1. LucasSchachtMusic

    GML [GM8] Changed sprites not saved

    Hey guys! :) I have a small question about changed sprites and saving. to make it short: 1. i let the user choose a picture file from a chosen filepath. 2. i change an objects sprite to the opened image. 3. i save the game using the built in save and load function (actually dont need more by...
  2. W

    Problem with surface and lag

    this is just a test in which im trying to make shapes floating towards main object(thing). When they hit it, it should draw a new sprite of that main object with that peace or a shape that collided with it, but after a few collisions it starts to lagg for some reason and i cant figure out why...
  3. tamation

    [SOLVED] Way to have an animated object in a GUI?

    I'm trying to include an animated sprite in my game as part of a GUI system, but the xview and yview options in the draw event only seem to draw one frame of the sprite. I want a sprite to start at frame 0 and then end at frame 10, something I usually code in the create and animation end events...
  4. R


    There's two questions I have in fading. 1. For the Pokemon type room changing I used the 21 St transition kind. But I don't know why when it is fading it shows the last rooms contents with the next room . Can you tell me what is the problem? And 2. Is there any way of fading the sound and...
  5. Yambam

    Asset - Scripts Rough JSON Parsing/Manipulation Library for GM 8.0

    Yambam's JSON Library (GM8 only, at this stage) My first "JSON library" for GM8 used object instances, which obviously slowed the game performance to a crawl. So behold... my (pretty much) extraordinary JSON library for GM8; be warned though, though it's based around the golden ratio constant...
  6. LucasSchachtMusic

    GM8: Having problems changing the background.

    Hey guys! I am kind of new to gml. I know the basics and currently I'm practising a lot and experimenting with new things. I (still) use Game maker 8. But now to my problem: I was creating a pause menu consisting of an extra room, which is displaying a screenshot of the current view as...
  7. LucasSchachtMusic

    Windows [SOLVED] Game Maker 8 crashes when I try to open a certain project file..

    Title is quite self-explanatory. When I try to open a certain project file, my gm8 crashes (Not Responding). I read something about the file size of the .gmk. Also I read about the build version of the game maker. And also I read about bugs on the 64bit version of an OS. I use the windows 7...
  8. LucasSchachtMusic

    [SOLVED] Can't play multiple sounds at once

    Hey, guys! First of all: I'm absolutely new to this forum, so please feel free to move this thread to the correct section. I'm from Germany, so English is my foreign language. Please excuse my grammar :D Now to my problem: I already read about implementing sounds to game maker (I'm still...
  9. R

    Landing on downward slopes [SOLVED]

    Hey everyone, this is my first post, so I hope it's in the right section. My problem is a bit of an old school one. I've recently tried to add slopes into my Megaman Zero engine. I can dash, walk and land on the slope moving upward and I can also walk down it, but when I jump downward along the...
  10. M

    GM8.1 > GM:S Import, Strange Runtime Error

    So I've been writing a game for about a year now, a top-down game with some car racing. I recently upgraded to GM:S (Humble Bundle!) and imported my .gm81 into Studio. While I understand there should be and will be errors, I had a very strange error that I'm having a hard time tracing. Perhaps...
  11. tamation

    Random Display Names?

    I know there's a read only variable that returns the Display Name set in global game settings, but is there any way to have the game pick from a list of strings and set one at random to be the Display Name?
  12. F

    Bounce Collision Problems

    I'm having a lot of trouble with a project I'm making. It's a top-down view racing game where crashing other cars is encouraged. The thing is, gamemaker's default bounce code isn't cutting it.Only one of the cars will actually bounce while the other car will keep moving on. I tried a few scripts...
  13. P

    [SOLVED] Blurry GM8 200% scaling

    I'm currently trying to run the game fixed in 200% scaling with interpolation off but I'm still presented with the same issue. The image on the left is the expected output but when using 200% scaling the image becomes blurry (right). Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Dagoba

    Array Problems

    Hello! Since it feels like I am never going to get these Arrays in my mind (and how they work) I have to ask a question about them regarding to my Lottery -kind of game. BTW! I use GM8.0 so not all the scripts work, but most of them will do. Especially Arrays are same kind of script than in...
  15. B

    In game volume for studio

    I guess you can say i'm a novice in game maker. I learned a lot in gm 6, 7-pro, and 8.1 standard. But now that I have studio and learned that a lot of the gml I was using is now obsolete. This includes the ability to use the function sound_global_volume(value) I do see a lot of new and...
  16. M

    gm8 problem(always crashes when gmk is at 70mb

    unexpected error occured when running the game everytime my gmk file goes to 70 mb Please help....cant finish my game's new update if this keeps happening :( My gmk file is at 70.1 MB
  17. S

    Windows How to recover work from crashes

    For years, the biggest annoyance with me while working with Game Maker 8 Pro are random crashes after using the sprite editor. It's always after closing the sprite editor, there's the chance the program will stop responding and will not return in any way. That's how I lost countless things all...
  18. M

    Alpha Dual Devastation

    Dual Devastation Update Section : V0.5 Demo Released! Link Here : http://www.mediafire..._v0.5_Fixed.exe Note : This game is compatible with Windows XP only With windows 7 and higher it would have sound issues...