1. 2

    Legacy GM GM8: Dealing with Same Sound Overlap Distortion and Volume Hike

    Some games of mine are still in Game Maker version 8. When 2 or more of the same sound effect overlap in time the sound becomes distorted and much louder in volume. To deal with this when I'm about to play the same sound effect I stop that sound effect if it's already playing before restarting...
  2. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop How to make my sprites and animations less impactful as possible on my games performance?

    Hello everybody! It's been a long time since my last "OMG PLEASE H4LP MEEE" thread, just because during the past years I gained more experience using this program. Sadly, I'm not even close from being an average programmer, so I came here to ask for some help, again. My main problem has always...
  3. Munguía

    Released NICO

    Don´t be afraid of the dark, Follow the traditional and primitive sign trail of nico to perform his latest pieace of art on the cave. All graphics in GAME MAKER 8, GM studio version for HTML5 watch for the SIGN TRAILS at Keys: Arrows...
  4. J

    why is my code not working :/

    im very confused on to why my code i wrote is not working. o_O heres the code if ((obj_player.x > bbox_left-22) && (obj_player.x < bbox_right+22) && (obj_player.y > bbox_top) && (obj_player.y < bbox_bottom+24) && (canpress == 1)) { canpress = 0; alarm[0] = 30; // Two different...
  5. tamation

    Legacy GM [Solved] Stop jittery movement when view is centered on an object

    Hey everyone. I've got a character moving at a speed of 1.5, not ideal, I know, but the closest rounded numbers of 1 & 2 are either too slow or too fast for this game's resolution (256x144). The view is centered on that player, but the issue is whenever the screen starts moving the player will...
  6. L

    GUI(healthbar) not scaling with zoom (GameMaker 8)

    Hello, I'm using a fairly older version of Game Maker which does not have the GUI draw event included, or any GUI codes by that means. My "GUI" in this case is just a drawn healthbar. My problem is that it's scaling down when there's a zoom-out. Basically, I have two characters in a room...
  7. I

    Horrible lag when running GameMaker 8 and below made games

    Ok, so whenever i run a game made with the "legacy" 7, 8 and 8.1 versions of GameMaker (whether it be me testing a gmk or just running an executable), the games suffer from heavy framerate drop and run very slowly, this started happening quite a few months back and i have tried everything to fix...
  8. tamation

    Stuttering View when player moves

    Hey everyone, I have a problem with the views following my player object in my game. My player's base move speed is 1, but there's a friction variable that adds .1 to a speed of 0 until the player is moving at a speed of 1. The problem with this is that whenever my player is moving at a speed...
  9. P

    Boblos, LAN Adventure made with GM8

    BOBLOS V0.3 Updated 1.5.2018 18:00 Hello everyone! This is Boblos. Boblos is adventure game made with GM8 and has working LAN -engine, including chat, saving cordinates etc. Boblos doesn't have full idea yet,this time it's only collecting different colored diamonds. Maybe someone have ideas to...
  10. G

    View Scrolls to new player position GM8pro

    OK, I have a guy on the map that gets captured and then has to appear some where else on the Map. I move the Player Position to x,y but then the view 0 starts roaming the Room (the Map Below), towards the new position. I would like it to be instantaneous. So how would be the best way to do this?
  11. orSQUADstra

    Windows The GM OS Project (GameMaker Operating System)

    Introduction Welcome to the GM OS Project! Here, you can experience my own way of writing a sub OS in GameMaker. Back in the day, lots of there have been around, but my project is different - it's functional. Every feature is worked on to make it imitate an actual operating system. So, how is...
  12. 2

    GM8 Extension, 2 (sfx and music) volumes, for Steam Game

    I've got an old GM8 game that might be impossible to convert to Studio. I'd like to have 2 separate volumes, one for music and one for audio, but GM8 doesn't natively allow this. I think I've narrowed down what might be good extensions for extending GM's audio capabilities. The three options...
  13. T

    does game maker 8 pro still exist?

    Hey, I've been working on a game for a couple of years on and off now, and I'm getting to the point where I'm feeling ready to publish, but when I looked into the option to upgrade to GM8 pro it just didn't seem to exist. Is there a way I can still get it legally? And if not, can I transfer my...
  14. R

    Tile is blank??

    Hello.I am working on a good Pokemon game.I need nice graphics but I cannot load all if them due to unexpected error.So I took only two tile is small and one is about 5000 in length.I added the tiles into the room and played it.But on the game only some tiles are visible while the...
  15. 2

    GM8 Game with Separate Music and Sound Volume

    I have an old, nearly complete, GM8 game I may not be able to convert to Studio. I'd like two separate volumes for sounds and music. Is there an extension to do this in GM8? I've heard about Fmod Sound System and Supersound. Do either do this, and how would I use one with GM8, or at least learn...
  16. L

    Rotating a 3D object around its own origin

    I know this topic has been discussed before, and the solution is usually that rotation comes before translation of the model. However other threads seem to focus on imported models. My problem is a little different. I have created various objects that draw multiple things at once in the draw...
  17. 2

    GML Longest String from txt File Read and Copied without Dropping Below 75-60 fps

    What's the maximum number of characters you can read (and copy to a variable) from txt file without incuring a drop below 60 fps? Maybe 75 fps if there nothing else running to make some room for the actual game that will be running. Also, any major difference between GM8 and GM Studio here?
  18. LucasSchachtMusic

    GML [GM8] Changed sprites not saved

    Hey guys! :) I have a small question about changed sprites and saving. to make it short: 1. i let the user choose a picture file from a chosen filepath. 2. i change an objects sprite to the opened image. 3. i save the game using the built in save and load function (actually dont need more by...
  19. W

    Problem with surface and lag

    this is just a test in which im trying to make shapes floating towards main object(thing). When they hit it, it should draw a new sprite of that main object with that peace or a shape that collided with it, but after a few collisions it starts to lagg for some reason and i cant figure out why...
  20. tamation

    [SOLVED] Way to have an animated object in a GUI?

    I'm trying to include an animated sprite in my game as part of a GUI system, but the xview and yview options in the draw event only seem to draw one frame of the sprite. I want a sprite to start at frame 0 and then end at frame 10, something I usually code in the create and animation end events...