gmcjam 1

  1. Alice

    GMC Jam Voting The Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 Voting Topic

    The voting begins! Since there are whooping 81 entries total, the voting will last lasted for over 17 days until Thursday, 18th August, 23:59 UTC DOWNLOAD ZIP (805 MB) The ZIP with all entries is available at the locations listed below, either as a whole ZIP, or split into 100 MB parts. Right...
  2. A

    GMC Jam Revival Of The Undead Princess Satsuka

    Revival Of The Undead Princess Satsuka (A GMC Jam entry by @Aura and @Rusty) Download Overview Satsuka, the princess of Hidimba, is secretly murdered by Djinin, the minister, so as to avoid the king from getting information about his evil plans. But this is not the end of her legend! She...
  3. S

    GMC Jam GMCity Carnage

    GMCity Carnage Featuring online highscores! After bots overran Gamemaker City, President Playtech placed it under quarantine They had to remove the bot threat once and for all. One platoon of bots survived, and began advancing on the new GMUtopia. The deceased moderating team from the old...
  4. Alice

    GMC Jam Discussion The Post-Apocalyptic GMC Jam #1 Discussion Thread

    Lost in the abyss of time, nearly abandoned yet never forgotten; there was little hope it would be ever brought back again. Yet, finally, it is here. Familiar, yet completely new and changed. Marking the beginning of another era, when everything and everyone start over. THEME: EVERYBODY IS...