1. sammander

    Question - IDE Sprite editor rectangular selection tool CMD (add to) and ALT (subtract from) not working.

    I'm on GMS2 and I'm trying to select an area and add to it using CMD key but it does not add it just creates a new selection. Is this a known bug? Is anyone else on a mac that has this same issue? I have checked that I'm pressing the keys using the on-screen keyboard in OSX. I have been able to...
  2. V

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Too long Build/Compile time

    All my projects take upon 1 minute or more to build/compile, i already tried to reinstall GM2 and clear Assets, but it's still take so much time to build It doesn't matter if is a new project with no assets or files loaded, or a project already completed. There is something i can do to fix it...
  3. mbeytekin

    GMS 2.3+ Still high CPU usage nightmare persists.

    High CPU usage persists even in a still blank project. Isn't there really a solution to this? I am in a very difficult situation because most of our users complain about it on Steam. That's why there are refunds. Please I urgently need help with this. I tried to research everything related to...
  4. T

    GMS 2.3+ Strange struct variable behavior

    I have seen an strange behavior when declaring variables inside structs. The following code returns the x value of the instance that creates the struct even though it should return an error. I discovered this tracing a bug for a much bigger struct that I'm using and I really don't understand it...