with this when I'm about to play the same sound effect I stop that sound effect if it's already playing before restarting...
  2. B

    Converting GMK file to GameMaker 2?

    Hi all, I have an old GMK file from college days that I want to import over to GameMaker 2. Is that possible? I have been researching around and says that I may be able to import to GM1 and then over to GM2 but I can't find where to download GM1 anywhere. Is there another way to do this? Thanks!
  3. T

    stand alone gmk converter

    A gmk is the old save format for game maker, game maker studio 2 can't read or open them. Quite common when browsing the legacy forums. You can easily ask for some one here on the forums to updated for you, but wouldn't it be better if we had a stand alone gmk to game maker studio 1-2 converter...
  4. R

     I do not know if it's worth continuing this game, Need advice.

    HIi everyone. i started making this game a year ago just for fun, the idea was to make a platform game that requires thinking to pass the levels, like a puzzle game. I am at a point where I find it a bit boring to keep making it, I need sincere opinions, if someone seems a good idea or can...
  5. M

    Music doesn't continue after restarting the room. :(

    I know this is pretty simple stuff, but i can't get music to keep playing after i restart the room. It just restarts the music and i'm not sure how to fix it. Music playing object (in "Create"): if !audio_is_playing(snd_ms1) { audio_play_sound(snd_ms1,1,true) } And under 'R' key in a...
  6. L

    Design [Please Help] Camera / Views (2D)

    I'm seriously having some issues getting a Camera View to look the way I want it. I managed to change the view but it just decreases all my Pixels. So, my character ends up looking blurred and messed up in pixelated. I need the camera to be Smooth. I want it to follow the Player but move...
  7. LucasSchachtMusic

    Windows [SOLVED] Game Maker 8 crashes when I try to open a certain project file..

    Title is quite self-explanatory. When I try to open a certain project file, my gm8 crashes (Not Responding). I read something about the file size of the .gmk. Also I read about the build version of the game maker. And also I read about bugs on the 64bit version of an OS. I use the windows 7...
  8. W


    Code for when you enter a building the roof disappears and you move around within it. When you leave the house the roof reappears? Please help, Gmk example? Written Help? Thanks :D Object oCeliling - Step event if place_meeting(x, y, oChar) and place_meeting(x, y, oCeling) then {if...