1. EvanSki

    GMC Jam Discussion The Frozen GMC Jam 43

    THEME: ELEMENTS Temporary License for the Jam Just click the link, make sure you are logged-in to YYG and you'll have a temp export license for the jam! The GMC Jam is a WILD game development contest run every 3 months by the GameMaker...
  2. Bart

    Windows Nova Mare (post-jam edition)

    ~ Nova Mare ~ Post-jam Edition Download on Story Welcome to the underwater world of Nova Mare! Visit the research facility at the bottom of the ocean and find the creature that legend speaks of. Your colleagues that came before you managed to contain the creature, now it's up to you...
  3. Nocturne

    GMC Jam Void Swarm

    Presenting... DOWNLOAD Story: The Earth is in ruins after the World War Water and what's left of humanity has flown into the void to find a new home... However evil aliens have other plans! Guide the mothership through the void...
  4. Alice

    GMC Jam Discussion The Humble GMC Jam #2 Discussion Thread

    Is anybody here? No? Well, whatever, I'll just leave it here. It's not like anybody cares, is it- THEME: DECONSTRUCTION YOU ARE NOT THE HERO POINT OF NO RETURN FINAL RESULTS HERE What, where, when? GMC Jam is a quarterly community event held on GameMaker Community. It is entirely a...
  5. Mr Magnus

    Free The Bedroom Door (Gmc Jam #14 (the Apr. 2014 one))

    The Bedroom Door Download from GameJolt at no cost! original GMC description: "Dear love. I never thought I could get so lonely. But ever since you left, I've been so cold. So alone. This house is so void, so cold. I feel like all color has left the walls, like I live in a drawn world. And...
  6. Alice

    GMC Jam Voting The Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 Voting Topic

    The voting begins! Since there are whooping 81 entries total, the voting will last lasted for over 17 days until Thursday, 18th August, 23:59 UTC DOWNLOAD ZIP (805 MB) The ZIP with all entries is available at the locations listed below, either as a whole ZIP, or split into 100 MB parts. Right...
  7. Alice

    GMC Jam Discussion The Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 Discussion Thread

    Lost in the abyss of time, nearly abandoned yet never forgotten; there was little hope it would be ever brought back again. Yet, finally, it is here. Familiar, yet completely new and changed. Marking the beginning of another era, when everything and everyone start over. THEME: EVERYBODY IS...
  8. Yal

    GMC Jam Discussion Thread

    It's a little more than a month 'til the next GMC Jam begins! When will we get a discussion thread so we can start get the hype going? :potato:
  9. Nocturne

    OFFICIAL GMC Jam Welcomes You!

    This forum is exclusively for the great GameMaker Community Jam! This event is held every three months and is a celebration of GameMaker and making games in general. The Jam runs over a span of 96 hours (four days), normally from the last Friday of the month (Jams start at noon on Fridays)...